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  1. finetuning it: There should be no pogo stick effect
  2. latest firmware is1.2.22 ? or is it ??
  3. https://easyupload.io/m/zmc58r Hope this helps
  4. I found it some dodgy palce but it worx upgrade doez not .... Can I upload the APK for you somewhere? v 7.8.3 works it seems the earlier version does not I have 7 days uplapod
  5. I cant anything usefull anywhere... I need to install from scratch. Dear Inmotion I need app... Help. Inmotion honepage link is not working.. Pls fix
  6. This is an upgrade I cant install ... I need basic app first I guess?
  7. thx mate ... Its and update Icant install --- I need the basic programme first ..
  8. I cant download i motion app is it me being daft? What s qr code here?
  9. I cant find inmotion app for Android anywhere, Google play does not have.. My v11 is a little weird and I have a New smartphone. Can antyde help? May 2021
  10. V11 feels wobbly all of the sudden. Its not my legs its the wheel I feel. I ride daily Either the Inmotion V11 or the Veteran Sherman. My V11 (wonderfull super comfy wheel) feels a little wobbly now and then - I ride 35 PSI - at one point I hit a bump a little too hard the wheel feels a little crooked Im not sure. How to diagnose this ? I have an alternative wheel/motor with new bearings. Could I take off the tyre + wheel and have the wheel adjusted by some auto-mechanic
  11. I get lotsa light from the Default Sherman fornt light so why are ppl upgrading it?
  12. https://www.ebay.com/i/282801635178?mkevt=1&siteid=1&mkcid=2&mkrid=711-153320-877651-5&source_name=google&mktype=pla_ssc&campaignid=10454314772&groupid=112166165668&targeted=pla-293946777986&MT_ID=&adpos=&device=c&googleloc=1005010&itemid=282801635178&merchantid=116792603&geo_id=154
  13. Look here: veteran sherman seat 2.5 on youtube. link is prob wrong try this cold shoe thingy https://www.amazon.com/MOSHUSO-Clamp-Ronin-Freely-Built/dp/B08B58JFN7/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=cold+shoe+clamp&qid=1618694099&sr=8-11
  14. I hope youll find a good job Liam, I want to thank you for all your wonderfull contributions over the years.
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