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  1. I was actually looking at purchasing a v8 so its good to know they are a good beginner wheel, thank you!
  2. I'm very interested in buying an euc but because of the high price range, I am having some doubts. I was wondering if anybody knows any stores or some sort place I could essentially test ride one. I live in the baltimore maryland area. My main issue is that I want to know how hard it is to learn and if it would be practical for transportation. thanks!
  3. thank you! I will definitely check those out!
  4. do you know of a newer electric unicycle under $500 dollars?
  5. Hello! i am new to this forum but i was wondering if the ninebot s2 is a good vehicle. I am looking for something that can go at least 5 miles a day and isnt too heavy. also has anybody had experience learning to ride it? thanks!
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