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  1. I got used to carrying it up and down 3 floors. At first it was heavy lol. For shipping I think around $60/70ish from ewheels label
  2. My guess would be close to 50. Max speed is same as original v2 version of low 30s.
  3. I might be selling my MSX 100v 1860wh if you're interested. I dont need the power it has.
  4. I might be selling my MSX 100v 1860wh here in Chicago. Kinda over your budget tho.
  5. Have not test those out yet. Still learning to ride
  6. I have the Tesla V2 1480wh from WRstore. So far I'm loving it!!
  7. My Tesla v2 1480wh will be here this Tuesday!
  8. Keep practicing. I’m frustrated learning myself on a MSX as well. But the end result will be worth it.
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