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  1. This is not my video but my wheel made same noise as him. You can hear slightly clicking sound from 10:08 also if you use headphone, i a little louder in real life
  2. Please re upload voice again i wanna compare with my wherl
  3. Hi i have a question about my new Kingsong 18XL since it made a rattling noise when i decelerated to stop. Sometimes, the noise occurred while riding it at low speed after riding for a while. It sounds like pouring cereal into empty bowl XD. I dont know how to upload video but my wheel sounds exactly same i know that high pitch sound is normal but how about rattling sound? In this video at 12:47 minutes you can hear it when he decelerated and stop and also you can slightly hear it from 10:08 minutes when he was riding. i just wanna check if it is normal since when i looked at others video it didnt make this sound or maybe i didnt hear other videos well. Do you think this is normal? Since i have inmotion V10 and it doesnot make noise. I am sorry if i am being too paranoid lol
  4. Could you re upload the voice again the link doesnot work. i have rattling noise with my 18XL JUST wanna check if we got same noise
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