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  1. a few works posted on FB by Taro Yamaguchi ( https://www.facebook.com/teamkepler/), designer is @rich.trickster
  2. sorry for being late on this, but as far as I remember, Ecodrift stopped being a Gotway distributor in 2018 and only restored its Gotway dealer status probably in the middle of 2019 with the limited set of Gotway models... Even if I'm wrong with timing, it has to be taken into account that Ecodrift in the past didn't like the Gotway's service, quality record and dealer relationship, so they definitely were promoting other brands for quite some time.
  3. trya


    Haha, Pushkin (the dog) was more concerned with his own safety, although (or maybe because) he is familiar with the wheel since his childhood ... and yes, balancing this big thingy on the wheel in gusty winds is tricky - but we like the challenge, right? I'm not giving up on a freestyle, although I must admit that the progress significantly slows down after I started learning more difficult (for me) tricks I'm not giving up - just don't have anything new to show
  4. trya


    Combining two passions. The big advantage of MTen3 is that it can stand in the sleep mode and brought back to life with no hands!
  5. I have a friend in Israel who wants to get his first wheel. Is anybody in Israel considering upgrade? If yes - let me know if you are willing to sell your used wheel.
  6. @Marty Backe I added in the top post the number of serviced units (computed based on EcoDrift's service records) - it should give a better perspective.
  7. Here is the translation of @EcoDrift's post on the Russian forum (https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=60835.msg1806257) I took a liberty of translating and re-posting here, as this might be a very valuable resource for forum users. See also "EcoDrift's 2018 service statistics (failure rate by brand and model)" : https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/12317-ecodrifts-2018-service-statistics-failure-rate-by-brand-and-model/ Summary: 1. Failure rate. Only electrical and electronic issues are counted (flat tires, firmware failure and mechanical damages are n
  8. These are the new works by Yuri Borodin. He said he is tired of metal and is trying new techniques. These guys are made of wool! PS. See also Yuri's works for sale here:
  9. Many of you probably enjoyed works by Yuri Borodin in our EUC Art topic: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/5895-electric-unicycle-art Some of you also asked if Yuri has his works for sale, and here is the rare opportunity. Yuri offers 2 pieces of his limited edition "Speed" figure. The figure is 4" high and weighs 2.35 lb. Yuri asks $400 per piece. Not cheap, but hey - this is a unique art. If somebody is interested - message me, and I'll help you to get in touch with Yuri and discuss whatever details you need.
  10. Happy New Year, fellow wheelers - from Yuri Borodin
  11. I personally normally would go over 20-23 kmh on it, and love it anyway for its weight, agility and compactness.
  12. That's right, the author is Yuri Borodin aka dedborodin. He told me he made only 3 pieces of this. Maybe you found it on this forum? This picture was used as a prototype:
  13. trya


    This is amazing, @pico. You are The Inspirer! or The Inspiritor? or both
  14. trya


    ... speaking about English as a second language: I really thought first that @Marty Backe's comment is about the body parts ... especially after viewing the mesmerizing @Mike Sacristan's videos ....
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