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  1. Here is story from some guy who got fined for riding electric scooter about a year ago. I suppose it's similar to not paying for your public transport commute. Sooner or later you'll get caught and fined.
  2. I also use runbell, works fine every time, no need for any unreliable high tech stuff like bluetooth buttons. If you browse e-bay I suppose you can find it much cheaper than $25. For example: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ring-Runbell-Sport-Bell-Run-Prompt-Fashion-For-Safe-Toy-Hand-Metal-Fidget-z/283635674608?hash=item420a00edf0:g:i-AAAOSwyKZdmruz
  3. Recently I decided to buy and use a pair of sneakers designed for skating instead of general purpose sports shoes I've been using. However, instead of reducing the pain and discomfort in my feet, new shoes significantly increased it. In order to ease the pain when wearing new shoes I had to change the angle of my pedals from 2.6 degrees to about 6 in order to feel more or less comfortable. The sole of my new shoes is completely flat, comparing to old ones that raise my heel bout 2 - 3 cm above my toes. It also depends on how much you bend your knees when riding. If you "squat" too much, then you should increase the angle to reduce strain on your feet muscles. The bottom line, try to experiment with your pedals angle and maybe your shoes as well, some people feel more comfortable with soft sole, others claim that hard one does the trick for them. I suppose its all personal, but can make a huge difference when your personal right combination is found.
  4. Both me and my 10 years old son ride V8-s and he calls his wheel R2-D2 because of the sound the wheel makes when you drop it to its side.
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