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  1. trya


    Great Valentine clip, @pico, I forwarded it to my Olga for her encouragement
  2. trya

    The Photo Thread

    does it remind you of something? Inmotion V3? 1300W? Relax! This is not a new model, and this is not an old model of EUC. Just a skillet https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015PKKW3O
  3. trya

    Career advise (programming)

    doesn't this prove that @esaj made it not only for the "one post poster"
  4. trya

    Career advise (programming)

    Tripple kudos for such an informative and entertaining answer! All the right points covered, and all the correct question raised. I totally agree Great introduction to a profession, esaj!
  5. trya


    wheels, dogs, humans (no windsurfing - the bay is frozen)...
  6. trya


    @pico, I don't remember if this video was posted on the forum before, but even if it did - it wouldn't hurt to re-post - this couple may definitely be a role model for you and your GF. I wish my Olga would be more interested in freestyle
  7. trya


    From my experience, once you used to it a bit - the poles become quite effective. The advantage comparing to the rope is that they don't confine you to straight line movements and limited space. The disadvantage - the poles are less reliable in protecting you from falling. There are certain tricks, I think, where they might be especially helpful to build up confidence, for example, learning the one-leg riding on the outer pedal (it is easier to learn riding in circles than with the straight line).
  8. trya


    Some time ago I posted a video where I was learning the Thompson Switch with the help of rope railing. Here is one more idea for a supporting gear in freestyle training. My friend who shot the clip makes a comment there: "...this is Mik's preparation for the advanced age wheeling when he'll be 80 and needs walking poles"
  9. trya

    New Gotway Mten3 / Onewheel Hybrid

    The title also states that this is a wheel for the beginners. Maybe. I guess that the biggest problem of this wheel is "low pedals" exaggerated by their size - which means that tight turns, higher speed turns, off-road and riding in narrow spaces - are all quite dangerous on this wheel. Might be good for beach rides, if it is waterproofed. If I had to chose between this one and OneWheel - I'd probably go with the latter.
  10. trya


    well, this one is rather a "buttplant", but there are faceplants too, in windsurfing lingo they are called "catapults" , and they might be pretty painful too
  11. trya


    Come on @Marty Backe, the summer is not only in California, we in NJ think that this is kind of summer here too
  12. trya

    Taking up the Unicycle at 67!

    @freebiker Great! Glad that it helped. Here is a suggested plan of continuing learning for you: while you are mastering stable straight runs and turns, start working on one-leg riding - you should be able to make controlled rides on one leg (both left and right). It is not as difficult as you may think, and this skill will add a lot to your self-control, it is especially useful for smooth start and stop, adjusting foot position during the ride, fighting the fatigue or pain, controlling the wobble.
  13. trya

    Taking up the Unicycle at 67!

    Of course you will! This even won't take much time as long as you keep riding.The EUC on my video is Gotway MCM2s, it is 14" as V5. My current most used wheel is also V5F+ Nice choice of boots, by the way, for the learning period!
  14. trya

    Taking up the Unicycle at 67!

    welcome to the 60+ club regarding the turns: here is a small video I made on somebody's request to demonstrate the technique of slow tight turns. The focus of attention are the knees: note that when I'm entering a turn my inner knee goes back (the leg straightens), while the outer knee goes forward and into the turn (the leg bends) - this movement effectively leans the wheel without leaning your body. The body stays upright above the wheel. The legwork in this clip is intentionally exaggerated to demonstrate the technique. A few more hints: When you start turning - accelerate! The turn is much more stable when you do it with a little acceleration, rather then with a constant or decreasing speed. You also may help yourself into a turn with your shoulders (the upper body is locked, i.e. when you turn shoulders - the entire body gets to follow).
  15. trya

    Factory loaded firmware - KS-18XL

    @Marty Backe I just read a comment of WheelLog developer - @palachzzz - on the Russian forum, where he claims that you should trust WheelLog's battery level % rather than native KingSong's app. He calibrated it based on a real wheel data, which was discharged from 100% to zero-level, i.e. when it dropped dead So be careful with your expectations in your future 70-mile test, and have a plan B