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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the responses. Have just managed to pick up a V8 for ~£400. Very excitedly awaiting delivery. @Delmeekc Good luck with the sale of your S2. I had a look at it on eBay and it looks like it's in great condition, but the V8 was a little too tempting. Thanks, Max
  2. HI Delmeekc, I saw your ad on here / ebay. The wheel looks really good, but is a bit more than I'd be wanting to spend on an S2. Though I appreciate that it's that price due to accessories and low mileage. Feel free to drop me a message if you're thinking about dropping the price, but if not good luck with the sale. Hope you're enjoying the MCM5, wish my budget could stretch that far at the moment!
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to buy my first EUC. Ideally I'm looking to spend £200-£350 depending on whats available. In particular I would be interested in a Ninebot e+ or a Inmotion V5F. Ideally I'd like a Inmotion V8 but I don't think my current budget would stretch that far. I'm based in Bristol, but happy to look into postage if need be. Many thanks, Max
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