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  1. Lot's of trails in Houston. This was an exploratory ride for me to find good routes for the next Group ride. If you're near Houston, join our Facebook group to hear about the local ride scene. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoustonEUCRiders
  2. Hey guys, here's my 1st ride of the year on the Sherman. Miles of paved bikeways + Sherman = longer rides. In this video I ride on a 4" wood plank with deep mud on each side. You can imagine what happens...
  3. LOL, I thought it was a pig and didn't get your joke.
  4. Group ride on the trails!
  5. Tough crowd. Well, here's a little winter trail riding in Texas. A couple of S18s and an old school MSX with a 20" Shinko 244 dual sport tire. And a couple of One Wheels tagging along.
  6. Looks like we need some more videos for this thread. I'm taking the new Sherman out for the 1st ride with the Houston EUC Riders. It really is a fantastic wheel. Watch to check out my highest speed yet on an EUC.
  7. Yeah, it kills me when they put new features in a mobile app and then leave out critical ones. This is just one reason why I don't like using phone apps for high powered video editing. Try editing 30 minutes of footage with a phone, yuk! The mobile app is a toy for TikTok clips. You have me wondering what is so incredibly "cumbersome" to reframe on the desktop with the Studio application. Frankly, it works fine for me. It is a little tricky until you understand it, but reframing is quick and easy IMHO.
  8. A little more riding in Houston.
  9. Totally agree with @dsd317 on this. Lower pressure is better. High pressure can result in death wobbles. Especially if you are going downhill and emergency braking like I was when I crashed as a new rider in this video.
  10. We've had a few rides now. Last weekend was 34 miles. Join us... https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoustonEUCRiders/
  11. I detest all things Apple for more reasons than I care to list. I avoid their codecs and software like the plague. With that said, you can export from Insta360 Studio in 2560x1440 just fine. Then edit in the video editor of your choice and you have a video that YouTube will bless with vp09 codec every time.
  12. But less chance of stitches or surgery if you're a geared crash test dummy. Better chance of walking it off and having a good laugh about it. The camera angle doesn't capture the slope very well, but after the first couple of steps I was airborne in a horizontal layout without any rotation. So basically I didn't have time or momentum to tuck and roll. I also should have let go of the selfie stick, but tried to hang on to it instead. Kind of like a water-skierer who didn't get up, but still doesn't want to let go of the rope. I will endeavor to make future crashes more graceful by adding
  13. This is what happens when you get too cocky and are not paying enough attention to the path in front of you...
  14. Loved the singing and the dual helmet mirrors. You go girl! Nice video...
  15. As you can see, the stats look correct on YouTube. You've got the vp09 Codec, so honestly, you can't do better than that from the YouTube standpoint. I looked at the same video on the Google share and it seems to be similar in quality. So, I'm not sure what the complaint it. The video does have low light. Realize that 360 video is 5.7k in full 360. When you reframe it, there is much less video to actually use than 5.7k unless you are doing a fish eye view which is not very watchable. When you export in 2k (2560x1440) Insta360Studio is filling in the bits and trying to upscale it
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