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  1. That’s what i have done in the last but my watch constantly says connect to device...
  2. Ok thanks. Will give it a try. I’d like to try the beta as well. Let me know how i can do that. Thanks if I have the app on my watch does it automatically connect when I open the app on the phone? Or do i have to connect it manually under the devices menu?
  3. I am on IOS 13.2.1... am about to upgrade to 13.2.2... and watch os is 6.0.1 This is only for the 16x. Last time it worked I believe was on the 27th of October.
  4. Hi Sorry if this has already been raised. First of all, love the app, much better than the ones provided by KS and Gotway. One thing that I liked about it was that I was able to track everything on my Apple Watch. I just purchased the premium package and noticed that I could no longer connect to my watch. Getting a ‘hardware not supported’ message. Also, for some reason cannot adjust the speed alarms or change any config on the wheel. Not sure if it is an iOS update or watch OS update issue.
  5. Hi @LanghamP so when you ship, do you disclose what is in the box? Do they give you any issues with the type and size of the batteries?
  6. Thanks. The was the answer I was hoping for. I never noticed it while riding only when up on the stand.
  7. Thanks @buell47. Is that the tire not sitting correctly and having to mill out the valve hole? Is it worth going through that trouble? Was there a noticeable difference in how it rides?
  8. My 16x with the bodyguard no longer catches; however, I did have to use velcro to secure the Kevlar flaps in place for a tight fit. I also have a somewhat more adjustable stand.
  9. Hi, have a quick question for you all. I’m not sure if this is something I need to worry about or if this is normal. My 16x wheel doesn’t seem to be true. Getting some wobble watching the wheel spin on while not he stand. Got it from ewheels.. is this something I need to go back to them with?
  10. The one I am using was designed by Jeff Earl. Plans are here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3922352
  11. Jeff. Thanks again. Turned our really good!!!
  12. Hey Jeff. Thanks. If this is something you are up for how much would you be asking? Lead time should not be a prob. Sorry I would DM you but for some reason I am unable to...
  13. Thanks @Tinkererboi... have been here for a couple of weeks. Will check out the ‘carousell’ app just to browse... haha... I may already have something waiting for me when I get home... 🤔
  14. Jeff, looks like a great design. Any chance you would want to print and sell? If not, I’d be interested if you can post the stl files and a recommendation on anyone that you know of that would be willing to print. Unfortunately I don’t have a 3D printer.. yet; however, all my hobbies may warrant me getting one soon 😆
  15. @Garrie Lim I happen to be in Singapore right now for a biz trip. any chance your friend would be willing to print one to sell?
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