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  1. Wonderful! Thanks @Seba! (For me the tilt-back at 50km/h is a little bit low for my msx 100V )
  2. Hello @Seba! Congratulation for the official new EUC World app on the Google play store. Your last release of WheelLogAndroid is the 2.0.34 on GitHub (https://github.com/slastowski/WheelLogAndroid). Did you have created a new GitHub repository for the EUC-World app? Or maybe the source code for the new app is now no more available?
  3. @Hansolo I have well understand this point... I am not sure my previous message was clear... 1- When I start wheellog the main page displays the top speed (the wheel is not connected), it is the initial display. 2- After the wheel is connected the top speed is not anymore available on the main window (but it is available on the 2nd page). It is an excellent idea to replace theses informations by the voltage and current. 3- (At least on my phone...) When I shutdown the wheel therefore I lost the bluetooth but the main window does not change... The data on the main screen is always the voltage and current,... I just say it is pity because it this last case, it should be better to come back on the initial display (including top speed)... I don't need anymore the voltage and current because my wheel is disconnected. It is the end of my ride, it is exactly at this step it is usefull to show the top speed. It not what you get with the release 2.34?
  4. Firstly congratulations for this last release of Wheellog. When I start this last release, the main screen shows some informations as the top speed when the wheel is not yet connected. Maybe it's just a little bug, but it should be a good idea if the main screen shows these same informations when the bluetooth connection is lost (because i have shutdown the wheel). What did you think about this idea?
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