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  1. trya


    I don't think we are less social - group rides in US are as popular as everywhere it's a matter of several factors: there are lots of EUC riders in Moscow, there are enthusiasts willing to put their time and energy into organizing the event, there is a company ( @EcoDrift ) willing to become a sponsor. BTW, as far as I know, people from other cities also took part in this event, specifically from St.-Petersburg (400 miles away). Maybe @Jason McNeil have to think about it
  2. trya


    The final video from Moscow's EUC competition, September 2018. Thanks to @EcoDrift
  3. trya


    Oh, yeah, age definitely doesn't help... learning takes a lot more time and injuries heal a lot slower I actually decided to skip jumping tricks for now - too much risk for old bones, and there are still plenty of other tricks to learn and to perfect
  4. trya


    @pico your GF is doing great! ...and it looks like she is trying some really advanced moves too! BTW, you are doing great too
  5. trya

    Anything around for $500

    @Jeremy Valentin for a small kid - consider Luffy, which is still looking for a good home
  6. trya


    @pico I feel your pain, been there, nasty feeling when your foot slips ... nice set of tricks!
  7. trya


    Some slo-mo views of EUC competition. "Offroad trail" elements. Moscow, Sep 22 2018.
  8. trya


    @Rehab1 - almost all summer was devoted to windsurfing, I rode some trails in Washington - but they are too extreme for Olga, although we had a few nice rides with friends There is also some teaser for @Hunka Hunka Burning Love (not sure what city he is in) - he missed Olga in Montreal
  9. trya

    My Video Review of the IPS i5

    great review, @Hsiang!
  10. trya

    EUC for Kids- Recommendations?

    In my view, the risk in this case is rather exaggeration (if we are talking about the kids weighing less than 100lb). Adults can ride Luffy, even though they have to maintain non-aggressive riding style - but for the kid, the power is more than sufficient. The same is true for V5F - but it is bigger and heavier compared to Luffy. PS. I learned on 170Wh Airwheel, then it was a learning/first wheel for 3 more people, including 200lb adult - and nobody ever had any issues with it. Limited speed is quite a good safety factor. With more powerful wheel you inevitably will get higher speed limit - and kids are too eager to try it
  11. trya

    EUC for Kids- Recommendations?

    from my limited experience - Luffy is quite a good choice for smaller kids (5 - 12), the main advantage: it is very light and they are able to handle it easily, and even carry it when necessary, it is also not too fast
  12. trya


    Learning one leg riding for real. This is in Kiev, Ukraine.
  13. trya

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday October 28th!

    Hey @Marty Backe. My "trya" nick was born many years ago on some audio-book or programmers' forum, I think, quite sporadically, but I have a few "meanings" for it, my favorite one is that it references my tendency to try some new things, like "try a new XYZ", although I don't believe that I really meant this when used it first My full first name is Mikhail (like Gorbachev's, hehe) , which usually transforms to "Michael/Mike" in US. However, the first small company I started working for in US had already 2 other Michaels on the team, so I became "Mik" (pronounced like in "kick"), and it stuck. You also may have seen me under my real name on Facebook, I think, - I liked quite a few of your posts in EUC groups. Good seeing you live, @Marty Backe and @Duf!
  14. oh, well, here goes "if I had only one wheel for trails and hills" ACM2 selection Would you correct it to MCM5 now, Marty? Just kidding... I know you wouldn't change your favorites that easily
  15. trya


    the comment to this video is: