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  1. Oh yeah, I know. But the X3 is what I have, and my wife will kill me if I get a new 1000+$ wheel, especially because riding on the street here in Germany is a crime - no kidding I'm dreaming on a new 18" wheel, but right now, to play around with ....
  2. After a long period of complete abstinence, I about 3 weeks ago went to the attic, picked up my MSuper and tried again a little. Believe it or not. Had it in the trunk of my car - car got stolen :-(. Now I am dinking around with the cheap Chinese X3. Replaced the Batterie with a brand new 2700 mAh recharged and tried. Its reacting excellent with the bigger Batterie. Drained it down to below 25 % and careful drained the rest of the juice too. At about 20 % it reacted as supposed. Weak pedals nice loud warning beep. Next week the new helmet, knee, shin elbow and handguards will be
  3. Guess what? All these came out of my leg today! They had to let 2 of the screws in because they were grown in the bone now. Well I am still in recovery. It will take another 2 to 3 weeks and then everything is like it was before. The only difference: I never ever will ride a cheap Chinese wheel - at least not without proper protection like the Marshmallow-Man!
  4. Used Osdrich T1 Electric Unicycle 400WH Self-Balancing 500W Motor Electric Unicycle Osdrich T1 electric unicycle has a 16 inch size wheel, with 500W motor and a 400Wh super long life battery. With the large battery, it can support 40km mileage range with 18Km/h max speed every charge. Though owns a large battery, the weight of the electric scooter is only 13.6kg. Besides, it owns a fashionable appearance, uses waterproof design, supports intelligent voice and remote display. Osdrich T1 Electric Unicycle Specifications: Max Speed: 18KM/H Range: About 40km Changeable Battery:
  5. LMAO here are mine. Funny like hell if you know that they really can act like firecrackers
  6. Mine got a crazy history. I bought my first wheel in a E-scooter shop in Berlin, found out in the first minute that it’s not a good idea for learn on a brand-new M-super. Back to the shop to buy a junky one to learn on it. Got this Osdrich, in a box, torn apart, with the message: all parts are there, we just don't have the time to put it back together and the screws are missing. 1 h later I had a working fine ECU to learn on. It's the wheel I used the most, made looking rides in the forest, went all the way down and back Kronprinzessinenweg in Berlin without getting from green to blue, what is
  7. You just made my day! LMAO. OK, enough time and money wasted. The Chinese EUC is history. I started to load my reliable Osdrich, that never faild on me.
  8. Jupp, this is how they react. Mine goes to the trash. Recycled the tire, cells and magnets, and that's it.
  9. The cells in the lamp and in the EUC Pack are of the same kind (18650 cells) of the same Voltage (4.06 V) of the same size (2000 mAh) and the same brand (DianmiFire). The only difference: They come out of different items, and probably have different production dates. But they are all new, never used, or at least never had a recharge. I think they might do the job. But it looks now the battery pack is fine (runs with my Osdrich T1 w/o problems). Looks like the mainboard is the problem.
  10. After 15 minutes the battery stated "full". Switched on it blinks once, gives a beep and dies on me again. So, it’s probably not only the cells, it’s the BMS too. I think I have to get new battery pack to bring this pos - EU back to life :-(.
  11. Here we go again: Today I really wanted to know the reason why this EU failed on me. Dismounted the battery, got rid of the shrink wrap, checked all cells. Found out 3 of the 16 cells where dead. Ordered 4 new cells on Alibaba, and found out a little later, that my Battery LED lamps run on 18650 too. I dismounted an old lamp, found out that there are 4 of the 8 cells are ok, soldered them into my defective battery. Secured the repaired battery with gorilla tape and put the EU back together. Its charging right now. I will let you know about the results. I am not sure, if I really wil
  12. @EvenOdd My words. this is because they used 16 2000 mAh cells, with a really bad engineered BMS Board. It's even not worth it to exchange the cells, because the Mainboard is an even worse piece of junk. Like @esaj stated: this EU will "actively try to kill you "
  13. Jea, they are probably better than nothing, but something like a Motocross-boot is a better solution. Because some of them got hard Protektors on the front and on the backside to secure both sides.
  14. After now 15 months I am right before the surgery to take the metal back out. What’s left over: arthrosis in the ankle and a lot of experience how to survive surgeries and hospital’s.
  15. How I got my Osdrich: As I saw someone on the street ride e EU I found a shop in Berlin to buy one. I got a Gotway 18 MSuper, found out in my basement that there is a lot of skill needed to ride it and that the learning phase will include major crashes of the EU. I was not willing to damage my brand new Gotway, went back to the shop and wanted an EU to learn to ride. They offered an Osdrich with "the big battery". It was an old model, torn apart and stored in a box, so I had to put it back together to use it to learn how to ride. The learning phase was around 2 weeks, with 4 times "h
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