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  1. I've unscrewed the handle , on the right there is a mechanism with a liltte piece of magnet, I moved it and replaced it, now it works. @eve Thanks for your help again. !
  2. Thanks for your help. I'm gonna check this trolley issue tonite. The good news from my second day was the range test. I made 77 km !! ( I don't know in miles ), with 11% battery left on wheel log. My average speed was around 30 km/h , a bit less. I'm weigh 68 kg. I really begin to appreciate this wheel. Less pain today on my calves .
  3. @eve Thanks a lot. I've found the problem , there is loose on the trolley to the right. So, the engine restart when I lift (One bip, then two ) . Do I need to dissasemble thing to fix it?
  4. Got mine. Great wheel, but a bit disappointed. First of all, we are not shaped like Kuji. Impossible for me to lock my feet to jump, a torture for my calves. I'm a short man 5.5 , maybe I should try to move the pedal higher. I have an issue with the trolley, at the point to lift the wheel, the engine is still engaged. I checked on the app, it's on. The suspension seems to doing the job, but not at 100% and is not really easy to tune. Did you remove the iron bricks for improvment? Thanks
  5. I've just received my precious S18. What is your tyre pressure? I weight 68 kg (150 lbs) Thanks
  6. I've dreamed wheel with suspension. Here it is. But like everybody, I really like this model, but range seems to be the problem. I guess it's hard to find space to add extra batteries inside, but if there is no XL model, nope for me ! Especially that a wheel with suspension will spend and use more energy . Does anybody know if the tire is tubeless ? And easy to change ? Have a good lockdown !!!
  7. Hi, As a passionnated EUC user, I plan to visit C.A , but as you know, it's not possible to bring my wheel ( Rockwheel GT 16) . It's hard to find cargo shipping as well and it's expensive. My idea is to rent a wheel out there , do you know some places ( L.A, San Diego) or buying a wheel for the time I spend other there and sell after. Any other idea ? Thanks in advance.
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