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  1. Thanks for advices ! I’ll look for it.
  2. Hello! I’m the happy owner of gotway msuper x 84v and I love it, but after several falls the shell get apart with motor pillar, and shell was almost touching wheel. So I ordered new parts, they came and after changing shell and motor pillar - my wheel stopped to turn on. I made photos of all wires plugged and checked public pictures. Everything seems ok, all connected right, but then I tried to power it and I have only short fan work and that’s it. I checked batteries - stable 84 volts and I can charge it with original charger. Can you please share main board scheme with me or tell me please a way how can I check what wrong: engine or main board (part of main board)? One more thing that bother me - when all wires are connected, batteries are slightly warm nearly 30-40 degrees of Celsius. I’m good in electric and i think I have everything what might be needed (voltmeter, oscilloscope and etc). I will be happy to get some help from you !
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