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  1. Thank everyone for their input. I ended up getting the 14s for the extra range. I was able to get a brand new 14s for a bit more than the v8. This should last me for a couple of years some time (haha "years" what was i thinking!) and help me with my range anxiety. Ps. Mcm5 does look attractive, but my budget is under 1000. I will likely upgrade to that when I get comfortable riding it and bringing it with me everywhere. Thanks again!
  2. I see. Thank you for your help. I will check out the forums and see what i can work out with the seller.
  3. This looks like a great deal! Thank you, Do you know if max speed of 18mph still decreases after 50% with recent firmware?
  4. Hi, I'm looking to get my first EUC and have my eyes on the mten3 and ks14s. I would mostly be using it for commuting to work, about 7 miles each way (although group rides on the weekend also sounds fun). Despite 16in and 18in being the Ideal wheel size, I'm looking for something small/compact so that I can roll into the building at work and/or bring onto a crowded subway/bus. I'm based in NYC and will be mostly be on bike paths. Roads are bumpy but I was able to navigate through it with my Xiao Mi M365. Please let me know what everyone think is suitable for my situation. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi, Do you know if the price is lower than US? Im a new rider trying to buy my first EUC. I happen to be in Taipei in a couple of month so I may get it from them. Thanks,
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