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  1. It would seem the brake shop stop me according to airwheel.net, back to the supplier whom whilst browsing on here is know to Nic but is now selling through ebay in the name of barto_bedna, now that discovery has really filled me with joy. Dear Customer, If your button cant brake stop then you may need to replace the mother board. It may difficult to replace that board because it is a difficult job. If you have another joystick we suggest you can replace a joystick to have a try. Regards, Emily Airwheel Holding Limited Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., LTD Website: www.airwheel.net Fl. 5, East of No.10 Building, High-Tech Park, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China 213022
  2. Hi Thanks for your replies, I have tried the brake on a couple of occasions and it is described in the users manual as an electronic brake which is a button on the joystick, it failed on both occasions, resulting in a near miss with a pedestrian first time and on descending a steep slope put me on my back. I have also been stopped by two police officers that actually had a go of the A6s both commented on its fun value and on the lack of function of the brake on the joystick..... guess I need to resolve this for that reason alone before I bump into them again.... small town its going to happen. I am disabled by two things 1) stage 4 lung disease, 2) a form of neuropathy in my legs. I am only 56 and a wheelchair/powerchair was not what I wanted, the A6s is more manoeuvrable and more appealing than most disability chairs available, also this A6s was sold to me as a class 2 mobility device if this is not suitable for that purpose then I guess it will have to go and be replaced with a powerchair.
  3. Hi I am new to this site and new to Airwheel. Can I ask does anyone have any experience with this machine? My main concern is that the electronic brake mentioned in the user manual does not in effect work as a brake, in an emergency it would not stop you? Is this correct as my supplier is telling me or is this a fault and can it be repaired? Any tips on how to descend a steep slope in safety and with dignity would also be welcome. https://www.airwheel.net/manual/Airwheel_A6s_series_user_manual.pdf
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