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  1. Sounds like a charge doctor from the future!
  2. Thanks for pointing me towards the 16S guys. Nearly 200kms in and loving it! The 1200W motor 840wh battery with an extra 3mph/5kmph on top is much appreciated..
  3. Perhaps you could consider a custom vinyl wrap. Buff out any bumps in the body and customize it..
  4. @Trucktent tried following your dropbox link but it's 404. Could you please create a new link to the app for those experiencing this issue. Had a 16s for all of 15min before it's serial number disappeared. The distributor says he's in contact with KingSong support but it's unclear how long this will take.
  5. TL;DR: a new one's gonna be out soon? Can anyone roughly estimate how soon? Hi there.. Brand new to the world of EUC - been absolutely soaking up information regarding a first wheel and am really looking forward to learning with much anticipation. According to one tutor, a background in skateboarding is a plus point for a beginner but I imagine this is only marginal. The Inmotion V8 seems like a good wheel to start with, especially that it's possible to fit a cover on it and potentially save some of its aesthetics (aka resale value). I definitely see the ~30kmh/18mph top end be
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