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  1. Okay, I've just watched the review and it's always a pleasure to watch his videos eheh. About the behave, I've read about it and tried it once for 10 min in the street. It was ... interesting but was an too short experience to have a feeling. Thanks for the correction and precision. Yes I understand and agree. Anyone tried to change the sensors after failure with sign of burn on the sensors ?
  2. Hello everyone, First of all, thanks for this topic who is very interesting about knowing better the Z10 and it commons failures. I've saw that one of the biggest issue is the two "Hall sensor" if I understood, labeled "U1, U2" on the MOS board. The soldering of the seems to be and issue and also their cooling from what I've understood. I was wondering if someone had already tried to make a better solder it again and cooling ig by adding heat radiator on it or maybe a fan (look more complicated because you need to evacuate the hot air). I'm thinking about buying a Z10 but i'm kind scared of the numbers of failures coming from this issue I read on Facebook/forums. Any reports ? Thanks
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