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  1. I did the same upgrade felt the same if the ninebot was a miata the V10F was a F150 such a tank then I got an MSX, rode that and didn’t touch the V10F for a while, got on the V10F when the MSX was flat one day and all of a sudden the V10F was sporty in my case I feel it was because of more experience but I actually do miss my ninebot, it was a great little wheel for playing around on and unless you are a real pro there’s thing that can do that are going to be near impossible on the V10F
  2. Living the dream i sit at work all day thinking about riding my wheel and you get to do it man you must have fit legs!
  3. While my MSX seems much less pronounced than yours it could be that the mic in the video is more sensitive I was taken back initially when I got my MSX all reviews put Gotway at being smooth and quiet, I give it some torque and mine clicks and grinds like this too coming from the INMOTION V10F which is smooth as butter, and super quiet it was a real surprise and I though there was something wrong with it luckily my ninebot one S2 shudders grinds clicks and pops on hard braking so I’ve been able to get used to it, but it was very off putting at first, didn’t want to hurt my new toy!
  4. I can still do 30km/h on my MSX @ 66.5v but she tilts back almost 45deg, it’s a real good calf stretch! sub 60v is madness on the 16x if my MSX would go that low I’d get another 40km out of it photo is a screen shot from the video where I’m riding it 30km/h
  5. This is so odd ive just ordered one and now all I see are people saying to get one I didn’t even research it i just thought how cool i can see this wheel replacing my feet already I have plans to ride it everywhere walk the dog Mten3 answer the door Mten3 put the garbage out, yep Mten3 cant wait!
  6. We have a street in Melbourne not quite as steep but very steep none the less the MSX gets up it at 40km/h abs smashed my now sold Zero 10x scooter that hit 35km/h when it leveled out near the top, but only managed 22km/h on the steepest part and the V10F 3 times... once it sailed up at 35km/h the other 2 times, GET OFF!!! LOL for reference Baldwin st is 35% and the street I’m talking about is 30% steepest hill I’ve been up was 37.6 degrees no idea what that is in % but it was also very very short, and the V10F easily had the power, it was a matter of balance and traction
  7. Does nothing on the V10F in the DB app I set it to 45km/h it shows that it’s limited to 45km/h in the INMOTION app the wheel doesn’t go faster than 40km/h on the GPS don’t take notice of what the wheel reports to the apps as it reads 10% high i have seen 42km/h on the GPS but only for a split second its a 38km/h wheel for the most part with the occasional brief moment of 40km/h, but you have to ride the tilt hard also speed throttling etc... is unchanged I did something to my wheel and stopped getting speed warnings it was great, and today I reset it and it won’t shut up, danger slow down... ahh shut up LOL back in the corner, hello MSX!!!
  8. I’ve heard kingsong are the worst and make dogs go mental my V10F is almost silent, and dogs seem to take no interest my MSX is much louder than the V10F, but dogs don’t seem to care maybe they know they can’t outrun the awesome MSX LOL
  9. Mid 30’s i run 20psi in mine and a max 22psi when I’m not “off-roading” cant stand anymore than that
  10. It’d be nice if it could use the iphones ois as when I record it’s too shaky
  11. Can’t the app do it? it can on the little baby models the one etc...
  12. 100% the trolley handle but also my fault as I had things in both hands But back to the traction control, who knows it could be a thing, my MSX won’t climb this as it just spins, the V10F did, sort of...
  13. Traction control my MSX left a huge burnout in the 7-11 when I had a coffee and sandwich in my hands and it decided to do a runner... 3 weeks later I went back and they asked me to take it outside LOL
  14. It’s amazing how you just keep improving the more you ride, I’d consider myself a intermediate rider, I only have 3000km total experience, there’s many things I can’t do and some that I could never do but now don’t even blink i ride rough MTB trails reasonably well, but until yesterday never tried going up a gutter, or kerb/curb as some may call it half an hour riding around a car park going up gutters and I feel comfortable now, a lot more practice is needed, but already the same off road trails I feel more confident hitting tree roots now knowing I can hit a square 8” obstacle and climb it like nothing then I watch a YouTube video and realise how much of a novice I am as you see people getting serious air and hopping much higher things... oh well back to riding around practicing I need Kuji Pads I see, but I’m avoiding that as I feel I’ll be pushing the wheel beyond my abilities baby steps!
  15. I’ve done that, and it shows 45km/h in the INMOTION app in reality it hits a maximum 40km/h on the GPS i have seen 42km/h on the go pro GPS, but very very breifly, it’s a 35km/h wheel!
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