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  1. Oh....Thank you so much for providing me with information about the curiosity of consumers who want to buy.. There is no exclusive app for Battalion at the moment. I wonder if the public app , euc world , and Darkness app can be linked. I thought the seat would be difficult because of the interference of the LCD window and trolley,They say it's not available at the moment....Well. You don't even have a speaker. So we're going to be able to get through the wind noise at high speeds.I wonder how loud the alarm will be. It's an off-road type tire, as the product spec ca
  2. The electric wheel, which can run at 35 miles, 56.32 km/h, is thought to be the current GOTway family (except Sherman products when not released) with buzzer. As far as I know, the companies that deliver the warning sound through speakers are Kingsong, Ninebot, and In Motion. I wonder if I can hear the warning sound well through wind noise at 35 miles in a helmet. I couldn't hear the warning sound at that speed with Nikola plus. However, the MSP warning sound is louder than the old ones, so it sounds better than the old ones. I think I need to clean my ears. I haven't heard the warni
  3. Thank you for your answer. I am currently studying battery. The battery world looks easy in some ways, and it feels difficult in some ways. Thank you for explaining what I didn't know and what I was wrong. It helped me a lot.
  4. Wow... that's very interesting...Are you making a reservation in Australia in advance, even though the product's exact spacings and any images have not been released yet? Is the consumer price correct? I don't know how to take it.
  5. If you are right, high-speed users will be disappointed, and slow users will enjoy it without any response. The reality seems to be that there are a lot of high-speed users, so there will be many users who are disappointed. But with safety in mind, I think I can get rid of the lingering attachment to speed.. You can speed up 24" inches and 4000W, but if you're the right source (Gotway Vendor), For safety reasons, I think it will come out as a torque type with reduced speed.We'll have to wait and see what's right. Thank you for telling me another news..
  6. Thank you for the good writing. I remembered that 21700 cells were 40 percent more efficient than conventional 18650 cells. As I wrote in the comments earlier, I thought 21700 cells had a higher energy density than 18650 cells, but as you said, I found out that not all 21700 cells have an energy density than 18650 cells. But I thought 21700 cells would be good for battery capacity and high current efficiency in a small space.
  7. Oh, thank you very much for your answer.I am currently studying battery little by little.I think I need to study more. Thank you for your good reply..
  8. There will be many reliable suppliers. I don't want to specify the name of the product, but I don't want to discuss it with the supplier.I'm just wondering why the batteries in the electric wheel are changing and why they don't go there. Simply put, I know that 21700 cells have twice as much energy density as conventional 18650 battery cells, or also have stable performance in control in charge and discharge. I was wondering why you chose 18650 in the design part of the product.
  9. The official name of Batteran's new EUC was "Shaman." I found out a few hours ago by looking at the spec. I like the specifications of the first product to be released. 100V , 2500W , 3200wh high capacity.LCD panel , dual cooling , dual charger port , MAX 10 A..... By the way, is there a reason why you use battery 18650? Because the current trend is changing to 21700 cells. There's no big problem, but I'm curious. I saw a short video of driving. It's 20" inches, but it's compact.I didn't feel that the product was big. I can't wait to see what the actual product will be like.
  10. I saw it briefly over dinner, and I saw a 24-inch wheel coming out of the shoulder. While I was eating, the glue popped out of my mouth. How much bigger will it be....I wonder if the electric wheel needs to be this big. Veteran Sherman 20" inch, 100v, 2500w motor and 3200wh weight were found in the specifications table to weigh 40kg when combined. I doubt if the 24-inch wheel on the shoulder is heavier. The wheels are getting bigger. It seems that the era of electric wheels has come when it is hard for people with short legs to climb up. And... I feel it every time, but why
  11. I have Nikola plus 100v, MSuper pro 100v. Both products are excellent. The price range is similar, and the styles of the two products give users different fun. If you want performance, all-in-one, and design, Nikola plus 100v is good. The power and speed from 100v, 17 inches, give the user a full satisfaction. The gyro style is hard, and it is straight forward, so some driving style may be wrong. High speed cornering gives a feeling similar to Z10 (KS-16X). MSuper pro 100v is an MSX 100V upgrade version torque-type electric wheel. Upgraded mainboard (100V, s
  12. @travsformation , @Lefteris Of course! You're also ahead of your time. We need to develop capsules quickly. There is also a way to use it. Instead, I think you should throw the capsule well. Other contents may come out like Step 4.......
  13. The user's own style of handling the electric wheel is different. Last year I tested Nicola Plus 100v. We did hill testing and high-speed testing, but Wavel didn't come. In a way, it's a difference of skill. "There is no correct answer.". Nicola's appearance is round and thick. It also weighs, and Nicola's gyro style is lower than Z10's hard gyro style. I think there are many users who feel wobble because KS-16X, Nikola, and electric wheel similar to Z10 have strong straight forwardness. As mentioned above, it is a difference in user proficiency, and in my ca
  14. If there is no problem with charging 84v, the external effects cannot be ignored.Even if you ride at the same speed, the weather (spring, summer, fall, winter) and wind speed (taste wind) also affect the rider, so there is a difference in the range of electric wheels. In some cases, the temperature at which the electric wheel is stored may vary. Finally, you need to check the rider's weight.
  15. I think it's time to watch Dragon Ball. Users wearing shields on motorcycle helmets do not interfere because they have space. But I don't think it's going to be useful for goggle users. I hope there is a product that fits the user with a wider screen and goggles.
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