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  1. So I did some intensive searching on official Rockwheel website, Chinese version of reddit (Tieba), as well as the online shops. In short, I feel like Rockwheel is gone... The Rockwheel website is crappy. The navbar on top doesn't link to any new contents. The one that says "online shop" takes you to a nonexistent page on Taobao. So there is no way of contacting them through that website. Next, on the Chinese reddit, the topic of rockwheel has not been active for a long time. The most recent ones all ask about if anyone has any spare to repair the gt16 or gt14 since the online shop where they bought the wheel is gone. The only info I can find about gt18 is still the pictures posted by Marty in Rockwheel topic. Also, there are rumors about Rockwheel shutting off on the forum, and people seem to accept that truth. Lastly, there are still online shops selling Rockwheels, but none of them is official Rockwheel company. Combining all these information, I personally think Rockwheel is gone. There is no way of contacting them, and nobody can hear anything from them. However, all of these are just my speculations; Rockwheel still has a chance of coming back to light again. Sorry but I can't help you the way you expected...
  2. Hope this helps. If you have any question or suggestion please tell me. By the way, the mysterious 300 is most likely the number of slices of silicon steel they are using.
  3. Hello I'm an high school international student from China. I'm fluent in both English and Chinese. I am willing to help translate most texts and do some research on the terms that I don't understand yet.
  4. Thank you guys for the precious opinion! I think I’ll just practice a little more to get used to this change then.
  5. Hello EUC forum. I recently got a full face helmet on amazon. I tried it on, and surprisingly I found that I can no longer see my wheel under my feet if I don’t intentionally look down. I used to wear a bicycle helmet, and this change troubles a lot because I feel no control over my wheel. So my question is, is it just my helmet specifically, or do almost all full face helmets have similar problems? I saw some riders choose other types of helmets, but personally I really want to maximize the protection with a full face helmet. So, do you guys have any recommendation on full face helmet that doesn’t block my vision looking down? I don’t have much budget, and price under $100 bucks is preferred. Btw, I have attached the photo of the helmet I bought from amazon (if i did it correctly).
  6. 17 here. Still in high school (not one of those cool kids though). Have been riding my Inmotion v8 for a month now. Can’t wait to upgrade to better wheel when I can earn money myself. Life is fantastic with a wheel. Looking forward to riding wheels for the rest of my life!
  7. It's such an interesting feeling when I heard you are a EUC rider as well. I'm glad that you ran out of house to watch. It's good to know that we are not alone, and we definitely should ride together sometime soon. This encounter makes my day. By the way, I live on Alfred Ave which is really close to the park as well. Maybe we can go on the riverbed or ride some parks, but I prefer not to go on road.
  8. Well my dad would say, not riding EUC eliminates the risk of riding it, and that's exactly why he bans me to ride it on road. I think it's kinda stupid too, but it makes sense at the same time.
  9. Sorry, but I'm not planning to go even though it's a great opportunity. I have some extracurricular classes signed up since I'm a high school student from China. I believe at least you have heard how Asian parents want their kids to do well academically, so there is no getting out of class for fun......
  10. Thank you guys so much for your precious advices! A lot of you guys mentioned that it is safer than some other vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles. However, it seems that accidents still happen sometimes, almost inevitably. I think my dad makes a point that it only takes one accident to ruin my life. Maybe he is a little too overprotective, but he is worrying about my own safety, and I don't want to let him down. I made an agreement with him just now. He agrees me to go on riverbed and ride in parks. I feel like that's enough for me right now, and I'm happy with it. Maybe I'll ride more when I can upgrade my wheel and safety gears with my own money in a few years. Thank you guys again! Learned lots of stuff from this amazing community!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie euc rider and a teenager. I rode IPS three years ago, and it was sold when we were moving. My dad got me a solowheel glide 3 after months of pleading, and right now we are concerned about the safety for the wheel to go on road. So I want to hear what you guys think about the safety. I think it's pretty safe to go on road. I always wear bike helmet, wrist guards, and knee pads. I rode on bike path mostly, or on the side of the car lane when there is no bike lane and the car lane is wide. The rest of time I ride on bike path (sidewalk). I usually rode 12-15 mph and slow down when I don't feel safe. Overall I think I'm a cautious rider. My dad argues that it's not safe to go on road. Even though he knows I ride super carefully, he says there are always those dangerous drivers (like the 90-year lady next door ), and I'm not capable to undergo even one accident since I'm too young. He says, since this invention is too new to the rest of the world, people wouldn't expect you while driving. In addition, he wants me to treat this wheel as a toy instead of a transportation tool, and he doesn't allow me to ride it to any place over 2 miles...... Guys I want to hear about your opinions on wheel safety on road. I couldn't find much useful information about this topic anywhere. Please share your experience and opinions, and this might help other hesitating potential riders, too. Most importantly, try to be reasonable and objective. This is basically a research instead of a party for wheel enthusiasts. Thank you guys so much!
  12. Hi, I wondering if solowheel glide 3 can handle the mileage. Honestly I got it today and I don't know how far does it go before it dies (so excited to meet other euc riders ;)). Is there any charging station planned in the middle?
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