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  1. Great footage, awesome video! Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering how the Skydio would do in a real world scenario following an eWheel and/or a group and you just gave a perfect demo. The obstacle avoidance has really come a long way and it theory it can improve with future software updates. When you don't have to worry about it and just let it record, that's when it's truly relieving you of the chore of filming yourself (at least if you only need one point of view). Looking forward to seeing more of these and watching DJI scramble to catch up. That's the beauty of capitalist competition. You vote with your $$. Thanks again!
  2. Posting a video from last week's ride. I'm still kind of experimenting with the format. I'm trying to keep it shorter as I don't think people really watch videos longer than a few minutes. Tell me what you think. Thanks...
  3. Looks nice and certainly the lightest of the DOT helmets. $400+ though, whew, not cheap... Kind of curious how it looks when wearing it. Seeing the size alone doesn't give the perspective of how big it looks when wearing it. Is it just a little larger or full on Bobble-Head.
  4. Your location/riding area is Michigan, right? What is your average speed/terrain? So, you're saying you prefer using this helmet over the TSG Pass and the DH6X in any weather or just winter?
  5. Why don't they let the user set the tilt back where we want it?? If I want to set it at 56 km/h (35 mph) and stay below 39 mph, then I should be able to do that. Instead Gotway says "It's all or nothing!". OK 48 km/h, whatever. There is Gotway, then the... Somebody needs to let Gotway know that the customer's way is always the right way. At least they let us turn it off, unlike KingSong.
  6. This might be the funniest thing I've read on this forum. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love you da man! ROFLMAO!! I agree that there have been a lot of Gotway improvements. All the glass half full people realize that Gotway just needs to see the light. After getting kicked around on this forum and having to send Jason a big shipment of boards several times, it's got to make them with they could just push out a firmware update and "fix" the issues. Sure having a hot mess of existing boards out there will complicate matters, but it wouldn't be that hard to start with version xyz.1.1 and allow field updatable firmware going forward. It would be a big deal and plenty of people would want to upgrade and buy new wheels because of that feature alone. It future proofs your purchase. Hello Gotway! Want to increase sales? Add the ability to upgrade the firmware. Bingo. $$$ Caaaching!
  7. Oh, right. I meant for the chart to say max speed. Certainly not average speed. The point was that the Segway top speed is no where near the eWheel top speed.
  8. What's so funny? My friend @Flyboy10 said he hit 42 mph coming home from church last week.
  9. An eWheel is the next generation and the leading edge of several now popular PEVs. IMHO it shouldn't be shackled with the "seg" prefix. Respect @Aneta, but must agree to disagree.
  10. There are no brands/manufacturers called eWheels. The only major brands are KingSong, Gotway, and InMotion/IPS(?). Segway has or plans to exit. eWheels is a US distributor name not a brand, so I don't see a problem with calling them eWheels. You can buy an eWheel from a US distributor called eWheels or several others. You can import them directly from manufacturers. You can also buy them from private owners. There are a lot of options. All with some pros and cons. The name of one US distributor shouldn't have a lot of bearing on what we call the sport/device.
  11. Yes, the movie came out in 2009 after Segways failed to gain traction and change cities into the urban hubs envisioned by rich entrepreneurs. By then it was seen as something utilitarian that could be branded and customized into a personal movement device for unmotivated security guards (Paul Blart). So I agree that the association with Segway isn't a particularly flattering one. There are some pretty stark differences between an eWheel and a Segway. Segway eWheel Speed 12 mph 42 mph Technology Old New Skill required 2 9 Safety 8 3 Portability 2 8 Range in miles 17/12 li/nmh 50-70 Cred 0 10 Although there are similar self-balancing characteristics, comparing these two things is like apples and oranges. In practicality, they are very different and I think the association may cause almost as much confusion versus providing an explanation. I personally don't think of an eWheel (EUC) as a very close relation to a Segway in terms of current usability. However, the Segway certainly paved the way in early technology and acceptance. But it's now your Grandfather's device and not one that young people have much appreciation for.
  12. You've hit the nail on the head! Trying to explain or pronounce EUC is ridiculous. Trying to look up that or wheel/s is an exercise in frustration. But search for "ewheel" or "ewheels" and you get lots of good results including this forum on page 2. This is why marketing and PR are important. You need words that are unique and descriptive that encompass your sport/hobby. I'm not saying it's the only reason, but it is certainly adding to the problem of the relative obscurity of eWheels. So, I guess "eWheel" looks to me like the best moniker that checks all the boxes. It is unique, comes up in a search, it's easy to associate with the sport, it's not an acronym that needs explaining, it's not hard to pronounce or read. It's 2 syllables instead of the 7 syllables of Electric UniCycle. Of course a forum like this is a place to discuss ideas and is not any kind of official designation. But I have appreciated the comments, opinions, points of view, etc of the many who are much more experienced than myself. From this discussion, I've come away with the opinion (which is just my own), that I ride an eWheel. If people want to know what that is and just seeing it isn't enough, I'll be happy to explain that an eWheel is an electric unicycle. I think I'll save the EUC moniker for those specialized enough to discuss technical issues of the sport. In the mean time, I'll try to get out and ride my eWheel rather than just typing at a keyboard. And if the San Diego Electric Unicycle Group schedules an upcoming ride, some interested bystanders might have their minds blown by seeing a swarm of eWheels riding past.
  13. Well, I guess you have expensive taste... 24k gold plate level. Let's hope you have the earning power to match it!
  14. You're making excellent points about why the various names suck. But as most people in business today say, "Don't bring me a problem without offering a solution." Here, you've come up with a couple unique solutions: 1) GryoWheel - Brings in the aspect of the Gyroscope which electronically provides the forward/back stabilization. Sounds modern, electronic. Kinda cool. 2) ElectroWheel - An expounding of eWheel. I added back the "e" you removed because it makes it too confusing when only saving 1 character. But not bad at all. Off the top of my head: DigitalUni MechWheel VoltRide eUniCycle I wonder if anyone else can come up with any thing better? The shorter the better. Maybe we acknowledge that @Jason McNeil was pretty forward thinking with his domain purchase and we call them eWheels. There are plenty of other domains that can incorporate that name. Besides, this is an informal name that could become ubiquitous if we all decided to use it. It seems like it's all over the map currently.
  15. I agree with @Arbolest. This shouldn't be a problem and I doubt there will be any significant battery drain. 66 ft of 200 LEDs? Your fans are gonna need !
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