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  1. Thx @Seba for this great app! On my S8 it frequently logs partially my trips, mostly the last part Log settings: all three options checked Live settings: start when connected [X], others not checked Phone / Battery saving issue?
  2. @Joker10 I don't think it's possible to do a pedal dip on purpose because of the motor torque, I had pedal dip issue on my 16x before the BT patch, it seems like short cut-offs, no torque on the wheel
  3. yes, that's it. After patching the wheel is fixed. Indeed on u-turns But nothing to worry about, it feels safe and not annoying. At first I was thinking it's my imagination Thx @buell47, finally I can enjoy my wheel
  4. Does anyone have any issue after BT patch? Now I experimented twice pedal tilt (quiet severe), not brutal reaction, then lowering the pedals back very slowly... Speed: about 15km/h and another time at I just stood on my wheel while staying on the same spot.
  5. Yes mostly at relative slow speed, when accelerating there is no dipping issue on my wheel, slowing down or when making an u-turn on a small place (with reverse) then I couldn't stay on the wheel but it's fixed with the famous BT patch Can't believe why KS don't issue an official patch so everyone can use it. I discovered it here on the forum... Thank you again
  6. Thx Stephen, I did it and fixed the issue
  7. Hi, I got the same issue with mine (one week old) FW 1.0.7 severe pedal dip... Bluetooth patch did solve the problem on my wheel Patch -> restart: problem still exist -> calibrate -> restart and now it's fine
  8. Hi folks, My recently received wheel (one week old) updated to 1.0.7, also have this issue of tilting (at lower) speed, perhaps also when cornering(?) I'm a newbie, it's why this issue is so difficult for me to sort it out, what's my part of the mystery I'm glad (sorry for you ) to know that I'm not the only to be plagued with this issue... I'll try to find the BT patch and hope I finally can (try to) ride this wheel...
  9. Hey fellow wheelers, I just received my first main euc, recently I tried a second hand V5, mainly at home to convince myself to go for it However I didn't ride my 16x outside my home it looks very promising. I was intrigued by some details and futures of this wheel: - front usb is covered: fine! But once you insert an usb device in it, you can't keep it water/ dust proof anymore. Even with an ultra small usb key, perhaps micro SD card for the future? - When usb key inserted, media auto plays but a little too loud for me, sound level should be memorized. Also when wheel is powered up, no option to auto play the usb key without reinserting it. - front surface no park friendly, not very stable as my V5 was. - trolley looks quiet fragile to me - pads very badly applied, several air pockets - what if the wheel becomes hot? I will try to remove them by puncturing them. So far, I'm in love with this very nice and promising wheel, I hope to be good enough to exploit the potential of this fantastic wheel Thank you the community and Kingsong Kind regards from Belgium Sini Sini
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