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  1. I read a lot of the same opinions prior to buying the i5 but I did not encounter any of the problems that others ran into or hypothesized over. I think part of this is the way I use and treat my unicycles like the investments they are, and use them within what they're designed for. More specifically to the i5, the manufacturer states an IP54 rating - somewhat dustproof and splashproof only. I never ride in the rain, through puddles or when the road is wet. The i5 was trouble free for the first 100mi, and should easily do a few hundred more. Thanks for the suggestion! The pedals I
  2. Hi Everyone, I’m very new to the hobby and wanted to leave a review so others might find some useful information to get them started if they’re considering the same wheels. I started on the IPS i5 about 3 months ago and put on 100 miles. 60 miles learning and cruising around on the weekends and approximately 40 miles commuting in NYC. I picked up a Gotway Mten3 very recently. With only 10 miles on the Mten3, the jury is still out on which one I’ll be keeping, but wanted to share my thoughts. For reference, I am about 160lbs, 5’8 in my mid 30’s. Probably very similar to many others here,
  3. @Ben Kim, I see we're both in NYC. How do you like the mten3 so far? I've been commuting daily on my ips i5, but have been looking for a chance to move into an mten3. Are you looking to reduce inventory or pass forward some of that mten3 fun anytime soon?
  4. Very interested and just emailed you @Yanran ! Thanks!
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