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  1. I got to be honest and tell you that in the end it was a bad idea. I couldn't get it to actually stand still, it was touching the side of the road if I did a quick turn and it is dangerous. I suggest that you will not do it and just find a place to quickly place the EUC for couple of seconds.
  2. Thanks @Lefteris I just finished a call with my brother-in-law. Flying to Greece will cost us $1500 which will make it not wroth to fly. So for now, I will need to give up, unfortunately. Thank you for your willingness to help, appreciate it.
  3. I think I would like to buy the new KS 18XL, how much do you think it should cost me?
  4. Thank you @Lefteris First I will confirm with my brother-in-law when we can fly to Greece (I will plan it 2 weeks ahead). After I have the date, I will order the EUC to you a week before I arrive. What do you think?
  5. Thanks, that's cool. Just need to find someone in Cyprus or Greece that can keep it for me until I arrive.
  6. Thanks @Lefteris and @meepmeepmayer, Finding the EUC is not a problem, I have KS 18L right now and would love to buy a brand new KS 18XL (or something like that). I think ordering it to someone can be great, and would love to hear if you know anyone in Cyprus or Greece that will be kind enough to allow me to send the EUC to him?
  7. Hi @Lefteris, @meepmeepmayer and @The Fat Unicyclist, Thank you for your reply. Let me explain. Unfortunately I live in a country that does not allow to enter EUC to the country not to mention sell it (Israel). This is why when we want to bring EUC we need to smuggle it, part by part in our suitcase and hope for the best. Recently, my brother-in-law got his flight license and therefor, can fly to Cyprus and Greece quite easily. As a Pilot, he is less prone to get his suitcase checked. This can increase my changes to buy a EUC and bring it to the country. So, just to be clear, I do not live in Cyprus not Greece, I just live near by Maybe a good idea will be to order a EUC to someone that lives there and I will fly there, get it and fly back. Would love to hear what you guys think, thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm trying to see if there are stores that sell EUC in Greece or Cyprus. Anyone knows and can share links?
  9. hmm, you can try and ask here https://t.me/euc_inmotion they know everything
  10. Yes, this part: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0QlBTlXfovswxATGpIYhOAKCg
  11. I think that because there isn't any demand for it no one is starting the process of getting approval to import it from the office of devices. And you can't ship large batteries on planes anymore so you can't just fly it in and if you bring it by boat the customs will confiscate it. Really bad situation.
  12. Thank you. Yes I will. Next job is to wrap it with chrome sticker 😱😁
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