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  1. He’s the kingsong support. I saw many interventions of him on this forum, hope he’ll hear my call for help here 😩
  2. Hello, I drop a line to KS support, I have explained my situation and told that my wheel has been bought from AliExpress. He answered me that he won’t provide any services to my wheel because I bought it from informal channel, things I didn’t know. After his 1st replay I’ve sent him (Micheal Shen) 3 mails telling my story that I bought this KS-18l after my KS-16B has been stolen and that one has been bought in formal channel, I found it cheaper in AliExpress and I cannot afford immediately this wheel, since he never answer me. I thought Kingsong support must give support fo
  3. I’ve tried also with wheellog. Just for information, the firmware of the wheel is 1.13.
  4. Hello TomOnWheel, Yes I register the app with my phone number including +33 code, I shouldn’t?
  5. Dear all, I’m a French guy who need your help because I didn’t find my answer on French forum. I have bought a KS-18L on AliExpress and I’m still block to 20km/h after 145km ridding. Each time I try to set the speed I get this following message: « The verchilce isn’t in accordance with your country, please contact the local dealers. » I saw that @Micheal Shen may help to unlock ma situation. So if you read or someone else can help me I will be very grateful!
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