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  1. I would definitely enlist for that study!
  2. Since I was admitting and opening up this subject I was wondering how the community would respond. ----> I do NOT promote any of this kind of action, ever! <---- What struck me was an experience and wondering... how the heck I would be able to run with more ease on something that would demand more skill of balance than a normal roller skates, bicycle, motorbike, or as e.g. skateboard? I got few answers on pointing that out. Afterwards, I was thinking that it might have to do with a sort of pivoting point of balance that EUC drivers has to hang around and, all in all, it has to do with centering that point. Probably only a video would tell the difference in certain stages, but for me it felt just as natural as no drink at all. Weird! However my normal reaction time and so on was a bit offset, but still... it felt as natural as sober. This still puzzles my mind. What kind of dynamics is going on here? I would say I got a load of interesting and thoughtful answers. Thanks!
  3. When experienced...? hmm.. When you can adapt yourself in most situations without jeopardize yourself so much. For me I couldnt stop properly at 50km of total km's. Not turn properly before 150km. Go gravel roads before 250km. That went on all the time... progress. A win for each step I got. I thought every time I am getting better and more experienced. Woohoo! Now at 1400km on my 16X I still feel 'not so experienced', but I have learned ADAPTATION towards my environment and situation. Still I can not make a clean and nice proper start. (I used support a lot, and I dont care) Cant go backwards, cant turn properly on a dime. I went havoc on a MTB trail and now in woods. Deadly fun! Hurt a me a lot. Still I dont care. I want more. (not hospital stuff tho) Then it struck me..... experienced? To what? comparing myself to others? Is there a proper line to pass? F... that. I have my style and I go by that. I will always be rookie in something, and better in something else. Thats me and I feel proud of that. Experienced in my own comfort. Handling an EUC properly and 'experienced' comes from adaptation to your surroundings. (Respect other fellow people on road, paths, etc.) Maybe everything is about attitude? I do not think I ever will be as experienced as I want, but also I will never stop working on it. haha! 🐱‍🚀
  4. Stance and my stiffness (no relaxation), was the main thing for my wobbles. Today it comes and goes sometimes. Today I do know where it comes from. Its a bit small adjustments in stance, remember them, and your fine. Everyone (humans) aint build the same way so the difference is right there, IMHO.
  5. I was out with friends and had a blast one evening. We discussed "how 'bout euc and drinking", how would it be? I have, to admit a foul move, but it was for me interesting in a safe environment, tho. Have anyone experienced that? What I do not want is a flame thread about this, but a discussion about the fact. Respect this issue. So, thread is open, do your input. /Mikie
  6. Slide out batteries. Wonder why no EUC manufacturer done it. 200 - 500 wh batteries x2 and be able to have 2 in backpack would rock. Also what would rock even more.... if they would be interchangeable between different manufaturers. Is that too much to ask for?
  7. They see you at far distance. They see me too. Still same problem occasionally. I think its the human nature to stare at something new and minds not computing fast enough and ppl just 'brain freeze' a while. Its like "Target fascination" . -Umm, whats that?......... Had a lot of that in my town due I am the only one around here. (what I know of) Even at zebra crossings the cars stop waaaay ahead I am even near it, to pass. Curiosity? Strange, never happen when I was on bike. When they approach from behind, the distance is like a foot away most of times, and that annoys me a lot. Even on my bicycle it was the same. Usually plenty of space. Now, the front light is on full all the time day or night on my KS16X that helps a lot forward. Behind still the same. As you mentioned... I stay out of roads and streets as much I can. When i enter a street in town just to go to another bike route further away, I pretty much use the whole lane, using 'My Space', and get going there as quick I can. /Mikie
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    It will come as soon as the EUC companies get their shit together.
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