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  1. Got 2 chargers 1.5 Amps. 1 KS (with wheel) and 1 Inmotion (bought later). Works great.
  2. The split thing looks like two linear industrial roller rails to me. I like that technical approach. Some worn out sealings and dirt in there... well...?
  3. I use that all the time. Works flawlessly. At far distance on bike path with pedestrians, its something people recognize. Try it. Its just € few bucks.
  4. MikieSWE


    So awesome ride, if I can tell. Enjoyed all the way. D..n dogs lol! Same here. (Sweden). Just love to watch, wanna be right there, now!. Keep up riding. Be safe and keep the videos comin. cheers!
  5. Here in Sweden I take wheel with me inside (trolleyhandle) 16X anywhere I go. Shops, Dentist, Doctor, School (Im teacher), Bar, Restaurant, and Cafés. I never ever leave the wheel unattended anywhere whatsoever. If someone say NO! I never return to that place, ever. (Never happen so far). Keep your wheel with you as the most precious thing in your life. Let other people understand that too. Be bold, or just turn in the doorway. It works mostly in any country. Joo, olen suomalainen. ;-)
  6. I would so like to join you!! Can not, this corona shit. Still, I'm born there, and I will come back there the day border opens.
  7. The fall!!!!. Then you go from there 80-85%. Lessons learned. PROTECTED.
  8. Pls do not get too cocky!!! I'm 1st wheel 16Xand it did hurt me a bit. Now we are friends forever hands down.
  9. Control? And able to stop in reasonable time/distance? Loose that and your.... f'd.
  10. Why limit it to 4 wheels? At that time we will have full suspension gyro stabilized 1 wheelers for everything!
  11. Full true. Curiousity will affect minds. As for politicians. EU things aint applying in your environment. Period. Still I like to live there (US) what comes to EUC things. Here (Europe), all the 'new' tech is scarying and abnormal. Politicians always take the easy road. Never want their name on the last line. It is abit annoying to me. I just wish the Swedish way, (whatever that means) go the right way of the EUC way. Not the common particular personal transportation way, but give a bit slack to EUC, as it is a totally different way of movement in the common sense and society. An EUC can go everywhere where you can walk or even crawl. Hard or not. Freedom of movement. Same skill needed as walking!!. Speed?, it does not apply, its up to the rider of EUC. Laws?, that comes into calculation as much as the responsibility of the rider/driver. Same as a bicycle rider anywhere, or a driver of a Koenigsegg (Swedish!, top/best existing super-sports-car on the planet) on the road. Its personal judgement and local rules. An EUC in any environment is a true freedom of movement. I will in future make videos in south Asian countries with real chaos traffic environment, since I have been driving there about 15 years. Any normal sensible common sense aint applying there. NY style.. pls go die there in the a.m if you like. You will. I am surviving in Asia'n traffic. Law's? Its one thing. Following the LOCAL traffic behavior is another thing, that works mostly everywhere. Understanding it is another issue. Everything is local. Learn it, or suffer. Risky behavior comes of lack of understanding, or ignorance, makes it worse. thats all. My 0.02
  12. I think that is where EU is giong in general. In sweden the 'law' is implemented after next summer. So Im gonna take all out of the time I get. Not 'banned' implying way, just FREEDOM ENJOYING way as much I can. Despite the 25 km/h (safe?) hysteria. :)
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