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  1. Hey guys looking for some guidance here. Found a used mten3. It is 3yrs old with 425wh battery. Do you know if anything has been upgraded that I should be concerned with in the last 3 years? Do i need to worry about the battery degrading? It’s in good condition with low miles. What would a fair offer be? Thanks in advance...
  2. Nice. Did you happen the buy the one on NYC PEV Marketplace last week? I was about to pull the trigger then saw it was sold in a day or so. Haha...
  3. @prasket, can you share the link to the one you used for the 16x?
  4. @Marty Backe, can you share a link to the one that you use and a pic of it on your helmet?
  5. I think we are practically at that point. Can set the alarms, lights, max speed... You can lock and unlock your wheel. For the normal user I don't see any use for the KS app any longer. Now if they can focus on the Trip recording features, that would be awesome
  6. True, but could cost 0 as it can be enabled via a software feature for those who already have an Apple Watch.
  7. Just tested the application level alarms (sound and vibration)... unfortunately only the phone gives off an alert and vibrates. The watch does not.
  8. Thanks Mike. Good to know. I did not have that alarm set. I typically don’t play music when I ride so I’m guessing my watch and phone should notify me. I guess I will play around with the Bluetooth connectivity on the wheel speakers to see how reliable they are.
  9. @Mike Sacristan, I have the same issue where the alarms fail to set and also just set it using the Kingsong app, but you mention an application level alarm. Which setting is that? Where do you set it? And is it audible through the wheel speakers as well? In your vids, I do hear the 3 and 4 beeps and am assuming that is the device level alarms you set via the KS app right?
  10. I have the same setup. Latest iOS, latest version of DB. Some things work some things don’t. I do know that they are working on it though. What specifically is not working for you? Are you able to set Max Speed or the 3 alarms?
  11. By DB I’m assuming you are referring to DarknessBot. Are you able to set the alarms with the latest version? I am running DarknessBot on IOS have not been able to set either of the 3 alarms or the Max Speed. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.
  12. That’s what i have done in the last but my watch constantly says connect to device...
  13. Ok thanks. Will give it a try. I’d like to try the beta as well. Let me know how i can do that. Thanks if I have the app on my watch does it automatically connect when I open the app on the phone? Or do i have to connect it manually under the devices menu?
  14. I am on IOS 13.2.1... am about to upgrade to 13.2.2... and watch os is 6.0.1 This is only for the 16x. Last time it worked I believe was on the 27th of October.
  15. Hi Sorry if this has already been raised. First of all, love the app, much better than the ones provided by KS and Gotway. One thing that I liked about it was that I was able to track everything on my Apple Watch. I just purchased the premium package and noticed that I could no longer connect to my watch. Getting a ‘hardware not supported’ message. Also, for some reason cannot adjust the speed alarms or change any config on the wheel. Not sure if it is an iOS update or watch OS update issue.
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