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  1. I knew when Idiocracy first came out it would be prophetic. When I crashed my Nikola the handle popped out and got mangled. That was a $100 crash. I don't care what people say, the damn handles need to lock in the closed position. Period.
  2. I wish the handle locked in the fully down position. Glad you're ok.
  3. Interesting... I had zero issues when using the block provided. Maybe that's the tire rub reviewers were describing in the pre-production units?
  4. The Z10 does follow every crack, and it's impossible to turn sharply at fast-ish speeds, and it's near impossible to carve like a normal wheel... but I love it just the same
  5. I don't know the history of EUC, so I assume you're correct about all of that. My thread hijack (sorry) was re tech in general. I've been in grad school and worked in my field with mostly Chinese for the past 2 decades. Just my experience. ymmv
  6. It most definitely should smooth out bumps. I haven't jumped any curbs, ledges or anything else on mine and there's a huge difference on my bumpy road between the S18 and my Z10.
  7. rebound wheel is all the way towards 'fast'?
  8. I have a large enough commercial 3D printer that I can make the shells for the S18. If anyone has CAD skills or a 3D scanner and wants to send me an STL file, I'll make you a shell.
  9. Just uploaded a slightly less-shitty video. Slightly is the keyword. Isn't the iphone pro 11 max supposed to have a good camera? Obviously Apple lies.
  10. It's a crappy video, sorry, but you can see my suspension move when I jump on it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LP2hhAHSLgPfcU2AA
  11. My suspension definitely moves. It even feels a bit squishy to me. I need to play with it to make it a little more rigid. It still sounds like your shock isn't working right to me. It might be worth $80 to pick up a new one to test out. You could always resell it if you decide to sell the wheel.
  12. I live off of a bumpy gravel road. I do still feel the bumps, but it's much less jarring than on my Z10. It doesn't make them disappear, though.
  13. First pic is when it's loaded with me standing on it (looks like yours). Second pic is unloaded.
  14. Still looks like it's stuck in the compressed position. When I'm not standing on mine the shock is fully extended and almost entirely inside the EUC body.
  15. That looks fully compressed to me - like it doesn't have any more travel to move.
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