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  1. From what I've seen from U-Stride, I think he gets over excited by the adrenaline factor and forgets basic safety and whatnot. He got a lot of backlash in the comments for that Sherman Test video...but he seemed to have acknowledged the mistake. He better address that in his next video though...and show some respect for the dangers, cuz he's one of the people setting the example and forming public perception.
  2. Not where I am, EUCs are not covered in the motor vehicle act here.
  3. The wheel is fine. I tore a bit of the vinyl wrap I had put over the pedals, easy to redo though.
  4. Not where I live, unfortunately. Maybe in the US?
  5. The guy was outside doing yard work so he came right out; but I like to think I would have still done the right thing though. Unfortunately it was a car that he had done some work/customization on too.
  6. Today I smoked a guy's (parked) car and put a dent in it. I had all my work stuff in my dufflebag (which hangs to the side) and had a light parcel in my right hand. After a wide turn, I couldn't seem to straighten the wheel back up and lost control. I gave the guy my info and will pay him for the repairs once he takes it in. I was fine...was able to decelerate and bail, plus I was geared up, but this sucks. I'll avoid carrying too much on my wheel from now on, maybe switch to a backpack. Will probably be an expensive lesson.
  7. Neat concept! I don't think it would provide the same feeling of being on an EUC, but I'm always excited for there to be more small electric vehicles out there!
  8. I think the complications outweigh the benefits of this one.
  9. Personally, I would say when you have the skills to ride well with whatever the road/situation brings. Can you: -Do a hard break if you have to? -Turn sharply? -Drop off curbs unexpected bumps and keep rolling? -Quickly react and avoid things in your path? -Mount/dismount quickly, with ease? -Adjust to different conditions (rain etc)? -Ride on different kinds of terrain? -Stop wobbles? -Never lose control of the wheel, or if you do, recover quickly? And if you want to consider yourself "among the best", I think you'd have to learn all the tricks and gimicks (riding backwards, on one leg etc etc).
  10. Thanks to everybody who is participating in this thread, there is a lot of knowledge to gain here!
  11. ~300 cycles doesn't seem like all that much, for a daily MSX commuter like myself. Maybe I should be more cautious in charging to 100%
  12. Its a way to fine tune balance/control skills.
  13. I'm looking for something to plug those unsightly screw holes on the MSX, maybe something with a metallic look. They should rest inside firmly, but also should be removeable for when I need to open up the wheel. Any ideas as to where I could find something like this?
  14. I've heard conflicting things about the MSX being discontinued, but seeing how there are a few tradeoffs between the MSX and MSP, you would think that they'd keep both in production.
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