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  1. Thanks mate, How do yo put the wheel uphill? pressing with only one feet to force it to spin? or, are you talking about braking the wheel and jumping after? What about sharp curves in the middle or in the end of a down of a hill, any precaution?
  2. Hello, thank you very much, I will try this weekend in a hill next to my home, however I must confess that my biggest fear is to fall in descents, I fear to start go forward, after an emergency brake in descent and that the wheel comes out shot and I fall on my back, i believe is a natural and instinctive fear, i will test all your tips, and will post my findings and progress
  3. Okay, and regarding the position and leanning of the body, and knees bending; kinetics and gravity, forces you to position yourself, or is just enough with leanning the foots to compensate
  4. Excellent tips, I had not found relevant information anywhere, it also applies to short sections, such as ramps for descent or ascent on sidewalks? Thank you.
  5. Hi, my name is Mauricio, i am from Bogota, Colombia, in my country there are not much EUCs, so I have had the luck to met someone here who taught me some basics. at this time, i am able to ride, make turns, (not to tight), mount without help, brake, etc, however, I have a slight fear, if i will have to stop, mount, and go forward in the middle of a hill, (up or down) is there any consideration to take, any variation of my body inclination, for mount and start to go forward? Sorry i have had to use a little help of deepl, for write here Thanks in Advance
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