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  1. I'm zooming around town on my Airwheel S8, seated on the hard bicycle seat that comes with it. Because there are electronics in the seat, changing seats is not an option, so I'd like to get a padded gel seat cover for comfort. The bicycle shops in Davis, CA, and the options on Amazon seem to max out at 11" long; the Airwheel seat is 13.5" long, and the seat covers won't stretch (the seat also has several inches thickness). It's not very wide, but I would like to find something that fits. Appreciate suggestions - my bones are getting old. I'd rather not DIY, as we left our tools behind in NJ when we moved. Thanks!
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    User Manual

    The Manual for the Airwheel S8 is a joke. No information on maintenance of any kind, a few drawings of how to ride it. No list of places to get it serviced. Nothing about tire pressure, or how to put air in. Nothing about power. Doesn't say whether you can add a gel seat cover. Does not mention what surfaces you can use it on, or if there are any not to. Doesn't talk about uneven pavement or sidewalks. If it wasn't so intuitive, I wouldn't be able to ride it. It's so easy - as long as nothing goes wrong. I love it, but I do worry a bit.
  3. Sorry. Newbie here. What does that mean? I've had my Airwheel S8 for over a month, and don't charge it unless it is down below half or I'm going to need a fuller charge for an outside trip (don't want it getting tired before I am). So it's usually not at 100% and I haven't let it get below 25%. How do I 'balance charge'? Thanks.
  4. Default password is 1111 1111 - see manual. I assume I can change it in the app. There is a change password place in the settings.
  5. Me on Maggie, my new Airwheel S8: This is my blog, liebjabberings: https://liebjabberings.wordpress.com/2019/10/05/youll-never-guess-what-ive-done/
  6. I just bought myself an Airwheel S8+ for my 70th birthday present. I cannot walk far or stand very long, but I can ride with ease. I am using it to get around my retirement community, mostly indoors, but sometimes outdoors. The materials with it say it shouldn't be used by people over 60! This is wrong. Older people like me are a perfect target demographic for this device. The S8 is my legs and my energy for getting around. I love Maggie (from MAGnesium alloy), and lots of people have asked me about her when I show them how easy it is to ride. I will never be able to use it STANDING, but I love that I can use it SITTING.
  7. I have an Airwheel S8+, and the app installed and usable. But I don't know how to interpret the 'Voltage' display. What do the number mean? What is a full charge? Why does the voltage number keep changing (3.3 to 2.7 and it keeps moving) when the Airwheel is standing still? How do I know how much reserve battery power I have at any time? Is there information on best battery management - how low do I let it get, what does 100% (four red LED dots on the back) mean? Why doesn't it always charge to four dots? The charger went from red to green, but the display only showed three dots (on the base of the Airwheel). Is there a place I can read more about the manufacturer's recommendations? The manual that came with it is very minimal. Thanks!
  8. Great to know. I intend to use this, mostly inside our huge sprawling building at the retirement community, on carpeted halls - sounds like I will not have to worry much about batteries for however many years I still have the ability to sit on a bicycle seat.
  9. I have an Airwheel S8+, supposedly built in early 2019. I have four red LEDs to indicate charge state. If I let it get down to 2 red dots, it charges to 4 red dots. I'm assuming that's a good system for not overcharging or letting it get too low. The app mentions voltage, but has no battery power indicator. Comments? Newbie, but engineer.
  10. I just bought an Airwheel S8+ on eBay, and am happy with it. What is an 'Airwheel s8 mini'? People have been asking about mine (using at my retirement community); are yours still for sale?
  11. Watching this thread with interest. The default tires on the Airwheel S8+ are perfectly fine for indoor use, and I've been careful outside - sidewalk bumps and crevasses and obstacles made me ride in the street a couple of times, which is smoother. The manual is utterly useless, and the app not a lot better. I'm still in the honeymoon period, but the thought of what might be possible will keep me reading about changes I might be able to make.
  12. I looked at an image of the S5+, which seems to have lots of power - the off-road part would be great - but I can't stand. The S8+ I have is the best thing I've found for those of us who have to use them seated, and don't want something huge that takes a lot of space. I take up virtually no more space than a standing person (just a little more for my knees sticking out a bit). Steep slopes are NOT in my future - the 15° slope the S8 can handle is fine for my purposes. I'm not sure what happens when the S8 runs out of power, but I hope it beeps first. The manual is so useless I need to find a place to find out about battery power and life. I will go digging here at EUC.
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