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  1. How do I change from kph to mph in gotway app? tbanks...
  2. Ah ok so about half bottle then tbanks
  3. I want to put some slime in my tyre but how much do I use? Full bottle, half bottle quarter bottle?!?!
  4. Reloaded app and opened google maps - working now Thanks
  5. Hi j have V8 and cannot access map on app. just comes up with me in China sea! I am in leafy Surrey England UK😁
  6. Can anyone point me in the right direction to any beginner carving tutorials? step by step guide would be good. min speed required to carve, body position etc... thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies-really appreciate it!
  8. How do I change from kph to mph in app? i have V8 thanks
  9. I am new to all of this and didn’t know about darkbot , wheellog seems to be most popular
  10. Hi there i am an iPhone user but need to get an android phone to link wheellog and pebble watch. Don’t want to spend a fortune but don’t want it to keep crashing either! do I need a 4G/Wi-fi connection or just Bluetooth to use app? thank you
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