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  1. This is amazing, @pico. You are The Inspirer! or The Inspiritor? or both
  2. ... speaking about English as a second language: I really thought first that @Marty Backe's comment is about the body parts ... especially after viewing the mesmerizing @Mike Sacristan's videos ....
  3. latest from Yuri Borodin... Speed
  4. good plan! looking forward to it
  5. The Gorge in the fall... Last windsurfing session was yesterday, today is colder - mid 50 - wheeling with Olga after the rain.
  6. I just couldn't resist reposting this from @Irina Instagram
  7. so glad you got it! fun, fun, fun wheel
  8. Thank you, @Jorge RT for sharing this mod! In order to solve the issue with the low clearance for mountain trails, I've made a similar "quick-and-dirty" 20 minutes mod, using just a dremel tool, without even taking the wheel apart. As you can see on the pictures, I cut off significantly less than Jorge, but with this cut - I didn't touch the telescopic handle and I didn't violate the waterproofing - there is no need to re-seal, I think (although this part was not really important for me). Even this relatively small cut solved most of the clearance issues for me. As to replacing the tire - I will think about it, because it will probably make the wheel a bit more difficult for freestyle, which is my equally important second use case for this great MCM5
  9. Dance #2 Now... Who is going to try this?
  10. Welcome to the club! Many of us enjoy mountain trail riding very much. See for example my recent post about MCM5 experience
  11. My friend and windsurfing buddy drove his RV, took my wheel too, along with his wife and dog
  12. oh, yes. Having both MCM2 and MCM5 - I can really testify to the progress these wheels have made in just a few short years!
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