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  1. Also try a recalibrate! Cheers
  2. I struggled to get power on steep climbs with my MSP HT until I got power pads - now I have to be careful and slow down on this steep switchback hill as i top the switches so I can make turns. I also struggled that same switchback on my v10f until I learned to torch it better. Im 95KG(210lbs) and the v10f climb it great - that v10f 16" with 2kwatt motor vs the 19" MSP HT 2.5kwatt motor felt just as good in the climb but I am glad it is a short switch back as I dont think the v10f could kept that up as long as the MSP HT with my 95kg -- sold the v10f to a 72kg friend The Black Cobra seems
  3. No suspension - I'm out - back to waiting for a V11F
  4. No you did not waste your money - great wheel - the biggest concern I would have for you is the "dropping during learning". Biggest wheel to learn on and you "will" crash/drop it. Go to Roll.nz and get the cover for it. I am 55 200lbs, riding ebike for 5 yrs. I started looking last Sept for an e- scooter and came across EUC's, it was love at first site. After much review, I got the V10F based on recommendation by Ian from Speedy feet UK for a good general all round wheel. It was great wheel, held up great to my abuse. After my learning curve I found the V10F to lack the top end cruisi
  5. Define "pavements" = sidewalks, places with pedestrians? Cheers
  6. Great stuff Did your prints get test fitted for an MSP? Where did you get your fabric? Cheers
  7. Anyone know the difference between last falls 16x 2019 batch release and new ones coming out this month 2020????? The only thing i see is 4.0 to 4.1 speakers. Thx
  8. Sold my V10F yesterday - I am already itching for a ride!!! So I wanted to get a little more power/torque and larger battery for some better range - short listed to between 16x and MSP for new wheel. At 91kg my V10F was only getting me about 30-35km in colder weather 6C, hard riding. Need a good all round wheel for commuting to work, some joy riding in evenings and weekends - I am not a speeder (I mostly cruise 30kph) - and I want to do more trail riding. Torque --- So per Marty's mountain test reviews - he kinda estimated the Torque to be about the same maybe with th
  9. Great mod -- I think a 2.5 is in my future once I have worn the 1st one out. Where did you source the tire? Cheers
  10. V10F has nice big pedals -- but the grip is shit if they get wet. I found this mod somewhere else and decided to give it a go. It is working great, maybe too good -- I use to be able to adjust me feet easily if I did not like my initial starting positions, mostly my left foot as I start with my right mounted. But now they dont to move. I have to now lift my foot up more to adjust. As with all changes it will take some time to acclimatize. I have tested it at the bike/skate park where I do most of my aggressive turning which places the most twist pressure between the feet and pedals,
  11. This was all I could come up with. With the Covid19 rushing in on us I did not make it to the store to stock up on essentials so I maybe loosing this stand soon
  12. You are all wrong Spy shot from IM secret test location:
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