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  1. My advice is sell it and get a Gotway before you overpower it and cut out. Mine had problems running at speed and going over bumps and dips. Less problems on an 84v Gotway. No problems on 100v Gotway. 6'2" 270lbs and have ridden all the major 16-18" wheels extensively except the KS16X and Tesla which are both underpowered for a human this size traveling at high 20s/30mph+
  2. Forget all those and get an MSX or you'll probably end up getting one anyways.
  3. Uhh..where's the extra battery pack...? You sure you don't have an 84v 1600wh? That's what it looks like..
  4. I tell this to anyone considering any PEV. if you are not ready to go all out and accept the consequences, they are not for you. Hesitation can and will get you seriously injured or killed. Not owning/mastering your ride is dangerous. You have to WANT to ride it, not KINDA SORTA MAYBE. Own it or leave it alone. The same goes for anything "extreme/dangerous".
  5. I have 2 MSXs. Besides the 100v being faster, beeping less, and having an unrelated battery issue they feel the same. This is after a few days and 100 or so miles ridden.
  6. New ones are $1000... Gotway MSX 84v 1600wh 800 miles $1500 with mods or less without. Located in San Leandro.
  7. My 100v 1860wh does not have this issue. Still testing it though... Need more miles on it.
  8. is this going to be an ongoing production model?
  9. Wow. I've been wanting one of these. Do you have a link or should we just email Jason?
  10. Pretty much everyone I know with a Z10, has a BROKEN Z10
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