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  1. Wider tire relative to the thin 1.95"... so back to square one. Almost forgot a claimed 35 mi range vs a 35 mi range....
  2. Someone on reddit mentioned range and speed around those of a 16S but with a wider tire. A wider tire, higher foot pedals, higher shin contact point, and big pedals might have to replace the 16S
  3. With the 18XL and V10F, do you still ride the 16S?
  4. That's almost 28 mph so the speed is probably not a problem for most ios users. The only potential issue I can see is the pedal durability.
  5. Good to know. I might pick one up during the next sale to see if it can replace my 16S as my "lightweight option." The weight seems in between the 16S and 18L plus slimmer body and better tire size than the 16s.
  6. Lol smart on his part. I've seen scratched up V1's with more miles sell for $800. The demand for a used 16S is probably second only to the V8
  7. https://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/bik/d/new-york-electric-wheel-unicycle/6988967049.html I found a like new (25 miles) V1 16S for $679 if anyone is interested. I'm seeing a lot of used V1's for great prices if you don't care about the lift sensor & updated handle. I just copped a V2 16S w/ XL pedals (ridden 3 miles + warranty) for $831 shipped so I'll pass on this one.
  8. What handshake? Once I pair it up, it lets me do everything except adjust speed where I would have to log in. Nvm. I was able to set my speed and alarms on the Darknessbot app for my 18L. If I can do the same for my 16S, the King Song app can play whatever games they want.
  9. How do I create an account/login for the app? I don't see an option to create account.
  10. If you were in the US, used/like new V8's and King Songs come up very often on ebay and craigslist for much less than retail. You can buy to learn and sell it without losing much if any at all. Not sure about Thailand.
  11. I'm waiting for an updated V8 to compare with the 16S. If the new V8 can go faster, have bigger pedals, and maintain the same weight, I might prefer it for short commutes involving stairs.
  12. Can someone post a picture of their 16S in a V8 cover? I was waiting on a V10/V10F to drop in price but I found a 3 miles ridden, updated 16S w/ XL pedals and ewheels warranty for $831 shipped and had to snatch it.
  13. https://www.backcountry.com/demon-united-flexmeter-wrist-guard-double Is $55.97 for Demon Flexmeter double sided without the D30 worth it? Any major difference from the D30?
  14. Oh so I don't feel too bad. Amazing price if it was in the US. People here are currently paying $810 for a new V8.
  15. I think the V10/V10F would be the perfect training wheel for me when the price drops in November since I want to maintain a decent size tire. I passed on a $750 KS-16S (120 mile old version) to wait for Black Friday hoping that prices would drop. However, doesn't Inmotion's app block the wheels purchased on Aliexpress/Gearbest except the ones from their official global store? $800 for a V10 last November was a steal from Gearbest but what exactly was blocked by Inmotion?
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