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  1. I'll just send it back at this point, too worried about it cutting out while on it. Of course that would depend on it actually working, no signs of life!! Definitely stay off the rapid charger. Email to me today from Jason at eWheels: "IMPORTANT URGENT Safety Advisory on the 16X & 5A Rapid-charger! We have just received an alarming report of a 16X catching on fire after being used with a defective charger. Under the circumstances, it was extremely fortunate that the Wheel was outside at the time, where the damage was relatively minor. Here is a summary of the facts: After a few weeks of normal use, the Customer noticed that when the charger was plugged into the wall (but not the Wheel), the charger's LCD readout was showing '1 . ' on the Voltage readout (see image below), instead of the normal ~84v The charger was emitting a low frequency clicking sound Pressing the charger's reset button kicked off the charge cycle, where the voltage had continued to climb exceeding 88v, as represented on the charger's LCD display 15 minutes later, the rapid-charger turned off, but on turning on the Wheel, the Customer observed the voltage (reported through WheelLog) completely discharging in seconds He then plugged in the standard charger, about one hour later the Wheel caught on fire What is being done & recommendation: This charger is being sent to an independent laboratory for analysis, I am also coordinating for the King Song 16X battery to be sent in the laboratory for over-voltage testing. Until we receive the lab results back & have a complete understanding of exactly what went wrong, it is strongly recommended not to continue using the rapid-charger. WARNING: if you do continue using the rapid-charger, please double-check that the voltage readout displays ~84v before plugging into the Wheel & keep an eye on the charging progress. For context, the charger supplier, JaiRui, has produced hundreds-of-thousands of chargers, we have seen many cases of the charger failing in a multitude of ways, but invariably it has been in a harmless under-voltage state. This is the first & only such case of an over-voltage condition, but considering the extreme severity & intensity of a battery fire, other chargers from this production batch may also be effected. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available. "
  2. My 16x is dead. Only maybe 20-30 miles total, had a successful first charge with standard charger couple weeks ago. Topped it off with the rapid charger yesterday (set at 90%). It oddly continually double-beeped every 10-15 minutes before it was done which took about an hour (battery had +/- 40% juice). Went to fire it up and it promptly died. No sign of life since. Tried to revive with standard charger, no bueno :-( On the phone with eWheels today, they sounded very overwhelmed since a 16x caught fire after a rapid-charge attempt. Use standard charger til this gets hammered out. BTW, Jason at eWheels was super helpful. I didn't expect such a rapid response and had a great chat with him as he picked my brain trying to figure out what's up. Kudos, Jason!
  3. I used the rapid charger for the first time, eWheels jr-t450, only the second charge for the wheel. The wheel was oddly double beeping every 5-10 minutes. After finishing charge, fired up the wheel and it promptly went dead. Won't turn on :-( eWheels sent an email that someone's wheel caught fire after using the rapid charger! Just got the hang of this thing, really bummed I'm sending it back. . . .
  4. It's been a challenge deciphering the Kingsong app on the IOS for my 16X. Been considering getting an Android for the supposedly better app. Has anyone used both, any thoughts?
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