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  1. Wow, the stairs, the jump height, the skatepark, etc. He's the EUC version of Danny MacAskill. If you don't know who that is you can see him on YouTube here for your reference...
  2. I've done it and it works great on my MSX. I should do a detailed post on my mod, but just haven't had time. There are no amps that go through it. It's a simple normally open contact switch. When you close it, it sends a signal to the board that the switch is On, so the board knows to kill the power to the motor. So, switch on = motor off, hence the name Motor Cut Off switch. The wheel can still turn if moved, but it doesn't balance and doesn't idle normally. When you lift it, it doesn't take off and works as expected. Lights, bluetooth connection, everything else works as before, just no power to the motor. Pressing the switch again, immediately re-engages the motor. As @mike_bike_kite points out with the linked post above, there are other threads that go into detail about this, but I have a few thought of my own from my experience. Three things to note about the implementation. 1) I was concerned at first that if I bumped the switch, that I could kill the motor which would unceremoniously or in some cases dangerously dump me off the wheel. However, closing the switch is not effective if the wheel is spinning. It waits until it stops and then engages the motor stop function. That should ease your mind about cut outs while riding. 2) Momentary vs Toggle On/Off - There are two types of switches which can be used for this and both work. If you want to press the button and continue to hold it down until you want it back on again, then this is the way to go. If the switch is right by the thumb or using the under handle style mount, it's feasible, but IMHO harder to do. I much prefer a toggle on/off switch where you can see if the switch is on or off by the level of depression on the switch. You can press it and then lift the wheel over a barrier or carry it up or down steps without worries. You just need to remember to press it again to engage (which is easy because it won't go anywhere until you do). 3) You can put the switch where ever is convenient. The new MXPro placed it exactly where I put mine. I believe this is because there is a gap within the shell that makes it easy to put there. You don't have to mess with the charger or USB port. It's a no-brainer. Some have described putting the switch under the handle like the Monster. There are complexities with this location as the shell is split down the middle so you have to make the hole across both halves. Mounting it then can be very challenging and every time you open it up you will have to deal with that. The additional head aches with that split location makes it a non-starter for me. I like it right by the right thumb. The second switch I have there is for a Bluetooth speaker Mod. But that is another story/post all together...
  3. Awesome!!! Getting my next video ready to post in the new dedicated Video Forum. Let me know when it's ready. I'm waiting patiently...
  4. There is no way to cross post to multiple topics, right? I'm guessing it's a limitation of the software or an egregious violation of forum etiquette. However, it would be really nice if we could discuss in one Video forum and have all posted videos automatically (or by cross posting) to a Video Only section which doesn't allow comments. It's such an annoyance to have to remember to double post everything that even @Marty Backe quit because of the hassle. So somehow we'd need to make it easy. Now this would be a nice to have, in my book, not a requirement. Having a Video forum with multiple topics and posts would already be a plus. But that would be icing on the cake.
  5. This is a new article in wired. While it mentions OneWheel it also talks about Kingsong & Gotway. "Electric unicycles, like the kinds made by InMotion and King Song, are designed for the commuter. The rider stands upright, facing forward as they zoom down the street (or, if they’re terrible people, the sidewalk), the single wheel spinning around between their ankles." There are a lot of interesting concepts discussed in this article. It also mentions EUCO @Nick McCutcheon Full article: https://www.wired.com/story/one-wheeled-vehicles-micromobility/ What do you think? Shhh, let's keep the naming thing out of it and not get caught up kicking that dead horse.
  6. Um, technically this does hover on a cushion of air generated by the fan. The skirt tends to hide this (kind of like skirts hide identities). But it pretty much does hover.
  7. I think this would be a real plus for the whole site. It would engage more new people which is what we are looking for right? Come on people, let's fix the whole video thread thing. It would be soooo much more usable! I'm not worried about the mods! Bring it...
  8. This is a good point, but it looks like you can follow an entire forum. I just tried this and it appeared to allow me to follow a "Forum". So that means if you created a "Video Forum", people can subscribe to it and not "miss out" on any of the posts there. Then we could have posts and thread in the Video Forum on Trail riding, City riding, stunts, tricks, etc. All focused on posting videos or commenting on them. The ease of posting YouTube links allows us to have a context driven community built around the discussion of the Videos. I think it would become the most popular forum on ElectricUnicycle.org. Let's do it!!!
  9. The word "Dork" is easy to enunciate, but that doesn't make it a better description just because of how it rolls off the tongue. No matter how much you continue to push for Hoverwheel, I still whely, whely don't wike it.
  10. ZenRyder

    MSuper Pro?

    The existing holes on the MSX are actually interesting. I also wondered about them and when I checked it out on the back of the panel, it was clear why they were built this way. The holes go into a vertical channel so that air can go in, but on the inside the only hole is at the top of the channel. Why would it be built this way? So that air can go in relatively unrestricted, but water/moisture would have to go up against gravity to enter the case. It lets air in, but keeps water out. It's easy to look at something and think that it doesn't make sense when we don't know how it works. I'm commenting on the current MSX, not guessing about a future possible MSP. I'm waiting to see the real thing before bashing it.
  11. ZenRyder

    MSuper Pro?

    There seems to be a lot of crying and whining on this forum. "Oh, the new MSPro upgrade has ruined my dreams." Maybe wait until we see it in the wild and get some actual reviews instead of engineering guess work and detailed criticism of unofficial photos before you even know how it works. Then when it comes out you can up the level of bitching to a true fever pitch. (flame retardant - deployed)
  12. At least Insta360 has a Windows app. GoPro still doesn't even have an estimated time frame for a Windows app and they launched their product with a Mac app only. Incredible thinking to release the only desktop editing software for the Mac which has less than 10% of the desktop/laptop market. So 9 out of 10 people can't use it. Genius marketing (oxymoron). The only thing you can do on Windows is export the file format for other apps. GoPro software (or lack there of) is the worst. Their Android app is unusable for anything but selfies and instagram. I'm not buying any more GoPro hardware unless they address this. I'm voting with my $$ on the competition.
  13. Here's some footage of going around Miramar Lake during my lunch. Sped up the video to keep it short. Should there be a forum dedicated to Videos since there are almost 600 posts on this thread? Why not just start another? Oh, because there are over 300 following this thread and new posts don't get the views, right?
  14. After further review, I agree. It looks like they have a "dual-lens" module and the Drone version has a "split-lens" module. It would be too good to be true if it worked in every case, and apparently the concept is too good. That is disappointing, because that means that the split lens isn't going to work with the standard 360 mount, but I guess that might work for the stereoscopic version. But to be honest, it sounds like that one requires 2 separate camera modules. So, the promise of a totally modular system may not be delivered in reality. But hey, I guess they can sell a lot more modules this way!
  15. I don't think so. I think from what I'm seeing in the diagrams and based on the cost of the drone option, that the standard 360 lens module splits in half and can be used with the specialized plastic casing to be mounted on a selfie stick for regular 360 shots, or used with the Mavic module which consists of a plastic housing to mount on a drone, or used with the stereoscopic casing, to get that VR 180 degree view. Plus the 4k module can be used to match what the GoPro 8 can do. Or you can use the 1" sensor module for even higher resolution. There's a lot to love in the various ways it can be used. Wow. It's like a cereal box toy - Mix and max modules, collect all six! I mean, is this exciting or what??
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