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  1. Hi, I’ve read extensively about the wheels and tried a couple of them thanks to a local shop. I still can’t makeup my mind as to what to buy. I have a good budget and was eyeing the ks16x and Nikola. This would be my first wheel. I tried the IM V8 for 3 days, then for 30 min each: v10, ks16s, 16x, 18xl. I liked all of them but lack experience to pinpoint what I like in terms of riding. So Im wondering if I should just buy an expensive one (16x) and potentially miss out on something that I would’ve prefer (Nikola although I didnt test it)? Or should I try the Nikola first to test if I prefer it? Or should I buy a cheaper wheel to get used to it and figure out my style, then upgrade it next season? I was almost certain I was gonna buy the 16x after testing it, but I didnt fact that the wheel wants to stay upright in curves. I wonder if changing the tire would change that. I will use my wheel for commutes and off roading. Thanks for your advices!
  2. @mrelwood I appreciate the correction here.
  3. Is the ride at 20mph as stable as a Nikola/MSX ?
  4. @ABS Knut To me it sounds like the ks16x fits you better. You put some focus on your commute (which the 16x is better at from my research so far) and you like the ride better. Some ppl mentioned they’ve had no issues with it so far and that firmware updates fixed some issues. Maybe other updates will fix even more. I’ll leave ppl with more experience give their input but that’s my 2 cents.
  5. Thanks for the tip, will do that if I end up with the MSX. Is turning power off-on a big hassle in this wheel?
  6. Wait so what do you do when you do need to lift up a curb for just s second? Power off - power back on?
  7. The 18” size is kinda making me hesitate. Im going to use it for commuting and not sure how much of a pain it’ll be compared to a 16”. Will need to test them all
  8. Yeah I wish there was a true option with lets say 10 inch wheels and speeds of 20mph
  9. When you got more EUCs than friends... they’re having a blast
  10. @mrelwood Thanks man for your input. I wasnt aware the ks16x had issues, Ill do more research. Purely in terms of ride quality, is the msx on par with the Nikola? Would it make sense if I got an MSX as a second hand “practice” wheel which I could keep for a long time?
  11. @2 Drinks Behind Yeah saw those, they look like toys though...
  12. This actually makes me want to develop a new product...
  13. I’ve been thinking.. wouldn’t it be possible to have one smaller EUC on each foot where you have the wheel on your exterior side of the leg (right foot on left pedal, etc) and an armature that sticks out that gives support just below the knee? Let’s say 2x Mten3. This would give an insane amount of freedom that can only be found with rollerblades.. here are inspiration photos from the 1920s called Cycle Skates. The wheels are inside though on these:
  14. @mike_bike_kite Woah thats nice! I got a 5m I fly for fun (jumpin in sand pits and on the beach) and took a 1 day lesson of kite surfing. It is hard indeed @The Fat Unicyclist it’s actually a great product you got there. Will look it up when I get my wheel.
  15. @Alex Gruzglin Thats an option, but I cant find anything under 1000$ in my area, they’re so rare. You trust ebay for those things? @mike_bike_kite I take it you kite as well? Kite surf?
  16. Ive thought about buying a ks16s, as it seemed a reasonable first wheel with decent power, and a used one woukd’ve been fairly cheap. But im scared of buying this kind of equipment used and get bad surprises.. after that I looked at a brand new 16s and they are 1800 CA$. Now I could get a new 16x for 700$ more and thats a small price to pay to avoid regretting the 16s after a few weeks of riding. I’m a speed demon (used to ride my motorcycle > 260 km/h) and i feel like i will be limited by the 16s. Maybe Im wrong.. what are your thought? Didn’t think this decision would be so tough.
  17. - 180 lbs - I will use it for long rides in suburbs bike path but also downtown when transiting from train to the office. I also plan on trying light off road trails.. so really lots of different use cases. - ill have to carry it up a few case very occasionnaly. Im in good shape so i really dont mine the extra pounds one wheel would have (I wouldnt go for the Monster anyway) - No budget issues. But I also dont wanna pay for bells and whistle I wont use. Like led strips and speakers are useless imo. This is why i looked into the MSX, as I thought it would be cheaper being an older generation.. but looks like a 84v MSX 1600wh is 2000usd, while the Nikola 84v 1600wh is the same price... thats strange. Also, if get the Nikola, I know that 100v 1800wh is better, but is it really worth 550$ more? i feel like the 84v 1600wh would be plenty sufficient... no need for ranges above 50 miles / 80 km
  18. Yeah its a good idea, but for now nice itll be my first wheel I think a 16” wheel is a good option for now.
  19. Just to be clear, in your opinion comfort and grip on wet is a lot better on a Nikola?
  20. That field was required so I put one of the options. Just changed it to “Still shopping around”.?😉
  21. Hi all, started reading a couple of posts here and thought Id join in the fun. 34 yr old dude from Montreal, enjoy sports and music .So this summer I tried a OneWheel and a InMotion V8. Its clear at this point that EUCs won me over the OW. Looking at purchasing either a 16x, Nikola, or MSX. I’m really not a bells and whistle guy and could care less about the look of a wheel or its speakers. I want a fast, stable, practical, nimble, and reliable wheel. How is the ride on the MSX vs Nikola? Is the 18” MSX really less practical in the city than a 16” Nikola?
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