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  1. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    Well, I think you're right when I remembered my thinking while purchase the V8 (first wheel). "I don't need those speed and range, V8 seems to have all the conveniences and it's cheap, I also don't know if I can use it a lot". Now, after have experience with EUC, if I can choose again, $350 more for a better wheel is an easy choice. When you're not sure that EUC is for you, even $100 different still worth considering.
  2. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    saw the V8F on aliexpress for CAD $1,474 directly comparable with KS-16s and Tesla, who gonna pick V8F over those 2 wheels?
  3. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    Not make sense for new V8, more like for a beat up one. But just assume that you have a new V8, you can stop worry and just ride your wheel to the end of time, until battery and casing gone bad, just need to buy V8F stuffs to put on, you suddenly has an upgraded wheel
  4. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    I am sure that the owners of the old V8 have already realized that by ordering the inner case from V8F, side covers and pillows from V8F, we get a factory upgrade of the wheel to a higher tire and without any “collective farm”. So V8 can take from V8F: - Battery (yeah) - Side padding (look like just need glue?) - Inner case. - Tire (if change inner case) Not bad
  5. you guys here tried to find a way to store the wheel for few months. while I'm thinking when the snow will be clear out a little bit, so I can continue to ride my wheel =))
  6. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    "The performance feels closer to V10 than V8" Sound promising
  7. One of the issue for V8 is small pedals. Also, the grip tape on original pedals will loose grip with it muddy (rain, snow). Just add V10 pedals with grip tape to my V8, hope it will last for a while without cracking
  8. I think mostly because the pedals of V8 is too narrow. If the pad is thick enough to grab the wheel, our feet don't have enough space. If the pad is thinner, then mostly it will use to rest the legs, not really provide much grabbing.
  9. Just want to update on this topic as I've just tried the Schwinn 16" X 1.95 all terrain tire. It's a no no for V8. The fit and look are very nice, no scraping what so ever. However, it tried to throw me off every-time I made a turn (and it had succeeded once, I have to throw the wheel and run off). Tried many different psi, no different. Have to switch back to the original Kenda tire and everything back to normal... Noticed that the wall for the Schwinn tire is so weak compare to the Kenda. It seems that the tire collapsed every-time I take a turn. Gonna need to find another one.... Kenda maybe...
  10. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    True, as V8 owner, I only interest to see if I can user V8F battery and pedals without any modifications. Also, if the price of V8F is higher than V8 right now, 16s would be the better choice? since the reason we choose V8 over 16s is mostly price
  11. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    yeah, watch the video again, the case height is not different, but the case width seems to be bigger. Hopefully they can jam more batteries in it or at least remove the plastic battery case like some of the guys here did the mods <== and V8 owner can have the option to buy the new battery pack
  12. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    I think 480wh still reasonable for short commute ( 16" wheel are not really mean for long commute I guess) I commutes daily: - 14km (7km each way). - all led and headlight are on. - speed is mostly > 20, 25 km/h and up to 30, 35 every time I can. and my battery is rarely dip under 60% each day. But I will really surprise if V8F don't have bigger battery, consider the case is much bigger than V8.
  13. Winter is coming, and since want to ride my V8 as much as possible, so I'm looking for the replacement for the stock 1.95" tire. Anyone have experience on of the following tires or has another recommendation? SCHWINN, All-Terrain Tire 16” X 1.95" Kenda K50 BMX Bike Tire, 16" x 2.125" This looking good for trail run. Just wonder how it feel to ride those tires on normal road condition. Also, since my tube is 1.95", I assumed it still work fined with 2.125" tire.
  14. Phong Vu

    InMotion V8f

    Confirmed, my V8 has Kenda 1.95" tire. Can I ask which 2.125 tyre you guys have for the V8, looking for a bigger tire.
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