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  1. EEEEEEE YOU SEA Although I usually refer to it as "electric unicycle", my friends call it the "death wheel" =)
  2. Some people prefer round wheels, some prefer gas-can style ones.... some people just want to watch the world burn...
  3. I agree, they are less aggressive wheels but I'll take to trade-off to not get a fail mid ride! Speedyfeet are great and I'd recommend them to anyone getting a wheel, they have V10F boards but no V10, which is why I'm waiting for inmotion to deliver.
  4. Hey, thanks for sharing your story, has to be said, I'm having a similarly bad time. It's been about 5 weeks now but they have agreed to send a new board out but it won't get to me for another 5, that's 10 weeks of no riding! I'm really thinking about getting a backup wheel because the support (from inmotion, the reseller has been really helpful) is awful! Is this normal for a V10 or are they usually more reliable? I mean can I expect this to happen again soon?
  5. Hey, I started because I got nectar points that I wanted to spend, it's a UK loyalty scheme where you collect points and you can spend it on stuff, I was going to get some e-skates (like segway drift w1) https://store.segway.com/segway-drift-w1 After watching some youtube reviews they all linked to EUCs, then I remember seeing some in London, thought they looked quite cool. I had no idea how hard it would be to learn though, I got an EUC tried it then put it in storage. It was COVID-19 and going into lockdown that finally convinced me to get the EUC out and give it anothe
  6. Ah, that makes sense! I still want one though!
  7. This has got to be staged right? I didn't think the msuper had an IP rating.
  8. I was talking to a friend the other day and they said they see riders in London often but almost never anywhere else but clearly they exist! How many riders are there in the UK? Or even the world? Is there a way of estimating this?
  9. Hey, did you figure out what this was? I'm having the same issue, no balance, no light. I've disconnected/reconnected the battery, nothing! I have a case open, with a bit of luck this should fall under warranty. In the meantime, I'm really itching to get riding again!
  10. Update: 30psi is bang on for me. Managed 2.7km today, lots of starting and stopping but I'm starting to feel more stable now! Thanks!
  11. I'm 60KG (about 135 lbs, same as you), I'll start with 30 and go from there. On another note, it's comforting to see someone with a few miles under their belt and see them still wobble when they get on.
  12. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing, I've let out some air and will experiment this weekend!
  13. Ok, this post has nothing to do with the Bowie/Queen track... Yesterday I had my first ah moment and was able to get on and going without support! Lots of had waves and I looked like Bambi taking it's first steps but I was up and moving! I noticed while going over bumps the tyre was a bit flat so when I got home I pumped it up to 40 psi (it's what's written on the tyre) and then it felt like I was back to square one, it's much harder to get on and I was only table to stay on a few seconds at a time. It's an inmotion v10, what's a good tyre pressure for a beginner? Thanks.
  14. I tried it with the fenix 5 it worked a treat. The phone app crashed once or twice but the watch-face kept going, I just had to relaunch the phone app. Thanks for adding this feature!
  15. Hi all, I bit the bullet and splashed out on a V10, I've spent an hour hugging the wall then another going up and down holding onto railings, this is hard work! Is there anywhere in London I could get lessons? If not, I've watched some youtube tips videos, any others people here can recommend? How long does it usually take to click and get away from supports? Cheers!
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