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  1. Glad you posted this because its good to know I am not the only one intimated over the pedal height. I will keep practicing at the Zoo parking lot (currently empty these days because of covid) and keep all these comments in mind, and become an ace at this hop on thing. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the post. Hmmm...I never did learn how to ride with one foot. But I did see a video the other day telling me this was an essential skill to have. So, I guess I can go back to the 16s and pick up that skill. It looks like I just have to buckle down and spend a couple of weeks doing nothing but mounting and dismounting no matter how boring it gets. I can't wait till I get over my frustration and start enjoying this wheel. I guess for now, it's practice on the big wheel. If I need to go on rides without worries, I will just take the 16s for now. Looks like I got my work cut out for me.
  3. I have been riding a Kingsong s18 for a year and a 1/2 and I totally love the wheel. It's nimble, it quick, its great. My problem is that I upgraded to a Inmotion V11 and I am starting to regret my purchase. I love the smooth ride the V11 gives. Love the suspension, love that I can now ride off curbs with nothing more than a little pump on your feet. However, for the life of me, my hop ons for the V11 just totally suck. My hop offs are fine, The wheel is heavy, hard to maneuver, and every time I ride it, its a big fight to get me motivated. My weight is 200 lbs wearing all my gear. I have
  4. I want put this out there; and, I hoping I don't sound like I am lecturing you. But this is important. In San Diego, there seems to be a war on between the politicians and rental scooters, which makes me pause and think about the EUC. The reason for the war is because this is a tourist town and the 20 somethings jump on the scooters, drunk and without a helmet only to crash into cars and light pools. Sadly, some have been killed. The 20 somethings don't give a crap because they don't live here. They are not courteous to pedestrians, they park the devices anywhere which upsets (and for go
  5. After all this reading here and other places, I find a common thread. Everybody's feet are different and everybody has different preferences. So, biggest lesson I learned from this is that one can not buy shoes off of Amazon, unless you know what your buying. I bought some slip on Vans off of Amazon, and mistakenly took them on a ride. Then I discovered a "pep in my step" while on the EUC (good). But unfortunately, the Vans did not work for me. because they were so uncomfortable my feet (bad). I then went to a local skate board shop and found a pair of DCs. In the store, you have to look, feel
  6. Thanks for replying, it a no for me then.
  7. My life is always booked way in advance. If you can keep that Saturday June 20th date for a group ride, I should be able to join you. However, I do need to know what you go floating in your head for this ride, and will a KS16s can go the distance? Thanks.
  8. No, this is not a post to tell you how cute your shoes are. I wanna know if shoes make a difference with your ride? When I first got into the EUC hobby, the very first thing I did is gather a bunch of safety gear before I even purchased the KS16s. Yea, I got the knee pads, elbow pads etc. But I also bought some steel toed shoes. Riding for 8 months or so, I always wore my steel toed shoes and never worried about getting my toes smashed. The other day, I left the house with a pair of Vans on my feet as I lugged the KingSong down the stairs. When I jump on the wheel whooshed away, noticed
  9. Looking at that video of Mt. Woodson, I wished I could have went. I would even be willing to try the off road part on that day. Sometimes, I am known to go behind Morley Field, and ride around Florida Canyon. I have a lot of fun doing that. So, I am getting my off-road chops in order. Sad I missed it.
  10. I am interested in the beach run on October 19. Put be down as tentatively for now, gotta check a few things out.
  11. Is this forum still alive? No posts since 8/18, I live in San Diego, but I was hoping to hook up with a EUC LA group ride someday? Is there is such a thing as an LA EUC group?
  12. oh, so the ride was yesterday, my bad, what was I thinking? Upload the raw video, lets take a look.
  13. According to iPhone, it looks like the weather is gonna be kinda crappy Friday-Monday. Hope that does not ruin your ride.
  14. Thanks, I wrote him a PM asking my questions.
  15. I will be back in Utah on the 23rd.. but gotta work a lot that day I bought a kingsong 16s just like the wheel in California. It arrives on Tuesday. After work, I will unbox it, calibrate, and get it on the road. I have a feeling its gonna be locked until I get 100 miles or so on it. I will ask Jason at e-wheels.com to see if there is a way around that. Then, if all goes well, on Wednesday I will take it to work. I would be willing for a small ride, meet and greet on Wednesday if your up for that. If I can't get around the lock, it will be a slow ride . I am not sure how to contact you withou
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