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  1. @trevmar Thanks for your suggestions. So far: NO motherboards available in the US OR Canada - the Canadian site is waiting for delivery. The Aliexpress listing doesn't have any S8+ motherboards that will let me put them 'in the cart' (though it has a nice price for US ones if I could). Also, no Airwheel S8+ available on ebay or anywhere else I can find. I guess I'll have to see if the Square Trade protection plan will give me my money back, and wait until they have another batch made in China. Without being able to get a motherboard, there's no point trying to find someone to install it - and it may not be the problem. So I'm back to square 1 for a while. I did get someone at the factory business@airwheel.net site (chat) to quote me 380USD for two motherboards and shipping to California. I told him I'll see what the insurance company wants to do, first. I have the flu Not thinking really straight, but had the shot, and this is much milder than I've had before, but still enough to make me non-functional. The you-know-what is about to hit the fan about the Chinese virus - and then their factories are going to need to start production again, and repair their finances. We'll see.
  2. Also Checking out Aliexpress for Airwheel S8+, and board. The phone motherboards came up first. There seems to be a wide variety of prices for the motherboard online, and I need to be sure it is the S8 PLUS board. Direct from the factory $150 + $80 shipping - seems steep. Have to get some sleep - have the flu - more when I figure it out. thanks!
  3. @trevmar - That S8 is a Samsung Galaxy PHONE motherboard! Chuckling. IIRC, the Airwheel S8+ board are not too expensive; I'm trying to get someone in China to tell me how to buy one - and a spare Airwheel S8+. I've really been in bad shape sin the S8+ died - almost four weeks now with basically no transportation (I refuse to get a scooter or a wheelchair yet).
  4. @trevmar The S8+ has a 120kg limit (and seller check for me - they said they tested it to 150kg). I can live with that. 100kg is too little margin of safety. Thanks for replying - I'm still not sure how to reply. Is this the way? With the 'at' sign and your name?
  5. I have found a local repair person who has good reviews and will consider fixing the S8+ if I can get the part. I will be doing maintenance in the future, so this is prudent (I don't think I have the skills any more, and I don't have the tools). I will look to AliExpress - many thanks.
  6. Have you tried riding it? That's awesome.
  7. Am I understanding that you're going to ride the unicycle sitting down? I am thinking or a replacement for my Airwheel S8 - I haven't known where to look for other small-footprint EUCs. I'd love to see the photos, too.
  8. I would like to ask Ninebot mini users whether they think it would be possible to ride it like the Airwheel S8, from a seated position. It looks as if all you'd have to do is attach a seat to the top - but it's hard to tell from the pictures, and of course I haven't seen a picture of one used that way. And it may not be physically possible to attach a seat so it will be reliable. I may have to replace the Airwheel, as it's currently not working, but the concept of the combination of a small footprint with something used sitting is one I'd like to continue. If you have one, what do you think? Would you use it that way? Thanks!
  9. Another good thought. I'm wondering, though, if the symptoms would be that it looks like the battery is charged, but device is not responding to the turning-on sequence (button on base, button on remote). I'd think maybe a blown fuse would keep anything from happening? Someone from Airwheel finally replied to my emails tonight. I explained the problem, and I'm waiting for their response. They asked for a photo or video, but it won't show them anything, as there is no visible damage. China is having problems; I blame that for the slowness. Will post when I know more. Thanks.
  10. Thank you! When I consider that shipping to China for warranty repair is going to be a mint, getting the board would be a bargain, even at 5 x the cost. Most appreciated. They have a US number - I can start with that. There is a bike shop that repairs electric scooters here in Davis, and I'll see if they would tackle the replacement - and what it would cost. I don't have the electronics experience recently that would make me willing to try something with parts that might fry if I draw too much current. I'd want to do it with someone supervising, plus a lighted magnifier. I checked my map - Airwheel is in a province two over from where Wuhan is; not a good time to find people at their normal work sites, maybe. If I don't get a response from the SquareTrade backup protection plan by Monday, I'll use chat with them - the whole point of getting the plan was that they would worry about shipping AND replacing. I'll see what I can negotiate there. You commented that: The seller told me to contact Airwheel; she's IN China, but the S8 was shipped from the States (I kept the box - will have to get it out of storage). I don't know if the bump should be covered by the warranty. I was standing still, turned slightly to continue across the street, clipped the curb, got stuck a second, and then it was dead. So I didn't hit the curb fast or hard, but it WAS an immovable object at that point. I'll report back when I figure it out - and thanks again. Two weeks without my mobility device has been a big comedown.
  11. Suggestions very welcome. I'd appreciate anything which helps me get my S8 back up and working. I bought it Sep. 6, 2019 from an eBay seller who said I should try the Airwheel.net site. The bump at a curb I gave my Airwheel S8 - which killed it - ten days ago may or may not be covered under their warranty, but I can't get any response from Airwheel.net, and I have tried the business office (business@airwheel.net), support (after-sale@airwheel.net, and no, it isn't after-saleS), and the sales/distributor contact button. I'm keeping screenshots, and have been trying for several days at all different times, as the contact form says, over and over, Does anyone know how to buy the board? The charging and batteries seem fine. I have the eBay SquareTrade protection plan, but it doesn't kick in unless the repair isn't covered by the warranty. I think if Airwheel said the warranty didn't cover this 'accident' then I could get SquareTrade to do its backup. The warranty card says 'Failure is caused by user improper safekeeping or ACCIDENTS.' Dialing the phone number on the site ( 321 061 3324, with or without anything preceding it) tells me, "You are not able to make calls to this number." (Area code 321 is Brevard County, FL, where Cape Canaveral is - the 'countdown county'). A search of other sources found that 321 is also used by Satcom Direct, which provides global satellite links: They may not even exit still, as their 'news' only goes to 2012. Thanks.
  12. Unfortunately, the app refuses to connect - so no error codes to see. Wish I could have - it would be better to have a specific code to tell them about. Thanks. I'm about to tackle the process of repair/replacement/not covered under warranty - I bought the most protection eBay offered, so let's see if it works.
  13. Thanks. I can't tell if the board is fried without getting inside, but the symptoms are clear - it isn't working, though the power seems okay - it charges, and the led lights work. Getting ready to contact the seller now.
  14. Probably not going to open it up (no tools after the move to the retirement community, though there is a toolroom) as that would probably void the warranty. I would if it were older, but I've only had it since September, and we've had harder bumps than that just running around outside. Thanks.
  15. The wheels aren't locked, but they are much harder to turn. I guess that could count as 'locked.'
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