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  1. I got an MSX for my first wheel, and it has never let me down in terms of speed or power. What kinds of things do you see yourself using the wheel for? I think we're going to see more suspension wheels come out; but apparently suspension wheels are not great to learn on as they are too forgiving of bad riding habits (ie not bending knees). I would probably expect new models to come from Veteran too....the Sherman was pretty well received although not without flaws. Also when it comes to newer models, the first batches often have more issues to iron out then later batches, so buying a wheel that has a tested reputation might be a safer idea.
  2. Thats unfortunate, sorry to hear about your crash. Any more details? Other riding conditions at the time? Did anyone open up the wheel to find out the exact cause of the failure?
  3. Sorry this happened, very tragic. It didn't look intentional, but its certainly careless driving. Drivers should be looking for cyclists and PEVs just as they would look for other cars. Drivers and riders both: pay attention to your surroundings. Always look and don't assume that you're seen.
  4. Landscaping and construction laborer, doing a distance ed course in electromechanical.
  5. Not too familiar with the KS 18XL, but I think its always wise to have a bit of a buffer zone before cut out, because there are always variables that can make the wheel work harder, many of which can be unexpected. I am a lighter guy (160 lbs), and the absolute max speed (before cutout) on my MSX is about ~64 km/h, so I set the max speed at 58. Also I enable the voltage dependent speed alarm, which is lets me know to ease up as I drain the battery. I find this super useful cuz I once a week I have to commute from Vic West to Sidney on the wheel.
  6. I got my first wheel stolen this way. Now I always take it with me inside.
  7. For sure! I have also played with the idea of getting a suspension wheel in the future. My knees seem to be enough for now, but that might change as I try more lumpy terrain.
  8. Yeah I may have to spend some time searching (and/or maybe looking around google maps). I've been watching chooch videos and really getting into the deep knee bend stance; so naturally the urge for off road riding comes about!
  9. Anyone know of any good off road spots in/around town, something like a dirtbike trail?
  10. Neat project, but I'm guessing it would have no way to self balance and would be more like a regular unicycle?
  11. Oh neat! I remember looking at them last year when I was shopping for my first EUC, but they had stopped carrying them. Glad to see they are selling again!
  12. I normally just make sure to slow down to bike speed when cops are around, just to not give any bad impressions, but they don't seem to care. I've been using the EUC world app to keep aware of my speed. I sometimes can't hear the beeps in my helmet, especially if its windy so I set it to vibrate so I always can feel it. It gives you a lot of customization options too.
  13. When I was starting out, I filled my MSX tire up to the recommended pressure, it was way too touchy (it says 35-45 psi). I had a few (low speed) bumps and tumbles going over gravel and bumpy terrain that was previously fine... Now I aim for ~27 psi and that seems to be just right. I'll know when its time to top it up again when I'll start to feel a sort of "drag"....like wind resistance but there's no wind. As to speed wobbles, they just went away on their own as I got used to riding. I think this is mainly because there's some fine tuning of the nervous system/those precision muscle fibers that we subconsciousy use to keep us balanced. Also you'll gain a feel for how to stop a wobble before it starts; which usually involves a kind of gentle pulse of deceleration or a little turn to break the resonance.
  14. Yeah. All things considered though, I have high hopes for Veteran. The sherman is to bulky for me, but I like the simplified design choices they made (like the easily replaceable lights, easy access to the internals of the wheel etc). I'm looking forward to their next wheel or two, and would probably consider for my next wheel buy.
  15. The MSP seems to be a great wheel...the ones that arrive functional anyways. Too many of these "quality control" stories about the MSP though. Maybe all the good technicians went to Veteran?
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