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  1. ok thanks! I wouldn't ride under heavy rain anyway, just light rain (or moderate if i don't have anywhere to go but not for long) :p
  2. Thanks for your reply That's exactly what i was considering (both model and vendor) ! Well, i don't see how adding batteries could change anything ? I'm not really concerned about top speed either, for me 50km/h is enough (for the moment :p), but what about acceleration?
  3. Hello, Who created these versions? They doesn't exist in my country so i don't know if it's one by gotway or not, and if it's safe or not. Is it really worth the upgrade from classic 84V/1600Wh? I'd get more top speed and a bit more range but it won't change reactivity, right? Thanks
  4. Yeah, i saw it but i didn't get it all i think... So in fact the only real issue i could get is the water issue; and it can still be managed if i undergo some changes?
  5. Hello, I'd like you to confirm / add the issues i can get with a KS16X. I know there are threads about it but i'm not that fluent in english and it's quite hard to follow though all these pages - Water/dust issues : So can i ride under light rain ? Is it possible to make mods to limit the risk? I mean, i don't intend to ride under rain, but if i find myself to be surprised and i need to catch my bus i'd like to be able to go. - Cutout : It seems some had unexpected cutout, but i couldn't get in which conditions ==> If it's extreme i'll probably be ok :p - Others? I saw people arguing about speed, comparing nikola and KS16X. But i don't intend to go higher than 40 to 45 km/h, can i ride "safely" at that speed with the KS16X? Overall, i'm hesitating between MSX and KS16X, which seems to be funnier, nimbler, and easier to get in buses, with handle etc... vs MSX (more stable, and comfortable). I still don't know what i want to prioritize :p Oh, and i saw there are 1st and 2nd batch, what does that mean and how can i know what i'm buying? Thanks a lot !
  6. Is there any info for a 3rd version of the MSX, like the monster? I juste saw that it was new so should we expect one?
  7. The nikola (and maybe the KS16X?) are really that more responsive?
  8. Does anyone have the MSX' manual by any chance?
  9. Indeed, they are... But well, if that works. I don't like the V10 which i found very unstable
  10. I'm not too concerned about very high speeds. In fact it's quite the contrary : In France there is an insurance (not sure about the word : when you pay to be helped in case you have an accident), which cover you if the wheel cannot go over 45 km/h. On gotway's website, the nikola top's speed is 50km/h. The MSX is at 40km/h, and kingsongs at 45 (down from 50km/h since the insurance was created... Surprisingly) I know it's stupid and that they can go higher but if there is a problem, i can say "hey, it's not what was wrote on the manual!" and still be covered... I hope
  11. You are making me consider the Nikola :p I don't like it that much though (aesthetically).
  12. Stability and security is one of the most important point for me. Are the big tire and the angular pedals of the MSX really good points in that matter? In my mind the KS16X would but nimbler but less stable, and so it would be more dangerous. Am I right?
  13. Thanks for your fast answers I'm at 68kg. I didn't mention the nikola because... Well, i don't really like the design :p And i see it as big as the MSX so i don't really see the point of reducing the tire if the size remains the same. The Z10 is not sold in france so i didn't check it. As for the speed : i don't know at all... I think i will want to go fast, but the wheel i have right now doesn't go higher than 18km/h, so i couldn't estimate the speed i want to reach.
  14. Hello, First of all, i'm not a native, so don't hesitate to tell me if there is something unclear I currently own a solowheel and i want to get a better one now that i know how to not fall I'd like to get some advises on which i should choose. I will use my wheel to go to work (20km, small roads in the countryside), or between the bus stops. I would also like to go on some rides during holidays, so off-road capabilities and correct battery would be nice too. I'm currently considering the MSX, the KS18(X)L, and the KS16X Thanks
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