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  1. Sounds like a charge doctor from the future!
  2. Thanks for pointing me towards the 16S guys. Nearly 200kms in and loving it! The 1200W motor 840wh battery with an extra 3mph/5kmph on top is much appreciated..
  3. Perhaps you could consider a custom vinyl wrap. Buff out any bumps in the body and customize it..
  4. @Trucktent tried following your dropbox link but it's 404. Could you please create a new link to the app for those experiencing this issue. Had a 16s for all of 15min before it's serial number disappeared. The distributor says he's in contact with KingSong support but it's unclear how long this will take.
  5. TL;DR: a new one's gonna be out soon? Can anyone roughly estimate how soon? Hi there.. Brand new to the world of EUC - been absolutely soaking up information regarding a first wheel and am really looking forward to learning with much anticipation. According to one tutor, a background in skateboarding is a plus point for a beginner but I imagine this is only marginal. The Inmotion V8 seems like a good wheel to start with, especially that it's possible to fit a cover on it and potentially save some of its aesthetics (aka resale value). I definitely see the ~30kmh/18mph top end becoming too little sooner rather than later, though it seems apps like darknessbot/wheellog can welcomingly nudge it up some.. Pedal height and that biscuity 16 are more apt for my commute. Was really attracted to the torque of the mcm 5, though it's been mentioned that it isn't a good wheel for beginners. The idea of the "nothing touching the body" stance does seem a few too many steps forward for an absolute noob. Also the build quality has come up a few times, esp regarding the trolley and the single sided carry handle (beginners are initially advised to attach some kind of harness to catch the wheel). That power though. Anyway it seems Inmotion has recently teased at a new V8 being released soon. So I'm worried that I'll purchase mine (looking to visit the distributor as early as next week) and then the price will come down dramatically shortly afterwards. Does anyone have an idea as to the pace of Inmotion's euc releases? What's a realistic time frame to expect the updated version to come out?
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