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  1. Olen eteläruotsista tulossa Suomeen parin viikon päästä, sukulaisia tervehtiin. Tulen Turun tai Hesan kautta ja kohde on Tampere ajan mittaan. Mitä reiittiä meen en oo vielä päättänyt. Tulen autolla. Kysymyksiä: 1. Onko Hesassa, Tampereella, ja Turussa EUC kuskeja, 'Group rides' jne ? 2. Onko jonkinlaista messenger y.m minkä kautta voi sattailla? 3. Laki. Onko sieläpäin hankalaa mennä EUC'llä? Täälä Ruotsissa ei oo minkäänlaista ongelmaa lailla (vielä), vaikka kaikki EUC't on laittomia. Jos järkevästi ajelee niin saa olla rauhassa. Olis kiva tutustua sieltäkinpäin kiinnostuneit
  2. Just wanna know if the 6204 bearing in Sherman is 12 or 14mm wide?
  3. Is there a table or chart for what wheel have what bearing? If not. Might it be a interrest for the EUC community to have such, and co-op to make one? Have a nice day. :)
  4. "Helmets - do they kill the fun?" No, they do not. Just adapt or be without them. Period. I use all gear I have possess of, and Im ok with that. It gives a bit overconfidence that I know and experienced of, but to have the gear, just go with it. I do, and feel pretty much fine with it. People tell in various places it constrain me, cant do this, cant do that. Wth. Adapt and get stuff that comply to what you are doing. Could it be more simple? Where to get the info? If none to get, make the info! Merry Xmas to you all and keep safe out there! Ride your wheel as no tomor
  5. I was thinking one other day when I was riding alone, just to get 'over there'... What about the society, and their thinking of the free movement in the life? Go there and here. EUC? what is that? What kind of strange thing is that to go forward and do those fancy circus act moves and show off? Hmm, why is this dude do this? What the community do not know is what kind of freedom we do have when we do ride these wheels. They are not in our community, not on the YouTube, not anywhere. They just watch a Circus act. What is this they are watching? We all involved
  6. I went out bold and beautiful. Bells and whistles. I got friends that supported me for this. I appreciate that all from my heart. What happened? Well... this is not an excuse to anyone or for anything, due unforeseen situations might pile up and make things hard to proceed. Few of them happened at this time. Surprise? Well this is 2020 and we all know how things are around us. Here comes. I had a team of people that would come by and do this run with me. A team. One after another bailed. I dont be at any feeling of that, due the daily puzzle we do in our life goes first. Hands down. I had few
  7. Hi EUC riders, I am going to make a long ride in Sweden, from Landskrona this coming Friday 13th, and it will end (hopefully) in Stockholm, 640km later. The whole event will be sent LIVE on Youtube, and the tech is supported from a following car. Here is a announcement from my friend, Denis Hagov. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lrNWVS8_Ag&fbclid=IwAR16w7PYIRvcEcNPhFoP28PtTlRO70501IDLuGHv1zzw8p-Adc3NkPS4LqM
  8. Thats a word. It seems all systems are go. The tech seems promising, but intimidating to have in a car that follow. Im trying to make a test run this weekend. We´ll see if I can put a very short LIVE shot with 1 camera. If good, I make it public on Sunday on my YT channel.
  9. What would then be the challenge? A storm, cold, snow in the face, earthquake, blizzard, whatever... I would gain something that I can not control, and would learn from. If my body can take it, why shouldn't my wheel do it. Its man vs machine here. Make a thought of that. Its coming, LIVE soon. We'll see it. Laugh or joy. I do it for the community and for the future opinions to debate. simple as that. The frontier is over there and there is where I am going. =) I'll try a seat, home made. I have 2x 5A chargers for the Veteran. (well, a bit less than 5a but fairly ok) so I get virtually 10
  10. 13th November is Movie time, around the clock! Boring, fun, or just fun... we'll see That's the day.
  11. Hi Fellows, Bro's and everyone out there. Its now Friday 6th November. 1 Week left for my journey. I will do this insane thing. Go from Landskrona south of Sweden, to the Stockholm in one stretch, with a Sherman, old model. After OHH. Can micro mobility change our world and thinking? Well it can for those who understand the concept. I will show with my endeavors this day, 13th October, and 30 hours beyond, that we can. I am the first out there LIVE all the way if the tech allows, and I will show what problems we have in our infrastructure, generally. I try to entertain you as much I
  12. In Sweden it is regarded by law, as a bicycle. 20km/h as a electrical assisted bike and Segway type vehicle, self balancing. A bicycle should not be on the road if the road speed is more than 50km/h. The rules are rewritten many, many times the last year and it is still in a limbo. Basically, I would interpret this to, 20kph and not on the main faster roads. However the police would not act if it is not looking dangerous, or reckless driving as for now. If Im off here, please Swedish riders correct me on this.
  13. I add to this emergy stop / braking. Well, it is obvious we need to do it smetime(s). Correct me if I am wrong now... why should we put ourselves in an situation we need to do this? I am a bit soft when it comes to these matters. I keep way away from the possible situations. However, and yes I know, it will come up my face as well, where I need to do the immediate halt. Happened many times. Every time I have just added that distance up on me. I am aware of that we can not trust other people in the traffic, or wherever. I have few videos of my mistakes enough to prove this fact. All and everyon
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