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  1. Here's a couple graphs I made from data collected on my MSP. Keep in mind these values are all battery dependent, so if you set off at 100% but the speed causes your battery to sag to 80%, then that's the value that is used to determine the beep threshold. MSP 80% beeps and no-load cutoff speed graphs.
  2. Maximum cutoff speed is not any faster than the lift test. That means that if you were perfectly skillful and the road was perfectly smooth you should be able to travel downhill at the lift test cutoff speed and the motor should be able to compensate for back lean in order to slow down, but (as usual) not have any available torque for forward lean. In practice, while going uphill lowers your loaded cutoff speed, going downhill doesn't really increase it much at all compared to flat ground.
  3. I still haven't; I'm planning on spending it all on the new 100V fast charger when it's available later this month. I'll ask then and follow up here!
  4. Yep, get on and ride a little and the board will tell the fan to stay on instead of pulsing. My MSP does this sometimes shortly after powering on as well.
  5. Maybe it's a stupid question, but I have $150 in ewheels credit for people using my affiliate link and I have no idea how to cash it out. I know I could probably just email Jason, but I thought I'd give him a break and ask the question somewhere else!
  6. The 16X is basically the least awkward EUC to roll along with you. Even the worst trolley handle like the MSX can be gotten used to and I'd have no difficulty with it in a crowded place. If people take a taxi from the airport and roll their luggage around with them for a couple of hours, no one cares and no one pays any attention. It's really the same thing with any EUC, except for the "hey, cool what is that?" questions that EUCs usually get.
  7. Sounds awesome! Hit me up in the Louisville Electric Riders Facebook group. I'm planning on riding in Nashville Saturday but would do some riding at the parklands Friday Sunday and Monday.
  8. I suspect the eWheels MSS will sacrifice a lot of torque for its top speed. The only reason the MSS that EUCService (the one reviewed by Wrong Way) can have the best of both worlds is because it's an entirely new motor that we haven't seen before. The confusion comes from the fact that they're both being called the same name.
  9. Create a search alert; 2 or 3 listings just like that pop up each week, and sometimes they go for less than 300. You'll get one eventually.
  10. I agree with @Eric plam, the v5f is going to be the better wheel but they're close enough that the ease of finding the E+ will make it more likely the one you'll end up with. Some might say "a 500W motor isn't safe for someone 180lbs!" but it's fine since you're just learning on it. After a month of tennis courts and sticking to the sidewalks in your neighborhood, you'll just need to be careful about getting too confident maxing out its acceleration potential or its speed potential. Either one could leave you on the street for different reasons. Make sure you upgrade before you feel like copying all the cool YouTube videos you've seen.
  11. Find a used v5f or a post on eBay like this, which will likely sell for between $250 and $325 plus shipping. When you're done with it and ready to upgrade, sell it for as much as you bought it.
  12. Wow, just wasn't for you, huh?
  13. I enjoy the ACM pedals on my wife's Mten3; when my MSP gets here I'll try its Nikola pedals on the MTen3 just for laughs (and pictures).
  14. He was asking. 5 YEARS AGO. Pretty sure he knows now.
  15. I'm really happy with my 16X. If it were 100V and had the same speed limit as the MSP I wouldn't be side-grading to it. I am knowingly sacrificing bigger, comfier pedals, an industry-best trolley handle, and an ability to seamlessly blend into a professional environment for more speed. 6 months ago that kind of utility-driven decision wouldn't have made sense to me, but then again, 6 months ago I would ALSO be sacrificing torque and hill-climbing ability, but I'm counting on the MSP to match my 16X there.
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