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  1. Back to writing: the second novel, NETHERWORLD, in the Pride's Children trilogy. Mainstream. Now that we're in lockdown at our community, I have no excuse not to write. Finished a scene today. The news it depressingly similar every day - too high a diet in bs to be sustainable. Plan on playing the guitar and singing on the balcony.
  2. My new Maggie (magnesium alloy) arrived today at our retirement community where it is my mobility device. We're on lockdown, so I'll mostly use it to get to the pool for the few hours they're allowing us to use it (it's a long haul on the walker). My previous one hit a curb and probably blew its control board Jan. 29 - and two months without a mobility device has been VERY hard on me. I will try to get the other one fixed as soon as I can buy a control board (it is still under warranty - I'm hoping I can get a board from China). It is perfect to get around on if you have the back muscle control to sit on a bar stool - and are not worried about falling (haven't fallen, except when it broke and stopped, and I just ended up sitting in the street - not even a bruise). It has been a game changer for someone who can't walk or stand much.
  3. I would be sitting 100% of the time - different needs. It's a pipe dream for me (I was finally able to order a replacement Airwheel S8 as China is shipping to ebay sellers again), but I love watching what you've done. Doesn't seem like there would be TOO much stress on the handle in normal riding.
  4. Thanks for sharing - way cool. Do you worry about the handle being able to take the stress of the seat being attached? That seems to me to be the potentially weak link; I can't see how the handle is attached to the body - metal pin into metal socket would be the strongest, I'd think.
  5. I want one! Probably vastly overpowered for tooling around the retirement community, but it looks so cool. Do you think one could ride it without first learning how to ride a unicycle? I can't stand, but sitting works. Still trying to get my tiny version of that, my Airwheel S8+, fixed.
  6. @trevmar Thanks. Not sure what you mean by 'system reset.' The video looks fairly simple (but it would be wise to not disconnect anything until knowing where to put it back, and probably to take a lot of pictures). I've done repairs like that - take it apart, replace parts, put it back together. The part I would have been afraid of - the power connection - actually looked quite simple: disconnect power, fix innards, reconnect power. No discharging capacitors or anything. This video is specifically to replace transformer and remote control board. I don't know what is broken, and it doesn't say how to test. If not too expensive, you could just replace all three parts - motherboard, transformer, and remote control board. And if there's an S8/S8+ difference in any of the parts, I wouldn't know. The Aliexpress link says only S8. The box mine came in says S8; 260 W; manufactured March 18, 2019. Sometimes the manufacturing date can be used if there's a date when they upgraded to the +. Or the giveaway is the 260 W part. I don't know what the S8 started out with battery-wise. All in all, I'll probably end up buying a new one when they're available again, and keeping this one for a spare battery. It seems wasteful, but the amount of time spent so far has been wasteful, too. Nice to know you've never had an Airwheel break down; this was probably an aberration.
  7. @trevmar Do you have an email from Airwheel in that bunch? I'd love a copy if you do. ----- I'm ASSUMING that the S8+ is the one with the higher weight limit, 120kg vs. 100kg for previous models; it makes a much better margin of safety for me. The 260W battery would go with that. There isn't a clear distinction anywhere on S8 vs. S8+ that I can find. ----- I just got resolution from SquareTrade (which is run by State Farm): they are refunding the cost of the Airwheel. Steps included them authorizing 'local repair' - and me finding there is no one in the Davis local area all the way to San Francisco who repairs Airwheels; then they sent me to their go to electric scooter repair - Razor - which also does not repair anything they don't make. Then they authorized a reimbursement - which should be here in less than two weeks. Of course I would rather have had the repair. When and if there are S8+ available again on ebay, I'll probably buy another, as it is the perfect solution to my mobility problem. When and if there are S8+ motherboards available on ebay, I'll see what it would cost to buy one, and whether to repair my broken S8+, as the local person who said he might try if I had the part is not a guarantee. Otherwise, this S8+ has, as far as I can tell, a functioning charger and batteries - and can serve for parts. It took a lot of hours and a lot of frustration, but I guess it's the best resolution, given the current state of world and Chinese affairs. Thanks for all the help.
  8. @trevmar Thanks for your suggestions. So far: NO motherboards available in the US OR Canada - the Canadian site is waiting for delivery. The Aliexpress listing doesn't have any S8+ motherboards that will let me put them 'in the cart' (though it has a nice price for US ones if I could). Also, no Airwheel S8+ available on ebay or anywhere else I can find. I guess I'll have to see if the Square Trade protection plan will give me my money back, and wait until they have another batch made in China. Without being able to get a motherboard, there's no point trying to find someone to install it - and it may not be the problem. So I'm back to square 1 for a while. I did get someone at the factory business@airwheel.net site (chat) to quote me 380USD for two motherboards and shipping to California. I told him I'll see what the insurance company wants to do, first. I have the flu Not thinking really straight, but had the shot, and this is much milder than I've had before, but still enough to make me non-functional. The you-know-what is about to hit the fan about the Chinese virus - and then their factories are going to need to start production again, and repair their finances. We'll see.
  9. Also Checking out Aliexpress for Airwheel S8+, and board. The phone motherboards came up first. There seems to be a wide variety of prices for the motherboard online, and I need to be sure it is the S8 PLUS board. Direct from the factory $150 + $80 shipping - seems steep. Have to get some sleep - have the flu - more when I figure it out. thanks!
  10. @trevmar - That S8 is a Samsung Galaxy PHONE motherboard! Chuckling. IIRC, the Airwheel S8+ board are not too expensive; I'm trying to get someone in China to tell me how to buy one - and a spare Airwheel S8+. I've really been in bad shape sin the S8+ died - almost four weeks now with basically no transportation (I refuse to get a scooter or a wheelchair yet).
  11. @trevmar The S8+ has a 120kg limit (and seller check for me - they said they tested it to 150kg). I can live with that. 100kg is too little margin of safety. Thanks for replying - I'm still not sure how to reply. Is this the way? With the 'at' sign and your name?
  12. I have found a local repair person who has good reviews and will consider fixing the S8+ if I can get the part. I will be doing maintenance in the future, so this is prudent (I don't think I have the skills any more, and I don't have the tools). I will look to AliExpress - many thanks.
  13. Have you tried riding it? That's awesome.
  14. Am I understanding that you're going to ride the unicycle sitting down? I am thinking or a replacement for my Airwheel S8 - I haven't known where to look for other small-footprint EUCs. I'd love to see the photos, too.
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