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  1. Selling lightly used KS16S. 192 miles incl previous owner. Original shipping box available, prefer local sale. Also selling knee, elbow, wrist guards (demon d30 medium) for $40. Selling since I do not have a good time riding. Rode less than one charge cycle & battery kept below 80% charge while stored indoors. Original charger included Black Retroreflective stickers added to all sides Cosmetic scratches. Rode exclusively on open grass field, no streets or sidewalks Kingsong 16S sale
  2. There's a 8amp one here https://www.ebikes.ca/product-info/cycle-satiator.html. I'm currently using the high voltage one but it's limited to 5 amps to limit heat output. not only can i carry it in my backpack but it's also rain proof which is a nice plus
  3. would it be easier to use a pre-made universal charger and simply make the adapter connection? I just need an XLR3 adapter
  4. I dont have any EUC, but I DIY an electric bike kit, so I know generally how electric motors and batteries work now. It's difficult to gauge the battery temp since they are often sealed, but it's not like an overheated motor where it'll simply get hot, but could literally catch on fire and explode. Definitely want to be extra careful if you plan on using half a battery pack but asking the same amount of power. Also this will cause the batteries to degrade more quickly in either case
  5. it's not internal resistance that limits battery output, it's how much heat they can handle. Cutting it in half but asking for same amount of power means double the heating of the battery, at the very least since internal resistance heating increases at the square of the current according to Ohm's law. For typical 18650 cells, each series set can handle up to 10 Amps before they are at risk of a runway thermal reaction. The motor actually doesn't really have that many limits and can easily be run at much higher power. I double the power into a motor and it just simply got hot but otherwise wor
  6. on paper the Mten3 is the lightest EUC. Also remember cutting the battery in half also reduces its peak power output by half as well
  7. Newcomer wanting to learn on used Kingsong16, seems good on paper. Looking for short 1-10 mile trips over streets and lightweight for stair carrying
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