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  1. a nice video from Nizhny Novgorod (a city in Russia), the group ride of the "Devil's wheel" club
  2. Haha. Well, I was planning to buy it when I'm in the Columbia Gorge at the end of June - but @Alex Gruzglin suddenly offered his wheel for sale, and since I could simply pick it up here in NJ, it made perfect sense not to wait
  3. @pico I hear you! I quite unexpectedly got MCM5 for myself. I was planning to use it on WA and OR mountain trails, but since it ended up with me here in NJ, I tried freestyling on it too I didn't expect to use it for freestyle at all, but, to my surprise - it seems to be quite suitable for freestyling too. The shape is good, the power is more than enough, of course, and the maneuverability is excellent. The only challenge is its weight, even though it is not as heavy as I expected - still a lot heavier than V5F. I can do some of my tricks on it, like step-over for example, but my newly learned Thompson switch I still can't perform on MCM5 (well, maybe 1 in 20 attempts). However I feel that it is doable, just a matter of time. Surprised! If this wheel proves to be suitable for mountain trails too - it is going to be the universal wheel for my West Coast summer time
  4. what a playground you got all for yourself! where are the people?
  5. Yeah, this cheating mount I can do too
  6. @Rama Douglas, @eddiemoy - you learn so fast! It took me a lot longer that 4 hours to feel more or less stable on a uni. And I still can't freemount, although to be fair, I didn't spend much time trying. My progress was and is very slow. Even though I unicycle regularly (10-15 min almost daily) it is more like an aerobics for me - good exercise with some challenge
  7. @pico - I stumbled on this video and, of course, thought of you and your GF It is pretty old, but still great.
  8. I bought wheels from both AliExpress and @Jason McNeil - and even though I didn't have problems with any wheel, I will buy my future wheels from eWheels unless the price difference will be higher that 10-20%. One of the reasons not mentioned above is to support our local vendor, even though all the other reasons (reliability, support, warranty and piece of mind) might look more important.
  9. Good job, @Marty Backe! The wheel looks fantastic
  10. Aaaahhh! Right. Or left This is great! Looking forward to seeing the Pair Wheeling
  11. Wow! You seem to be freestyling on V10F as easily as on V5F and E+... But my guess is that you obtained this wheel with some other uses in mind, didn't you?
  12. Jeremie Champagne starts with style
  13. The hose (threaded connector) for my air pump broke, and I can't find a replacement. I tried buying twice off the net the generic replacement hoses - but they don't fit. I wonder if maybe somebody had this pump broken and still has a hose for it, or maybe somebody has the unused second hose... Please let me know. Here is the pump I have (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019FIERRO). Thanks.
  14. oh, yes, and I hope that the collective wisdom here will convince you eventually to get the Inmotion V5F for your freestyle part of riding. With all due respect to MSX and your ability to handle it - I think you'll enjoy freestyling on V5F a lot more!
  15. hey, @Irina is probably too modest to mention that she also does Muay Thai Boxing and is pretty good in figure skating (judging by her videos)
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