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  1. He’s the kingsong support. I saw many interventions of him on this forum, hope he’ll hear my call for help here 😩
  2. Hello, I drop a line to KS support, I have explained my situation and told that my wheel has been bought from AliExpress. He answered me that he won’t provide any services to my wheel because I bought it from informal channel, things I didn’t know. After his 1st replay I’ve sent him (Micheal Shen) 3 mails telling my story that I bought this KS-18l after my KS-16B has been stolen and that one has been bought in formal channel, I found it cheaper in AliExpress and I cannot afford immediately this wheel, since he never answer me. I thought Kingsong support must give support for every Kingsong wheel but no, I found it’s very damaging for the brand. For novice or innocent pepole that didn’t know that Kingsong compagny make the difference between sellers it’s very bad, it’s told nowhere on AliExpress that kingsong don’t give any support to the buyer.
  3. I’ve tried also with wheellog. Just for information, the firmware of the wheel is 1.13.
  4. Hello TomOnWheel, Yes I register the app with my phone number including +33 code, I shouldn’t?
  5. Dear all, I’m a French guy who need your help because I didn’t find my answer on French forum. I have bought a KS-18L on AliExpress and I’m still block to 20km/h after 145km ridding. Each time I try to set the speed I get this following message: « The verchilce isn’t in accordance with your country, please contact the local dealers. » I saw that @Micheal Shen may help to unlock ma situation. So if you read or someone else can help me I will be very grateful!
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