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  1. Thankyou @Flyboy10 and @The Fat Unicyclist for helping me out here . I will save up some money and get the Batteries of 14S . Regarding the outer shell , I will make a Resin Infused one with Composites , as I have access to Carbon Fibre . I hope King Song doesn't feel bad about me modifying the wheel !!
  2. Hi , I have 340 Whr Battery . Seems to get over very soon after a few min of 25 + kmph runs . I was thinking maybe I can make a custom Pack with Sanyo 3500 , 18650 .
  3. Hello All , I am from India and have recently purchased a King Song 14D . After riding for 4-5 Days I have become real addicted to it . Only drawback is the wheels doesn't acclerate fully after battery drops down to less than 50 % . I am now willing to upgrade my Battery or make a new one myself . I want to know if the KS14D battery have a built in BMS controller . Has anyone tried to Teardown a King Song Battery? Please share your reviews on it . Thankyou
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