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  1. I am a dentist, about 20 years ago in physiology class, (I have always remembered and applied this) we saw that fever is not an illness, it is a response to a foreign body, or an invader, a very effective defense mechanism against viruses, which do not withstand high temperatures, We have been accustomed to lowering the fever with NSAIDs, which has caused our bodies to lose the ability to raise the temperature we had as children, in my country the vast majority believe that high fever can cause meningitis, when in fact high fever is one of the responses to the presence of this Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Treatments that seem to work are chloroquine (a cheap malarial drug), Gilliad's remdesivir with interferon-beta (in clinical trials from COV-19), plasma from recovered patients, and a steroid (methylprednisilone). Doctors in US are now using remdesivir off-label... SARS-CoV2 attacks pneumocytes in lung, intestine, heart & cells lining blood vessels. In lung, CoV2 prevents cells from making biological detergents to keep lung passages open. Acute respiratory distress follows. O2 levels fall..but there's may be a dangerous underlying process.. ..new work out of China yesterday says COVID-19 might also involve abnormal blood production. CoV genes 1 & 8 are predicted to interfere with heme, the red compound in blood, by kicking out the iron. Would explain why chloroquine seems effective as a treatment Chloroquine is predicted to prevent orf1ab, ORF3a and ORF10 from attacking heme (red in red blood cells) and inhibit the binding of ORF8 to heme. Although 99% of the virus is seemingly stable, what's disturbing is ORF 1 and 8 are mutating the fastest.....Positions nt28144 in ORF 8 and nt8782 in ORF1 are evolving. Samples out of China show they'd mutated 30.53% (29/95) and 29.47% (28/95), respectively. I'm currently figuring out why these are the ones mutating and how that would change the situation... It may explain why diabetics and elderly are more susceptible. Blood sugar levels usually increase as we get older, increasing the amount of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) (I've tweeted about this before). The authors suggest these people would be more susceptible to because... ...the virus could more easily disrupt the heme in red blood cells. If so, the virus is very smart: it destroys the lung so patients can't take up oxygen AND reduces the body's ability to carry oxygen. (For this & other reasons, you should eat healthily the next 2 years)... These ideas are testable. COVID-19 should correlate with HbA1c levels (seems true). Patients should have abnormalities in heme/porphyrin & they might have higher levels of free iron in tissues & blood. I will update with more info as it comes in. Stay safe. Below are links...
  2. Why don´t BTC? and just post your address or QR code here
  3. Not working, it keeps downloading Vr 2.01 but nothing happens, all led lights turned off Correction: After several tries finally worked!
  4. Sorry is already installed, i have no photos, but yes is a little different, newer version i think, it has a new extra connector, (have to left it free cause there is no cable to connect)
  5. Finally got it to work, the new board arrives yesterday, today (crossed fingers) i started to assembly the wheel again, fortunately it turns on again! it seems that something electronic on the old board was burnt, but not the mosfets or capacitors, indeed, nothing in the old board smells like burnt (pics of the old board, nothing seems to be damaged)
  6. Thanks for your help! Imho it's not your (EUC main) board that got destroyed but the battery BMS board (the input protection part)? How could i test if this is working or not? where is it located, inside each battery? Your prior problem (wheel stayed in charging mode) is strange and quite new? It started two days after receiving it, but it was solved only for a while and it happened again. Maybe the firmware (wrongly) measures a too high battery voltage and by this thinks it has to be still in charge mode? Or they use now some new BMS with communication to the mainboard? The seller tried to help me to identify the problem, (at first) he thought it was a firmware issue too, and sent me the developer app, i flashed 1,08 and 1.09 vr firmwares, but it did not work, problem persists; another strange thing i have notice is that sometimes charging voltage was over 67.2v Did you measure the charger output voltage? Do you know which battery voltage was reported by the app while the wheel was stuck in "charging mode"? Yes, I think I remember the voltage was above 67.2, and yes i had messure the charger output and was ok Another thing, when I tried to connect the batteries again, a small electric shock occurs again, I had to remove the two fuses from the controller board and reconnect, then put back the fuses, there was no shock, but wheel still not power on
  7. My case is a little different, started a few weeks ago, after fully charged my KS16S, I noticed that it did not activate the gyroscope, pressing the pedals forward or backward, the wheel keeps unlocked, in the same way that, when it is charging mode; after reviewing the kingsong's developer app, I noticed that even after disconnecting the charger, the wheel thought it was still charging, (Battery status: Charging) and the only way it went to the "discharging" mode was by making contact between two of the charging pins, until lowering the charge below 90% approximately, or if turn off/on has to made the contact again. Well, yesterday, when making this electric contact between the two pins, after fully 100% charge, there was a strong electric short, with smoke, and the wheel did not turn on again, the board does not smell burned, the wheel did not get stuck, I ordered a board to Jason to replace it, I do not understand what could have been, at first Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  8. Super, yo vivo por la Av Boyacá con 153, ya tengo mas experiencia, actualmente voy a mi trabajo en mi KS16S (Bueno cuando no llueve) y estoy feliz, me parece perfecto reunirnos para dar una vuelta, ya te llego el EUC? Ya me muevo mejor, pero si me interesa practicar nuevas destrezas, saltos, andar hacia atrás etc Super, I live on Av Boyacá with 153, I already have more experience, I'm currently going to work on my KS16S (well, when it doesn't rain) and I'm happy, I think it's perfect to meet for a ride, you already got the EUC? I move better now, but if I'm interested in practicing new skills, jumps, backwards etc.
  9. Sometimes more than 67v, but, if i join 2 of the 3 of the input pins the wheel, it works porperly, i am able to normaly ride, but, if power off for any reason, again keeps in changing mode, until join the pins again, or discharge 2 or 3v, its to odd
  10. Could it be some kind of overvoltage or motherboard failure?, because after full charge, and disconnection from the outlet, KS16 keeps in charging status, locking the wheel rolling forth and back, without traction. KS16S problem
  11. Hi everybody, sorry english is not my native language Today i was testing wheel balance for prevent wobbling, kingsong cutted off after lifted up; 100% battery charged, after that, it keeps leaning forward and backward, it keeps in charging status in app, without being connected, i had have to shortcut 2 pins to activate discharging and engine engage, however, now, every single time, i power off, on, bad behavior comes again, leaning without motor engage; what could this been?, some overcharging system protection? how could i correct this? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks mate, How do yo put the wheel uphill? pressing with only one feet to force it to spin? or, are you talking about braking the wheel and jumping after? What about sharp curves in the middle or in the end of a down of a hill, any precaution?
  13. Hello, thank you very much, I will try this weekend in a hill next to my home, however I must confess that my biggest fear is to fall in descents, I fear to start go forward, after an emergency brake in descent and that the wheel comes out shot and I fall on my back, i believe is a natural and instinctive fear, i will test all your tips, and will post my findings and progress
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