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  1. I read a lot of the same opinions prior to buying the i5 but I did not encounter any of the problems that others ran into or hypothesized over. I think part of this is the way I use and treat my unicycles like the investments they are, and use them within what they're designed for. More specifically to the i5, the manufacturer states an IP54 rating - somewhat dustproof and splashproof only. I never ride in the rain, through puddles or when the road is wet. The i5 was trouble free for the first 100mi, and should easily do a few hundred more. Thanks for the suggestion! The pedals I saw were a bit more than what I wanted to pay. I've been spending more time on the mten3 and my feet are starting to get acquainted. I am finding the mten3 great for blasting around on weekend duty, but the i5 is still leaps ahead for commuting. The weight and bulk advantages are hard to ignore. I hate that the mten3 weighs as much as my boosted v2. I'm still splitting my time 50/50 for fun and commuting though. In the end, I really only need 1 wheel and will end up selling. Happy to pass forward the i5 and you'll make the decision easier for me, hahaha.
  2. Hi Everyone, I’m very new to the hobby and wanted to leave a review so others might find some useful information to get them started if they’re considering the same wheels. I started on the IPS i5 about 3 months ago and put on 100 miles. 60 miles learning and cruising around on the weekends and approximately 40 miles commuting in NYC. I picked up a Gotway Mten3 very recently. With only 10 miles on the Mten3, the jury is still out on which one I’ll be keeping, but wanted to share my thoughts. For reference, I am about 160lbs, 5’8 in my mid 30’s. Probably very similar to many others here, I am not particularly active and also own a few eSkate boards and motorcycles. The IPS i5 a great wheel that really delivers on the last mile promise. The wheel is light and very easy to carry on the train or bus. The thin form factor and flat black body is inconspicuous and easy to handle. I commute 3 miles round trip into midtown manhattan and work in an office with open desk spaces. The metal (magnesium?) body is very well built and doesn’t look or feel like a toy. My commute is 50% bike path, the rest is with moving midtown traffic. Riding at the edge of beeping (13mph speed warning – a very noticeable difference after the app update), I am able to keep pace with most cycling commuters. As you can imagine, the i5 will struggle to keep speed when crossing lanes of traffic but the problem is solved by crossing slowly with pedestrians at the red lights. Although the thin tire transfers a lot to your feet, the i5 handles uneven/rough roads well because it does not feel twitchy. Bumps can be jarring, but I feel in control the whole time. I’ve ridden a little bit of woodchip, gravel and grass with the i5 at a fast walking pace. The thin wheel would catch ruts easily and feel twitchy, but it was not enough to throw me off or feel unsafe. I was pleasantly surprised it was able to climb a ~20* grassy hill. The pedals are very wide, comfortable, don’t scrape and look sleek to boot. I particularly enjoy the wide carrying handle, simple headlight/taillight and the 20700 sized batteries under the hood. While the acceleration is fine, my negatives for this wheel are the top speed, lack of weatherproofing and the poor power-button design that others have mentioned. Although my time on the Mten3 has been short, I will say that the Mten3 is 5lbs heavier and you can feel the 30% weight. The wide form factor and small/thick handle makes it difficult to carry. While the speed and vertical bump absorption has been great, the Mten3 wanders a lot on uneven pavement. The wide tire diameter also makes it harder to turn when going at speed. The pedals are noticeably smaller than the i5 so mount/dismount is still awkward until I get used to it. The white plastic egg-shaped shell and rainbow lights that cannot be disabled also drew a few comments at work already, but still beats walking in with a eSkate. The speed is definitely a huge advantage, but factoring traffic lights only nets a small gain over the i5 in my overall commute time. For comparison, the i5 can go door to door in 12 minutes, the Mten3 10 minutes, my eSkate in 8 minutes. At this point in time I am still partial toward the i5, but I plan to stay on the Mten3 for a 100 more miles before selling one or the other in the spring. They are both great wheels, but it really depends on how you plan on using it. Happy to field any questions!
  3. @Ben Kim, I see we're both in NYC. How do you like the mten3 so far? I've been commuting daily on my ips i5, but have been looking for a chance to move into an mten3. Are you looking to reduce inventory or pass forward some of that mten3 fun anytime soon?
  4. Very interested and just emailed you @Yanran ! Thanks!
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