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  1. V11 slippery body required a pad (and it's a limited solution to put the pad on V11), especially with the pogo style suspension. I have a very nimble 18" wheel, but I still remember and like the nimbleness of my old 16" wheel. Not much, but I can see the V12 is a bit more compact. V12 have led, I ride at night a lot, so I prefer my wheel light up all the way, as visible as possible. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. As I said, V11 is a very nice wheel, but not the clear winner here, it's up to people preference.
  2. As a casual rider, V11 is not a clear winner over V12 in my mind. Kind of 2 different animals to me.
  3. Yeah, all of them are the same. The main point is find out what is the biggest network for your areas. For my place, even if google decide to launch something, a network with iphone + ipad + macbook is quite unbeatable. (Even people use android phone might have ipad/macbook)
  4. lol, sorry, I forgot this is the international forum for a bit... I'm from Canada, the land of no cheap plans I'm looking at $35 if I want a 1GB of data... yeah... cry for me... But even with $15/month, it gonna be $180/year. Compare to most of people need, it's too much... For most of us, we just riding bike path, some light trail in the city, commute to works, go to get some groceries, coffee, etc...
  5. I think they use find my phone, which is already running all the time on all iphone (and ipad/macbook) Well... if I have to pay for subscription plan, then this ideas lost interested real quick. The change I lost my wheel is slim, since I can bring the wheel inside/outside with me wherever I go. Paying $26 1 time is ok, paying monthly is just too much
  6. The anti stalker is not very good atm (only notify the one who been following after 3 days) Unless this is changed, 3 days are more than enough.
  7. Yes, this is very old technology, there is some alternative in android world, but the size of the network is why I see it useful now. Others product only work if the tracker close to someone who installed the app on their phone. Apply airtags will work if it close to anyone who use iphone/ipad/macbook, which is huge. Lets say if the thief use android phone, but as soon as he bring the wheel close to someone who use iphone/ipad/macbook, you will get the notification. If the thief use iphone, they will only know they been tracked after 3 days (I don't know if this will change, but as l
  8. Basically, I saw topic where people’s suggest to create a thread for lost EUC. I think we can hide an air-tag inside an EUC (or onewheel/scooter) pretty easy. Based on how Apple AirTags work, and consider the amount of people using iphone/ipad/mac. There’s a good chance that we can track it down without the thieves knew about it. (Some guys on YouTube test to hide an airtags on a bench in the park then mark it as lost, and he got a lot of notifications within hour) The investment is nothing compared to the EUC price nowadays. Thoughts ?
  9. Same here in Ontario, last time, my $2000 wheel was delivered late for 7 days and then driver just drop it in front of the door, not even ring the bell...
  10. May I know what's this tire for 18XL? is it fit fine or we need to do some fitting work? It's early, but I want to prepare for winter. Thanks.
  11. Yeah, as recall, the grocery store I went to has huge entrance, so I see no anti-theft gate. The must be something under the ground. And as you said, the issue only happen around the entrance. I haven't check on 2.02 to be honest, I'm happy with 2.0. The first time the wheel did this to me, I was making a turn, and the wheel decided to stop right there, so I dropped it. After that, I kind of watch out why strolling, so it much more manageable. ( btw, the only place I got trouble with is Loblaws, since I saw that you're also in Toronto )
  12. Thanks a lot, I'm glad that I'm not the only one (and especially I'm not paranoid ), since no one seems to mentioned this issue recently. I'm still in learning period with this wheel specifically
  13. Thanks a lot for pointing me there, sound very similar for my case. Except for my case, it just lockup, but still responsive for button press, so turn it off/on and the wheel works again. I wonder if the different is because mine is the newest version, on mostly latest firmware (2.0). Maybe it's time to update to 2.02... This make a lot of sense, but nobody got this for a really long time, so I guess my trolley handle must be faulty somehow if this's really a root cause.
  14. After watch Euco unboxing, I realized that the lift switch is mostly not available for this wheel I meant, what you need to do (put the button and pull out the handle) is mostly the same with turn off the wheel and then lift.
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