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  1. PADS NEEDED higher up plus a special lower pad, like this? PADS only on moveable parts. The lower "pad" is a necksupport from a car works well. The Kingsong pad shown here is overpriced ... add footplate too?
  2. Finn Bjerke

    20" Wheel

    Waterproofing is a DIY thang methinx. also "Off roading" does not mean submarining.....
  3. The kingsong sidepad and a necksupport thing from a car might make inmotion v11 even better. Ive added just that to the photo in the upper right corner. Amazing Kuji Rolls made a demo film of Inmotion v11 he fell and claimed the uphill and overall stability performance could be better with sidepads/powerpads/kuji pads. I firmly believe in DIY sidepads. Kingsong, mono_customize and others make em. They are very expensive. I really think we need sidepads and suspension for better and safer riding and jumping: Maybe some technical folks have a better solution or relevant criticosm? Sidepads gives: 1 Better acceleration 2 Better decelleration 3. Better uphill 4. Better downhill 5. safer jumping 6. More stability overall Some funny alternatives here:
  4. Thx for interesting viewpoints Shane. The pads should be one the moving part which is a challenge. Inmotion should ring me about Inmotion v12.
  5. I made this of cheapo foam it works extremely well, production price 5 USD or so. Now suspension wheels are a game changer is power pads at all possible when the yo-yo principle is added to your legs while driving? I still believe you can have a tunnel for the legs but friction should not be too big else your pants will move about in a very annoying way. I just love the powerpads Ive copied the shape from our Russian friends - If tunnekl is too big its not good. I need room for my very long knee protectors. Inmotions v11 pedals will travel which is an interesting challenge when you just love powerpads: My solution is probably Yoga blocks on the part of the wheels that are not moving - maybe the whole idea is to dangerous becouse its too unstable to have "yo-yo legs" and powerpads at the same time ? we will see.
  6. This inexpensuive prototrype works extremely well. Im not too happy with the tape - Ill find better foam and make it in 3 pieces when I get time.
  7. The EUC files are pretty big -- can i have em stored on the other card in the phone
  8. The dimensions of Kingsongs lean pad are wrong imho. leg tunnel should not be in the middle 80 USD is too expensive I find.
  9. DIY better price: Knee protection foam and tape: price 5 USD or so. Driving gets a lot better. Uphill is much easier. jumping is better.
  10. Any other dealers you know of in Europe? pls add to the list: Norway: https://e-wheels.no/ Nice ppl https://kjempetoff.no/ http://inmotionas.no/ UK https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/ Splendid videos good service EU: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Shopping---Retail/EUC-SHOP-Europe-100636518016437/ https://eunicycles.eu/en/ https://www.electricunicycles.eu/ https://www.1radwerkstatt.de/
  11. The De luxe version from russia is the best shape far superior to other shapes I have made and testet: Today I made foam pad prototypes. ON the photo youll see the pads I know to be on the marked: 1. Kingsong new pad (80 USD) (blue euc 18 " KS 2. The Russian De luxe pad (120 USSD) GW MSX 3. My stooooopåid Frisbbe pad on MCM5 4. My cheapo Foam copy of the russian pad on MSX 5. EUC guys "Foot-sole pad" Do not but the kingsong product - pay the russians or make the shape youssef. Its much more balanced and can easily be made by the sort of foam used for knee protecting workers. Its dirt cheap foam and good enough for 1. EUC guys desing is
  12. I had a more exotic knee pad idea from a neckholder video here: good fun, but he russian shape made offoam is better:
  13. I have made PADS today out of cheap foam works surprisingly well, IU tested on my wonderfull MSX. Conclusion: the Russian shape is superior to the others ! On the photo you see: The russian shape gives you much better acceleration, decelleration and better jump control. My price: Foam from to working mans knee protectors plus tape and glue. Ill probably add some cheapo neoprene on top. This bloke have nice ideas too: 1. Kingsongs new pad you can get from Alibaba for 80 USD 2. The russian wonderfull designed I made a foam copy of. 3. My idiotic frisbeeee solution for MCm5 4. My foam versin (its darned good really) 5. Wonder EUC guys "Foot soled" solution 6. Kuji Rolls jump pads arte not here since they ar eincluded in the "Russian shape"
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