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  1. Too bad you’re in Cali. I got a V8 400 miles $300. Will not ship it.
  2. Selling my MSX. Due to financial difficulties I have to sell the wheel. Long story short my mom is in neuro icu from a stroke and I haven’t been working. It had around 120 miles before the new controller was installed by ewheels on warranty. New mileages shows 20. I bought this wheel from a local seller which he got from Ewheels. I am 2nd owner. Asking for $1700 I am located in Chicago Note: this wheel may be old and discontinued but it’s one of the most reliable wheels. I tried to upload photos but says file size too large
  3. I have basically a new MSX 100v 1860wh I might sell. About 150 miles Located in US.
  4. Only issues I have (not sure of this is common) is when the lights turn green after charging I unplug it and look at the battery level. Darkness not app says 95% and GW app says 100%.
  5. Put 60 miles on my Tesla 1480wh. Great wheel for the price. Did close to 25 miles ride with 70% left going 15-18 mph.
  6. I have a MSX 100v 1860wh 120 miles I might sell. Has to be shipped tho
  7. https://customtaylor33.com/ I used to order there for my scooter
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