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  1. 35mph over 80% 31mph over 30%
  2. Same here in Ontario, last time, my $2000 wheel was delivered late for 7 days and then driver just drop it in front of the door, not even ring the bell...
  3. May I know what's this tire for 18XL? is it fit fine or we need to do some fitting work? It's early, but I want to prepare for winter. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, as recall, the grocery store I went to has huge entrance, so I see no anti-theft gate. The must be something under the ground. And as you said, the issue only happen around the entrance. I haven't check on 2.02 to be honest, I'm happy with 2.0. The first time the wheel did this to me, I was making a turn, and the wheel decided to stop right there, so I dropped it. After that, I kind of watch out why strolling, so it much more manageable. ( btw, the only place I got trouble with is Loblaws, since I saw that you're also in Toronto )
  5. Thanks a lot, I'm glad that I'm not the only one (and especially I'm not paranoid ), since no one seems to mentioned this issue recently. I'm still in learning period with this wheel specifically
  6. Thanks a lot for pointing me there, sound very similar for my case. Except for my case, it just lockup, but still responsive for button press, so turn it off/on and the wheel works again. I wonder if the different is because mine is the newest version, on mostly latest firmware (2.0). Maybe it's time to update to 2.02... This make a lot of sense, but nobody got this for a really long time, so I guess my trolley handle must be faulty somehow if this's really a root cause.
  7. After watch Euco unboxing, I realized that the lift switch is mostly not available for this wheel I meant, what you need to do (put the button and pull out the handle) is mostly the same with turn off the wheel and then lift.
  8. yeah, the anti theft system is also in my mind. Clearly I don't have enough knowledge about how it can interfere with the gyro sensor. (The only thing I can expand the lock up and hard till to the front is the gyro sensor detected something wrong, and the apply to the wheel behavior)
  9. Hi everyone, So in the last 2 days, my kingsong 18xl has developed a strange issue, i would like to ask if anyone knew/experienced the issue before? So when I strolling the wheel in the store (handle extend highest), suddenly, the wheel turn off all lights, but still balancing, and then right after that, lock up, jerking a bit and then till to the front (like we set the pedals till to the front) Reset the wheel and everything works normal again. Beside that, the wheel still ride perfectly. The issue happened 2 days ago in a grocery store, I tried to reproduce the issue
  10. It's it just me, or the wheel suddenly looks huge? Compare to MSX for example:
  11. Not sure we have a post about this in this forum, you might found some on reddit. Or you can read the youtube comment, he answer people questions: The point is, he has a lot of experience, he know the wheel capability, it still cutout under him and nothing he can do at that point. So be aware of what you're getting into when you try to ride at 40 mph.
  12. Indeed, when I fall down, I don't mind hitting the ground, I just don't want my wheel to hit me or other pedestrians/cars, that would be a lot of damage...
  13. yeah, it's nice to pick it up and put it down, but that's not a very good position to bring it up a flight of stairs. Lift it up above the waist level (to put it in the trunk) with those handle are challenging. (for the current wheels, we usually hold a handle with one hand, and hold under the pedal/by the axle with another hand, it's dirty, but weight distribution is better I think )
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