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  1. lmao. I wish I could quote you in all my ebay/craigslist listings
  2. Thanks, I see it now but not before. It hasn't sold yet. I was just seeing how to edit to make things clearer.
  3. Is a EUC bodyguard v2 on the way? I just bought an 18L and was looking to purchase the bodyguard off ewheels.
  4. Does gearbest not ship to the US anymore permanently? The $800 USD v10 seemed to be a great deal last November when I didn't know EUC's existed
  5. Yes, still available For Sale: KS 14D with XL pedals and inmotion cover Price: $640 + shipping or $620 cash pick up Location: Staten Island NY 10306 8 miles ridden (13 km) - LIKE NEW Reason selling: I want to buy a 16 or 18 inch wheel 1 small scratch where the pedals touch the wheel - see all pictures Used only on grass and then wiped down with disinfecting wipes420Wh Battery, 800W MotorComes with1. XL pedals (installed)2. stock pedals (new)3. charger4. Inmotion V5F cover - I cut holes for head & rear lights and charging port5. original shipping boxI purchased the wheel from ebay brand new a few weeks ago from someone in Florida and purchased the XL pedals from ewheels.
  6. Vince23heat

    V10 Refresh

    Ahh. It would have been decent. Thank you sir. I guess I revealed myself
  7. Vince23heat

    V10 Refresh

    My first post. It says $1299 on the usa website. Can you tell me where you see $1000?
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