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  1. I wont be able to collect it until the end of the month either the 28th or the 5th sept, how do we exchange details on here?
  2. that should be wtb(want to buy) not wtd by the way
  3. well considering that it needs a control board and me not knowing the condition of the motor, I was looking to pay between £50 to £100
  4. what sort of price are you looking to sell it for?
  5. Hi all looking to buy an ips i5 working or none working, Can collect if in the UK, also have an airwheel q1 for sale
  6. Hello all I'm looking to buy a used ips i5, I see a few of you riders bought them and is not too happy with them, so If you want to get rid of them I'm will to take them off your hand if the price is right
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