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  1. We had 3 Veteran Shermans and 4 other EUCs on this ride.
  2. Cruisin' on a local PEV group ride in Houston, Texas. 7 EUCs joined in...
  3. Come along for the ride and check out this cherry wheel with a mirror finish.
  4. Veteran Sherman upgrades and mods. Come along for the ride and check out this cherry wheel with a mirror finish.
  5. Riding around the Woodlands Waterway in North Houston with a small group of guys on PEVs.
  6. We had about 11 PEVs total including - 5 EUCs (Electric Unicycles), 5 eBikes, and 1 OneWheel.
  7. Fun ride with a mixed PEV group. Check out the eBike "Whiskey Throttle" at the beginning.
  8. It's summertime. Let's get out there!
  9. Lunchtime cruise around the lake. What's your best mid-day jam?
  10. H-Town Power Ride w/ Veteran Sherman + 25 eBikes Sometimes you just want to go for a ride on a Saturday night so I decided to tag along with the Super73 hosted group sponsored by the Urban Bicycle Gallery. It started out hot, but cooled as we rode through the evening. We went through parts of downtown, hung out at Discovery Green park, headed South to the Museum District, cruised around some roundabouts, then headed back up North to the bike shop where we started. Thanks for the ride everyone! #euc #electricunicycle #veteransherman #insta360 #zenryder
  11. Mellow group ride with an assortment of PEVs. #euc #electricunicycle #veteransherman #insta360 #zenryder
  12. I hope this is true. I also want to support GoPro. They didn't leave me behind, I left them. The tough decisions are not over until you actually put out some good Windows software. And I don't mean a simplistic exporter. It has to include reframing for 360. Depending on a plugin for Adobe that hangs when you try to use it is a failed strategy and passes the buck. If you want a bunch of customers back that is the only thing keeping us from buying GoPro again. Until then, I'm buying anything but GoPro.
  13. I second that @ShanesPlanet. I left GoPro because they put out Mac software, but crap on the Windows platform which is used by most people. I don't want to edit GB files on my phone (imagine that). I guess I'm not in their target market (a millennial that only cares about TikTok and IG). This is cool, I tried out Dashware a while ago before EUC World exported the data in a good enough format and it was a pain. Now that EUC World data works, maybe I'll try it again. I like all the telemetry, but the GPS output from GoPro and Insta360 are both sketchy at best. The truth is that your phon
  14. Sherman cruisin' with a Monster on Brays Bayou, 50+ miler in Houston Texas. Sometimes a long distance ride is what you need. We review the best spots with some drone footage and a side trip through an art exhibit at Smithers Park which is covered with thousands of mosaic tiles.
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