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  1. The only thing which stop me from pre-order is... I have to pay the full price (instead of $500 deposit like ewheels...). Give out $3000 and have to wait for 2 months is kind of unacceptable for me... so I guess I will wait for next batch or even next gen (since the the first batch should be sold out for now)...
  2. The seat looks so comfortable! And that headline tho... I used to ride bike in the city, that headline is indeed at motorcycle level (not sport bike, but still...) The wheel also seems durable, like a rock!
  3. yup, 30 min countdown, I'm gonna get me a coffee
  4. So, am I miss judge this guy with those click bait title and thumbnail? Fine, I will watch the whole video... The following are some pin points that I got from the video: He said he's the influencer, asked Kingsong to provide free 16X for testing, Kingsong refused. Complain that even if Kingsong lend him a wheel, it only for 2 weeks, not enough for him to test. Some how make a deal with Kingsong to buy the 16X for $1000. Wheel arrived dead, Kingsong ask him to bring to official dealer to check the wheel (an then send him a replacement mainboard) <- he complain that Kingsong didn't believe in him in the first place and just send the mainboard. He complain it took so long for Kingsong to ship the mainboard from China to England. He ride the wheel for a while, tight up some pedals hangers bolts and his inner shell broke. Report to Kingsong, Kingsong refuse to warrant, and he quite upset about this. He ask to buy the shell, Kingsong give him double price (compare to other seller), and he rant non-stop (again, direct from manufacture, shipping 1 item, from China to England... if they can do customer supports efficiently and cheap, I wonder why they need all those official seller...) And then the only thing left is his rampant... something about investing on his setup, something about he lost money for Kingsong, etc... After post his video all over the places, Kingsong finally gave up and send him a free inner shells, that's why he stopped replying on this forum... Am I still miss judge him? Looking at his posts history, mostly video posting. There is one topic crying for help on his Z10, a lot of people jump in with suggestions, trying to help. And guess what? He fixed the Z10, decided to make a whole new video about it, and just forgot to say a single "thank you" for those who trying to help him in that topic...nice...
  5. Just want to chimp in here that a cycle will include discharge as well. So, one cycle = 100% to 0% + 0% to 100%
  6. Too bad, but your axle did see things, it's 8000 km, so give is a good farewell Love your channel btw, you have a very cool group of friends, I just wish I have a lot of riding time as you do
  7. Yeah, if you see them, you can't say 16X is more compact they're the same. For me, thinner body -> more practical. Can't comment on winder riding, I stop riding when it start to snow... don't want to slide in front of a bus They have same battery (and same motor if consider the new 18XL), so bigger but narrower tire will translate to a few more miles, maybe 5 miles. I think old 18XL (with 2000W motor) is more reliable and has more range.
  8. Have you seen 18XL and 16X side by side? Granted maneuverable in slow speed might be better as people pointed out (I don't have 16X). But about maneuverability in high speed, you can't really play down the 18XL - the boring cruiser Also, since you mentioned "for works", I assumed you need a reliable wheel, and I'm not sure 16X is a reliable wheel.
  9. Are you sure this is a good electric scooter and e-motorcycle? I'm pretty sure it much more expensive for e-bike and e-motorcycle. The good one I meant.
  10. I always try to block/remove recommendation for those type of videos, even when the contents some time really good. I don't like the looks, and I don't want my youtube feeds looks like a horror show.
  11. From my understanding, with modern chargeable battery, you don't need to discharge the battery til certain level before you can charge it. Also, charge from 50% to 100% will not count as 1 cycle. So I just charge the wheel whenever I have time (just avoid overnight charging). It always good to leave the house knowing I have more than 90% battery.
  12. Lets bring up this classic acceleration test from Kuji (I marked the timestamp). 18XL vs MSX. Nobody ask V11 to behave like a Gotway. But is expecting similar performance to 18XL too much? 18XL is a 2 years old wheel, with very similar specs to V11. I didn't see it ask Kuji to get off the wheel, the wheel slow down but still ride peacefully after over power. But again, we're arguing over a very short clip, nobody know for sure if V11 will behave like V10F when over power.
  13. I'm not quite understand why people defend the "get off" behavior of the wheel, it sounds very dangerous to me. What happen with the traffic behind you when you go 31 mph and then come to hard stop without notice? For the people said that they rather being forced stop instead of cut-off. I understand that. But let discuss the video, agreed that Kuji did accelerate hard, but the wheel force stop at 28.7 mph. So, if this is the physical limit of the wheel: Someone said if accelerating gradually, we can reach higher speed, assumed 31 mph (or possible higher as Inmotion said they will increase top speed), so are we riding on the wheel physical limit now? No buffer? Is it dangerous? If this is not the physical limit of the wheel: Why not just slow down instead of force stop. What I try to say is I rather being slowed down a bit sooner than being forced stop later.
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