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  1. Has anyone have any experience with the best solution for making our single tire more puncture proof? Care to share your experience or recommendation? Be great NEVER to have to worry about flats tire again ! Puncture Proof inner tube Puncture Proof tire Solid inner tube Solid tire Slime liquid (or similar product) Puncture proof shield Thank you
  2. Well Said mrelwood ! Well Said ! Only thing Id add would be..... that I would end up purchasing an ebike or escooter (which from what i know do not tamper with private property) if all EUC manufacturer decides to imposes lock mechanism. All these electric last mile vehicles accomplish the same task, so Im form factor agnostic. Further, they are likely safe since it 2 wheeled so more reason to buy 2 wheeled electric last mile vehicle.
  3. Yes agree, their implementation is punitive to the innocent consumer (who unknowingly or naively purchases their product from an online retailer from China/USA/France/UK/Spain/Or any other location for that matter) then have their product completely stop working one day. Kingsong should fix their distribution network and sales channels, instead of punishing their failure to do so... on the consumers, who are have no knowledge of such trade/sales policies/disputes, they just merely want a product to enjoy for the life of the product. By punishing end users/consumers, it will spread decent
  4. Terrible business practice Kingsong ! You are punishing your fans and loyal followers. If you have problems with your distribution network then you should target fixing that aspect of your business NOT the innocent bystanders who only want to become your loyal followers... instead you punish them by disabling their wheels purchased with their hard earned money and trusting in your products. Your policy in targeting consumers instead of distributors/retailers will lead to end users seeking refuge with your competitors (inmotion, Gotway, Ninebot, Veteran, etc.), who seem to value and resp
  5. Kingsong should fix their supply chain / retail network instead of punishing consumers who dont know anything about such politics or policies. Its like buying a car in France and you drive it to Germany... then it stops in the middle of the road since its outside of its supposed purchased country. Major blow to consumer protection and rights and will very badly impact Kingsong fans.... negatively! I was going to buy S18 for my next EUC. Sorry to say, looking at other brands now. Very SAD day for consumers !
  6. Sticker came off months ago. Is there another way to get serial number? Thank you
  7. How did you get the serial number, my app fails to connect so unsure what my serial number is. Is there another way to get serial number? I dont have any of the manual or box for it anymore. Thank you
  8. How do i get the serial number when the app fails to connect? Please help.
  9. Ive owned this wheel since Dec 2019. I did buy it in China when i was going to school there and have now moved back to Canada due to Covid. Is there a way to fix this? Is this a reason to NEVER buy Kingsong products again? (Very upsetting!) Thank you for your help.
  10. Kingsong 16X ~ not balancing and keep beeping and refuse to allow password. Any ideas on a fix? Here is the video of the problem. Thank you
  11. Seba, thank you for your suggestion and YES you are correct. Upon opening it, it was indeed a disconnected power button plug. I reconnected it, secured it so it will remain connected and all is working good now. Thank you once again !
  12. The wheel does not balance at all, even after plugging in the charger and connecting to app. I wonder if motherboard is shot?
  13. Hello Im having the same issue... please help ! Kingsong 16X unresponsive, power button does not do anything, when on charge it does seem to power up and connect with app, yet it does not balance at all. Here is a video to show you whats happening. Thank you in advance for your help. Firmware 2.02 Serial: KS16X2B190907P090 Bluetooth MAC: 4C:24:98:81:1B:35
  14. Shall i be guineapig and test it out? FEAR ! LOL.
  15. Kingsong app shows a new firmware update, I refused the update for now (Im scared) ! Anyone tested it with success?
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