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  1. I’m fine with that, I can ride there from home and back again
  2. There is on vicroads website https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/road-rules/a-to-z-of-road-rules/hoverboards-segways-and-other-motorised-devices there’s no gray area euc’s are illegal ride off the roads and respectfully and the risk of attention and fines are greatly reduced, I’ve seen the police many times rolling around slowly kitted up and haven’t had an issue but I haven’t come across an angry HWP yet as I’ve heard they are the ones to look out for
  3. I am available almost anytime so let me know and I’ll be there
  4. This is a screen shot from a video sorry I’m too lazy to get a photo now but the standard pedals are pretty flat i get sore legs though from feet cramps but I’ve still managed a 30km trip on it personally I’d leave it with the small pedals as it doesn’t need the extra leverage a larger pedal would give, I’ve gotten pedal dip many times, it’s pretty easy to over lean it playing around
  5. Just a shame the Nikola doesn’t come with a rear view mirror so you can look at the kingsong
  6. Give yourself some more time and try and enjoy the ride, rather than riding at speed to reach your destination you’ll ride slower and have more fun And if you push it too hard and the adrenaline kicks in and you get the leg wobbles stop and walk it off
  7. I plug the brick in and turn it on for a second then turn it off then plug it into the EUC and turn it on no snap crackle or pop No pop either if you plug it in hot, but I’m sure everyone will tell you you’ll burn down the house and blow up the Gotway if you do that...
  8. Excellent guys thanks i have an 84v MSX i don’t need 100v speed but I’d love the MS Pro torque but not at the expense of a reduced range as I use every last bit of my MSX so this is on the radar for me the extra torque will be very welcome grinding up off-road tracks and helping me descend, less brown pants moments!
  9. How does 100v 1800wh compare to 84v 1600wh in the real world when it comes to range, battery calculators tell me that the 84v is a larger AH capacity unless I’m calculating it wrong but riding at a fixed speed and load on both wheels would the 84v go further?
  10. I’ve seen 10,000w on my Mten3 on darkness bot LOL
  11. It’d be big business being an orthopaedic surgeon!
  12. To be honest all I know is its changed ill have a closer look and think about it next ride to be honest I’d rather the percentage be a little pessimistic by a couple of percent rather than the other way around i understand Gotway report battery voltage differently what would be great is a device that plugs into the charging port that is a battery voltage display, surely that would be quite easy to make...
  13. Can confirm on latest beta new features work Gotway MSX and Mten3 speed change and riding mode change and calibration all tested and working managed to hit 56km/h on the MSX With tilt back still on chickened out when the wheel double beeped, never heard that before and it wasn’t the 80% alarm had the max speed set to 55km/h in the DB app only thing I’ve noticed is remaining battery percentage calculation may have changed?
  14. Ive also got an Mten3 pop it in the back pack and when you wheel goes flat you can ride it in the return leg its tiring riding it long distances though
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