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  1. For sale is my MSP high speed version, manufactured May 2020 and sold by eWheels. Comes with front and back fender, affixed with 10lb Velcro. Will come with brand new Monster Pro pedals off the EXN I'm getting (same as pictured but without the spiky plates, I'm keeping those 😁) Pads on the side will be removed, but the Velcro will stay on and is easily and cleanly removable. Butt padding for seated comfort, also removable, but not via Velcro. Stock pads were never applied but I have them. ~2900 miles on the first control board, new "black" board was installed afte
  2. Helping a local friend sell his s18. Pictures here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1lpTnphAHnVDgyq-eVXrVX4sEQkinDSmo This was purchased from eWheels and delivered September 2020. I expect shipping will be about $75 with the eWheels discount, and I'm happy to split that with the buyer (continental US only, please). Runs great, I'm borrowing it while I wait for a new board on my wheel and riding it each day. External is a little scraped up, it's seen some off-road use for sure. Comes with all the accessories it was delivered with (shock pumps, stock charger etc.). INCLUDES
  3. I'll forward your request along to my brother-in-law and his mom!
  4. Helping my little brother in law sell his old Kingsong 14C he's been riding for a year. He's the third owner after myself and the original. I'll have milage as soon as I can ask him for it. It's pretty old, probably circa 2015. New bearings. Battery is really big for its size, I think something like 840wh, but needs to be babied and shows unreliable voltages in the app. Don't charge it all the way or it overcharges and tilts back until it's drained a bit. This is very much a beginner, learning wheel. That said, he regularly rides it for distances in excess of 5 miles by maintaining b
  5. Selling my daily riding wheel after picking up a c30 variant from a friend. 1800wh, 21700 cells. Purchased from ewheels. Warranty through April 29th. Never dropped at speed, came off once at 15 mph but didn't result in any significant damage above the scrapes it's sustained in the learning area in which I teach people to ride. Installed H-666 tire 300 miles ago and I'm really going to miss it, it's phenomenal. I'll pay up to $150 of ewheels-subsidized shipping (that'll go pretty far, but I think only within the north american continent). Battery sure feels like full he
  6. Updated price, have an interested buyer locally but also selling another wheel now he may pick instead.
  7. Dude, it does need a new board. I just found out after my test ride last night, and I ordered the new board last night. I won't sell it until I've switched it out and have checked that the front-back oscillation issue is fixed as a result. You can call it whatever you want, but I found a severely under-priced wheel in a location that was utterly inaccessible to you, and I'm bringing it to the national market at what I believe is the market value. Maybe I won't get my original price, maybe I'll have to come down a couple hundred dollars, we'll see what the market decides. What's
  8. Man, you guys should work on the negativity in your life. I have no problem sharing the Carfax. It was bought in El Paso severely underpriced. I incurred the risk of buying sight-unseen from an uninitiated second-hand owner and as a result am replacing the control board to fix front-back ocillation. I also paid the shipping to get it here and have the know-how to inspect it, ride it and sell it with full confidence that it's a working, discontinued, in-demand model. I have it priced $400 under what it would take to buy a 2 months backordered RS, and this won't have hollow-bore motor beari
  9. Had 14 miles on the original main board, now has a brand new MSP/RS c30 main board installed and rides beautifully. Price is $1500 shipped (see next paragraph), negotiable. Shipping to the contiguous US/Canada, and only willing to pay up to $150 of shipping. Includes the stock charger and silver Nikola pedals installed, comes in original box. Stock pads installed. Payment via PayPal Goods and Services for both our protection. Willing to do local pickup within 2 hours' drive. I'll respond to PMs and messages in this topic in the order they're received based on timestamp
  10. Thanks for the input guys; when the MSX arrives I'll open them both up and see about the compatibility. Whatever I decide to do the MSP board with stay with the c38 motor and the MSX board will stay with the c30 motor for sure. I do remember hearing that they widened the MSP side panels, but I had forgotten that it was because of the switch from 18650s to 21700s, so it will be interesting to see if that's an issue or if the side panel holes would line up anyway for trading. I was reading another topic somewhere that said it's possible to take the 24v headlamp board from the msp and instal
  11. I have over 2k miles on my MSP (high torque) but have a moderate desire to switch it out for an RS with a high speed c30 motor. Just for the motor's speed characteristics though, I care much less about the LED upgrades and such. I also just found a mint condition 100V MSX with the smaller 1230wh battery, arriving next week. I was going to sell the MSX for a profit because I know it's discontinued and in demand, but now I'm wondering if I should just swap its batteries with those of my MSP (giving it the full size 1800wh) and keep the MSX. I'm pretty sure I can do this with no issues
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