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  1. I’m thinking of getting a small wheel for commuting which involves taking the train. I’ve tried the v8, v10, and ks18L on the train, and only the v8 is practical enough dimensions-wise. 
    Im planning on riding it in the snow during winter, and was looking at the mTen3 as an option, which I haven’t tried.

    Since a v8 has a 16x2” tire, but the mTen3 has a 10x3” tire, how would they compare in the snow? Does width provide equal/superior traction to a larger wheel that’s narrower?

    If I am planning on getting a 2nd wheel for longer rides next summer (ks18xl), am I better off with a significantly smaller wheel for those short commute and contrast, being the mTen3?

  2. 55 minutes ago, Espen R said:

    I can understand the noise turn off. I started with the 16S, which has a very loud "brain eating" noise, so the XL was a huge improvement. My brain has stopped hearing the coil whine when I ride the XL alone, but when I ride together with someone on a V10F I hear it loud and clear:( I really hope Inmotion would make a 18 or 19” wheel with decent amount of range, the quality feel is miles a head of Kingsong and Gotway.


    Ive heard there might be a v12 next year which would fit your needs.

  3. 17 hours ago, greentung said:

    I have to disagree about the mten3 not being a beginner wheel. I learned on the mten3 and I've taught half a dozen friends on the mten3. Its wide tire, high torque (smaller wheel), light weight, and low to the ground makes it easier to stay balanced while moving slowly as beginners tend to do. The fastest way to learn and reinforce muscle memory is to stay balance on the wheel as long as possible. Also, large diameter wheels often require push off technique to get it going before hopping on. Beginners want to get both feet on first then roll. This is easier on the mten3 than on larger wheels. 

    Thats interesting. Makes me want to try it now. Would you say that it may be a better first wheel option than say a v8?

  4. 6 hours ago, mrelwood said:

    The amperage is not measured at the battery output like on other manufacturers’ wheels, but that absolutely doesn’t make it a BS measurement. I regularly peak at 170A crawling up a steep incline. But I sure wouldn’t go anywhere near that when going past 40km/h.

    Gotway wheels don’t have any current based or warnings, so it does not warn about high stress. The 80% warning never launches below the preprogrammed speed (45km/h @ 0% battery for 84V MSX), so as long as your battery stays above the 0% battery tiltback, there is nothing to warn you of an overlean between 0% battery and 45km/h.

    Of course it’s not a ”cause”. It’s one measurement amongst many, which all together determine whether the wheel has the required power to keep the rider upright. The measurement is not BS, you just were mistaken about what it measures.


    I hope you’re not referring to the manufacturer claims about range... They can only be achieved by riding extremely slowly under perfect conditions. Common range figures are about half of the advertised, which may make your 50km a day very boring towards the end of the day as you are riding under 20km/h...


    Claimed range on the 18l is 90km and from what I read this seems unrealistic at good cruising speeds for an adult. But im pretty that my 80kg will still allow me to ride to 50km and not suffer from drastic speed reductions.

  5. 22 hours ago, Espen R said:

    My experience teaching others is that they all prefer the 18XL in the beginning, because, as you say, it feels more solid and stable, which is quite natural due to the laws of physics. But as they progress in skill level, I see the short and light drift towards the V10F and the meatier stay with the 18XL, again due to physics;) I prefer the 18” in almost every scenario, especially off-road, but when it comes to high speed city riding, dodging in and out of traffic, you can’t beat a high power 16”. A 16” wheel is probably more difficult to master, at least it was so for my meaty bones, so I do believe that an 18” is a better beginner wheel if you can handle the weight and size of the wheel.


    I have the feeling you’re right on point. I’ve seen Kuji Rolls in the city with his KS16X and he was much more able to move through pedestrian traffic compared to someone else on the MSX. I can see how with time and experience I may appreciate the nimbleness of a wheel like the V10. The ultimate nimble wheel (mTen3) is reported as an absolute blast, but comes with a warning from the owners that it definitely shouldn’t be a first/beginner wheel.

  6. So after trying out the KS18L... Im totally in love. Wayyy better than the V10. Pretty sure the top speed will be sufficient. I hit 46kmh for a short burst and really wouldnt see myself go much faster. The wheel inspires confidence, it’s awesome. Thanks for all your tips.

  7. Im quite inexperienced, but I rented the V10F for 5 days and put around 60km on it (city + off road). Then I rented the 18xl for 2 days. I MUCH prefer the solid feel, carving dynamics, and speed of the 18xl. It inspires a lot more confidence IMO and the wheel feels more natural, doing what the mind wants to do effortless. It is much less nimble, but I find it is still way sufficient to carve quickly enough.

  8. On 11/3/2019 at 10:48 AM, RockyTop said:

    Looking at the numbers the Tesla looks like a good wheel for you. .....However?  They have the same tire as the KS16s. That means they are hard suspension and squirrelly at 30mph compared to the 18" wheels and newer 16" wheels. The 18" wheels don't get cought On bumps and potholes as easy, and the new 16" tires have better absorbing abilities. 

    Thats a good point I had’t thought about. Im trying a v10 and ks18xl this week and will better assess this. Thanks.

    19 hours ago, Rywokast said:

    but yea i would say tesla or MSX.. both are relatively light weight, the tesla is much more convenient but the msx is much more comfortable for long or fast cruising.. i would probably not recommend the KS16X as it throttles at 50% battery,, i would definitely recommend an 18XL over the 16X

    Thanks for this, I didnt know about the throttling. Lots of ppl seem to recommend the 18xl.


    16 hours ago, Rywokast said:

    trust me they will :P and btw, the v10 (non F) is an 1800W nominal motor.. it can cruise at 40 kph all day without any risk of cutout..

    Thats strange cause my v10f keeps throttling down at 24 mph. I have to ride at 23 to not be bothered by it.


    7 hours ago, Chriull said:

    For the same speed the bigger wheel has less rotational speed by the factor of the radii. For the same force the bigger wheel has a higher torque by the factor of the radii. So the factor of the wheels radii is canceled...

    Correct, and on top of that there are specific rotational speeds where the motor is more efficient. Sort of like sweet spots. This is why dual motor cars like Teslas use torque vectoring. The gearbox ratio of each motor is different and depending on the cruising speed, power will be shifted to the motor whose rotational speed is most efficient. 

  9. Since I was so undecided about which wheel to buy after trying a bunch of them for 15 minutes each, I decided to rent one for a week. I went with the V10F as it’s the cheapest wheel I can get that goes 40km/h (25mph), and wanted to see how I feel about it. My riding experience is less than 60 km (36 miles) for all wheels combined and had not exceeded 30 km/h (19mph) prior to renting the V10F.

    Yesterday I wont on a longer ride with the V10F, did some off road and street. After about an hour I was getting comfortable and started hitting the top speed, accompanied by the annoying sound warning and tiltback. I wanted more. This leaves me with no option but to look for a more powerful wheel.

    In your opinion guys, would getting a ks16x bring me to a point where I hit the speed of 50km/h (30 mph), and the same story happens where Im left unsatisfied, wanting more? Or is the jump from 40 to 50 a whole other level?

    In my consideration I also realize that the size/weight is important for me. I find the 45 pounds V10 already heavy for the commuting I want to do.. The 30 pound V8 was perfect in that sense. So Im stuck with the weight/speed problem.

    With that said, would the GW Tesla be a good contender for me?

  10. I did judo for 10 years when I was young. One time I was biking and my front wheel fell into a grill, instantly stopping my bike. I jumped over the bike and performed a roll on my shoulder/side before landing straight on my feet. I was going fast and had a minor scratch on my wrist. An old lady saw the whole thing and thought I was quite the stuntman. I didnt think, I just reacted. My 10,000 judo rolls in practice helped me a lot.

    Moral of the story: Learn HOW to fall. And practice it.


  11. @Mike Sacristan

    Hey man, thanks for your input. Watched a lot of your videos and you got great content :thumbup:

    On 10/25/2019 at 7:07 AM, Mike Sacristan said:

    16X rides different from other wheels, Tesla being the most different and 18XL being the most similar

    What do you mean? The Tesla is an option for me so just wondering what you mean here.

    On 10/25/2019 at 7:07 AM, Mike Sacristan said:

    The Nikola feels more constrained and boxy than the 16X

    Wow really? One thing I didnt like about the 16x is how wide it is compared to the v8 (not same category but still). So the 16x will fall smaller between my legs than the Nikola?

    On 10/25/2019 at 7:07 AM, Mike Sacristan said:

    Could you define off roading a bit?

    Well the same as you do in the first video once in a while on weekends, but also light trails with no pavement but no rocks/roots either. So really a good mix. I dont think i would do enough off road to justify having very high torque and highest pedal if its a compromise for general ride feel and portability. 

    Im still very very undecided and I live in canada so i wish i could enjoy the rest of fall to ride but i cant make a decision as I want to make the right choice... So tough.

    My ideal wheel would be a v8 size with Tesla performance. Havent ridden the Tesla though


  12. 4 hours ago, photorph said:

    I have tried almost every wheel and have a sizable collection.  My personal favorite would be a tie between the Nik+ 100v or the MSX 100v (specially the new 1845h wh version).  Which one of those I prefer more will depend on what I'm doing.  

    Can you elaborate on which conditions/usage you prefer the MSX to the Nikola?

  13. 7 hours ago, BarrettJ said:


    Do you know someone(s) with all those wheels or is there a place in Montreal that you can try them?


    Theres a shop there called Noaio and they were nice enough to let my try their demo/test wheels. I rented the v8 for 3 days as i wasnt sure if getting a EUC or OW back then.

    8 hours ago, mike_bike_kite said:

    As a fellow beginner It would be really nice to hear what felt about each wheel. Like you I've read or watched all the reviews but they're always from very experienced riders, it wood be interesting to hear what a less experienced rider makes of all these different options. How far is your commute by the way? and are you having to lug it up stairs etc? Must admit I'm really impressed by the amount of testing you were allowed! 

    Yeah I met some nice guys who were kind enough. My commute is basically from my house to the train (1km) and from train to office (1km). That includes a total of 20 stairs or so (im in good shape, no issues with lifting 50 pounds). So my impressions:

    v8: first wheel i tried and tested for longer. Absolutely loved the form factor: light, small, easy to carry, easy to store under my desk. I felt comfortable, and had very limited wobbles decelerating despite my lack of experience. Solid wheel, but i felt its limit on the first day maxing at 30kmh, where I was curious about going 35kmh. Most probably would get bored fast (i raced motorcycles before)

    v10: similar feeling to v8, just wider arcs while riding and power feels more like it goes where your mind wants to go. Like the narrowness.

    ks18xl: felt similar to v10 but better ride, just smoother and feels more planted. Less nimble but loved it

    ks16x: felt very very nimble, almost too much. Had to adjust here. Lots of power and sometimes goes faster than my minded was aiming for. Got close to falling, my only time. The wheel wants to stay upright, so carving is really not that fun. The wheel is wide and very heavy, i felt having it in the train would be more of a pain than a v8 but still manageable. It didnt feel as natural as a v10. The pedals are great and my feet were super comfy, and i felt thats the wheel i could do the longest ride with.

    ks16s: nice little wheel, very nimble and you get a very different feel where the wheel feels much smaller. The pads rest super low on your shins, so you have less control. Hardest wheel to get a good start with. Pedals are weird and not comfy. Power is nice for a small size compared to v8. If the price was on par with a v8 and pedals/pads were adjusted this would be a killer choice and probably my pick as a first wheel.

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