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  1. My Monster after riding for a while when I stop the fan motor surges revs up and then back down and won't stop until I put it back on the charger. Not just 1 time it's all the time is that normal?
  2. KS18S is the latest generation of the King Song 18″ Electric Unicycle & represents a significant update over the previous AY+1200W motor class. The massive 18″ Wheel is best for managing uneven or poor quality ground & is especially smooth for long journeys or commutes. It includes the padded seat for when your feet get tired from standing… asking 900.00 the unit only has 90.75mi on it. Black unit 840Wh battery sizes still under warrenty until June 2020
  3. Can't wait new Ninebot Z10 Pro,I need that in my life.
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