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  1. Shall i be guineapig and test it out? FEAR ! LOL.
  2. Kingsong app shows a new firmware update, I refused the update for now (Im scared) ! Anyone tested it with success?
  3. Help, i have same issue. I just upgraded my iphone, so need app on the new phone. Thank you
  4. Hello Im wondering where to buy 16X inner tube? Any suggestions? (Will 16 X 2.75 size inner tube work?) Im concerned with the possibility of getting a flat and was wondering if there is a good solution of puncture-proofing the inner tube? Ive researched several solutions and unsure which is the best one, here are the ones ive looked into; 1. Slime: only lasts 6 months, after that, unsure what happens to it? 2. Stab-resistent inner liner: its like a off white semi-flexible plastic material that seems like it may be strong enough to resist nail puncture. Ive yet to test, i did buy one. 3. Latex inner tube: This looks interesting, claims to be more puncture resistant to standard rubber inner tube, unfortunately they do not have the 16X3 size. 4. Foss inner tube: Its a blue colored inner tube that claims to be "Anti Puncture". Unfortunately they only have 16 X 2 (unsure if this will work with 16X size of 16 X 3... ?) 5. Solid inner tube: This looks the best to me, yet the ride may be either to bumpy or clumsy depending on the hardness of the solid inner tube. Unfortunately they do not have 16 X 3 size either. 6. Motorcycle inner tube: Apparently a 14" motorcycle/moped inner tube may work for the 16X and apparently motorcycle inner tube is stonger? Any one have experience with this? 7. Solid tire: Skipping solid inner tube, Ive also seen, solid tire. Again no such size for 16X (16 X 3). This looked like it might have been a good solution. Any puncture prevention solutions youd recommend? Thank you
  5. Right on, my EUC also just arrived 3 weeks ago. Bought Kingsong 16X. Im now learning to ride it. Getting ready for the summer. Enjoy!
  6. I was pleasantly shocked how short the learning time was to start riding. The learning curve is steep and yet pretty short (best way i can describe it). I can now ride it good. Some points of wobbling when im not focusing. I had to keep talking to myself to keep my focus and keep my body behaving properly to keep balance, control acceleration/deceleration and turning. My self talk included: 1. Stand up straight (cuz my body kept on wanting to bend over) 2. Lean into the turn. 3. Lean in to accelerate. 4. Lean back to decelerate. 5. Trust the wheel. 6. Keep looking up at a distant point. 7. Look in the direction where you want to go. 8. Look up, look up, look up! 9. This is fun and easy! 10. Speed to balance (makes my body lean in to accelerate) 11. Im handsome and sexy... (ok this was just for my own ego...LOL )
  7. Anyone know if the InMotion V5, V8 or V10 cover fit kingsong 16X ? Ive dropped my wheel so many times already and its looking beat up. Want to protect it while im learning to ride this thing! Been super fun so far! Thank you
  8. Thank you for the advice. Yes, I downloaded the app from kingsong.com website and it all worked. Thank you
  9. Hello I figure out the app situation. I had to download from https://www.kingsong.com directly instead of app store. Also i mistakenly registered the app with a phone number and lead to issues, then figure out to use email to register instead, then it work perfect. The charger that came with the wheel was broken, not charging at all, so Im now anxiously waiting for the replacement charger. Im going to start practicing in the next day or two. Will put some protection on it. Thank you
  10. Thank you for your advice. My 16X just arrived. The Kingsong app does not want to start on my Samsung S7 for some reason. Just shows splash page then pop up that says "Kingsong has stopped" --> X Close app Any suggestions? Thank you
  11. Look what just arrived !!!! Excited and Confused !?! Just got my Kingsong 16X today ! So excited unsure where to begin ? Dont even know how to ride this thing... LOL ! Having some challenges, hope to get some of your advice please. 1. The Kingsong app keeps crashing when i start it up. It fails to even start up. Just says "Kingsong has stopped". I downloaded app called "Kingsong by Kingsong Intell Co., LTD" I have Samsung S7 android cell phone. 2. When i plug in the standard charger (2.5 Amps) theres no lights on to tell me its charging. Is there suppose to be LED lights that light up on the wheel or the charging brick? There is no user manual with the unit in english... LOL. really dont want to have to learn Chinese just so I can operate this thing... LOL !
  12. Hello I just ordered my 16X, should arrive in a week or two. Hope sooner! Its my very first intro to EUC, so its going to be an exciting adventure in learning how to ride and join this awesome group! Is the seat worth getting? Any suggestions on protecting the wheel from bumps and scratches? (Im thinking to wrapping it in 3M Vinyl protective tape, like ones used on car hoods) Thank you
  13. I may hold up on purchase since its now rainy and cold out for next 6 months. Thank you
  14. Excited on the prospect of havign 21700 Lion cells on EUC. Lighter weight and lower cost, what could be better? Here is article I found on benefits of 21700 cells. http://www.sum-battery.com/news/details-about-the-18650-battery-and-21700-batt-17363754.html
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