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  1. I know I'm reanimating an old thread. The last reply reverts to an even older thread. But still, I understand the concern about pivoting on the spot. Nevertheless, I have been riding the Mini Pro for a few days now and every time I go in reverse and try to turn, the counterintuitive direction it goes is the most dangerous part of riding the Mini Pro. Everything else is easily mastered with some exercise, but going backwards and turning is the best way to get you of your Mini Pro uncontrolled. For anyone suggesting to just go forward and not driving backwards: 1/ I you don't need to go backwards, why does it matter to you? 2/ Some do need to go backwards and I'm sure those people would really like the OPTION to reverse the steering direction when going backwards. In my case, I use the Mini Pro to get very smooth gimbal shots. I would be so nice to drive backwards while someone is following and keeping the camera (on a gimbal) in front of me. For the moment, this is just to dangerous, only because the steering is counterintuitive. Now, does anyone has an email address who to contact to ask Ninebot if they please would consider to update the firmware for this?
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