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  1. No you did not waste your money - great wheel - the biggest concern I would have for you is the "dropping during learning". Biggest wheel to learn on and you "will" crash/drop it. Go to Roll.nz and get the cover for it. I am 55 200lbs, riding ebike for 5 yrs. I started looking last Sept for an e- scooter and came across EUC's, it was love at first site. After much review, I got the V10F based on recommendation by Ian from Speedy feet UK for a good general all round wheel. It was great wheel, held up great to my abuse. After my learning curve I found the V10F to lack the top end cruising speed and torque I wanted. I would cruise average speed 29 - 30 kph but when I hit a long hill on my returned commute home from work , 10% 800 meters long, the wheel would only tilt back on my trying to maintain that speed. For the torque side, I found when I was at the skate park I could not go up one of the ramps from a stand still just at the base. I estimate it to be 40%, one of those ramps for them to launch from so step grade is needed. I could make it up the ramp if I hit it rolling already, just not from a stand still a the base. So i decided it was upgrade time. I sold it about 8 weeks ago to a friend(140lbs) looking for new wheel. Now waiting for the MSP. Hopefully in next week. Things that needed to meet my needs: --- 18inch wheel to smooth out the bumps. --- 30 kph cruise speed - plenty room there with MSP for that hill on the way home. --- Torque for that skate park ramp and for those hills I have not encountered yet. I want to go to a local ski hill and climb their service road. --- Good light - fall and spring my morning commute is in the dark - MSP great light. -- Trolley handle - Walking the unit in/out of my work and I go to the store allot on the way home -- I liked the V10F handle - MSP according to most others is the worst. I am looking to do a mod on that. The KS 16x has the best handle but it was lacking in other areas, mainly 16inch wheel not being a 100V battery but good torque. The Monster None and at 5ft 10in I didn't want to hunch over walking it. Picking a wheel on the majority of your riding intentions is not a bad idea. Until you get to those few things you want to do once in a wheel that wheel cant do. Again - you picked a great wheel - looking forward to your update on your riding progress - GET THAT COVER FOR IT newbie😁 Cheers
  2. Define "pavements" = sidewalks, places with pedestrians? Cheers
  3. Great stuff Did your prints get test fitted for an MSP? Where did you get your fabric? Cheers
  4. Anyone know the difference between last falls 16x 2019 batch release and new ones coming out this month 2020????? The only thing i see is 4.0 to 4.1 speakers. Thx
  5. Sold my V10F yesterday - I am already itching for a ride!!! So I wanted to get a little more power/torque and larger battery for some better range - short listed to between 16x and MSP for new wheel. At 91kg my V10F was only getting me about 30-35km in colder weather 6C, hard riding. Need a good all round wheel for commuting to work, some joy riding in evenings and weekends - I am not a speeder (I mostly cruise 30kph) - and I want to do more trail riding. Torque --- So per Marty's mountain test reviews - he kinda estimated the Torque to be about the same maybe with the 16x a little bit more but he never put to the short stall hill that he did with the MCM5 and MSP - 16" 2200W versus 18" 2600W - sounds reasonable based size power and size. Range --- Marty's range test put the 16x a bit longer at 64miles(102km) and the MSP at 58miles(93km) if I remember correctly - again I would put them at about the same given only a 6 mile(9.5) difference. If you had to walk that maybe not!!! Ride quality --- 18" wheel will be smoother on the rough trails vs 16 = so if torque about same, maybe 18" the way to go if I want to do more trails. BUT how much bigger is the MSP wheel when you compare with tires on? Coming from a 16"x2.5" on the V10F to a 16"x3" is still an improvement from what most are saying. For Trails per Marty, Chooch and Kuji - MSP is the best trail wheel to date but the 16x is no slouch! Light --- I commute "to" work in the dark mornings of Spring and Fall so the MSP light is better. I put Marty's comparisons of each side by side and the MSP wins for sure - but I already have a flashlight from use with my V10F that I could use with the 16x but it would be nice to ride without hold one. Peddles - both big but V10F was very flat(dihedral angle) compared to MSP so going to 16x will easier transition - but MSP pedals can be moded to reduce the angle if I dont like them. This may be a moot issue. Trolley -- I go grocery shopping with the wheel so with also bringing into my work building I do bit of trollying. No one that I know of has every complained about the 16x handle. I have heard a few bad things about the Msuper handle - Kuji Rolls shows a good example of getting out of control, which I do not want to happen while in the grocery store. I have not had the pleasure to try an Msuper handle so I can only go by what is posted which is more negative than positive from what I have discerned. So do I save a few hundred and go with 16x that has a great handle and meets most of my other criteria or go with the new MSP which is the new 18" King of trails. Your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers, Patrick
  6. Great mod -- I think a 2.5 is in my future once I have worn the 1st one out. Where did you source the tire? Cheers
  7. V10F has nice big pedals -- but the grip is shit if they get wet. I found this mod somewhere else and decided to give it a go. It is working great, maybe too good -- I use to be able to adjust me feet easily if I did not like my initial starting positions, mostly my left foot as I start with my right mounted. But now they dont to move. I have to now lift my foot up more to adjust. As with all changes it will take some time to acclimatize. I have tested it at the bike/skate park where I do most of my aggressive turning which places the most twist pressure between the feet and pedals, and the feet stay planted well. I used a sharp pointy thingy to poke the initial holes from underneath - this allowed to get the proper spacing by just poking in the approx middle of honey cone shape. I used a black Sharpy marker to mark the hole on the top with the pointy thingy still in because the hole disappear once it is pulled out. Then I put each screw in getting each one tight but not so much as to strip the holes but still tight as possible. There should be some of the screw thread showing on the underside. Once all the screws went in, hot glue was applied to them, hopefully preventing them from coming out when under twist pressure - this is the reason for some thread on the underside showing so the hot glue has something to grab -- the rubber is not very strong so something will be needed to hold them in. Hot glue is what I had on hand. I have no idea how the screws will hold up over time. I figure if I ride this winter the salt will rust them - time will tell! After riding for a couple days now, the grip is so so much better than before and the screws so far holding tight. I cant feel the screws there under the shoes but I sure know they are working. Without a solid stance and good grip the potential for an accident increases substantially. I hope this info can help others with this good wheel overcome this short coming.
  8. This was all I could come up with. With the Covid19 rushing in on us I did not make it to the store to stock up on essentials so I maybe loosing this stand soon
  9. You are all wrong Spy shot from IM secret test location:
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