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  1. I put in a deposit on the MSP from eWheels. I think it's fast enough for me, I'm really excited about the stability of an 18x3" wheel WITHOUT any sacrifice to torque, the eWheels order comes with Nikola pedals, and the $300 price difference was a factor as well. Now to find an MSX to try sitting on... Also, it looks like I'll be selling my 16X once the other $1498 of my bill comes in.
  2. Same questions. Additionally, from where was it purchased?
  3. Ah interesting, I only own a 67V Gotway wheel. Assuming it's safe a fast charger would sure be handy once I do get a 100V.
  4. I'd consider it once I get a Nikola Plus 100V. Is it made by Gotway?
  5. Appreciate the input! I'll have to reach out to some local riders and let my butt decide, then. 🤪
  6. I've got no problem with doing a deep squat or even grabbing and pulling the handle backward to force an emergency brake. I'm very confident in my 16X not allowing me to "overlean" backwards when doing so, so I want to compare the capabilities of these two wheels to that end. To more specifically ask, using your wording: I'm very specifically asking about maximum available torque. That and ass-on-shell sitting comfort are my top criteria.
  7. Looking to upgrade to higher top speed from a 16X, but torque (for braking power) is really important to me. The Nikola's torque is perhaps not as good at the 16X, but they're definitely in the same class. I'd originally discounted all 18" wheels, but the MSP's torque looks really impressive! I also need to try sitting on both of them to see how comfy they are (without a seat; it's just another thing to carry around). I routinely squat down on my 16X for a rest. MSP Pros: 18" wheel, comfy at high speeds. Could add Nikola pedals later, I think. Probably fast enough. Nik+ Pros: Bigger, flatter pedals, better trolley handle. Flatter top surface for sitting. A liiiittle bit faster. Anyone tried both and has any input?
  8. She's a week in now, and the two times she's tried my 16X she's been scared of its great weight. Sure it stays up better once it's spinning, but if it starts listing she panics and stops instead of muscling it up straight again. The MTen3 has been great at low speeds and made her a technical rider with small corrective motions, but hasn't taught her how to manhandle the wheel when you need to DEMAND it goes where you want. It's just not a necessary skill on the MTen3, and to learn it you have to put a bigger, heavier, more expensive wheel at risk. I'm starting to suspect there's no perfect wheel to learn everything from, but the MTen3 has covered all the very beginner bases in her case.
  9. Yeah based on the pictures here it's definitely tubeless. Great! That'll save me some time later. I did get the trolley handle! I think I'm overall happy with it. My wife wanted me to get her a 14D to learn on instead and I begged her to go with the 67V MTen3 instead. That comparison is a masterclass of why this is a killer deal. She agreed under the condition that I get the external handle, so here we are, both happy. EDIT: I'd say put the handle on when you're using it as a relative expert rather than when it's being used for an absolute beginner, because her first decent wipeout she cracked it, and it has all the sharp corners for gouging your ankles. EDIT 2: Bruce beat me to it, haha
  10. That's great to know; so still calculational rather than measured, but on some sort of a piecewise sliding scale with battery level. My measurement was taken at 80% battery. Just tested it again at 60% and the result was also 21 mph. I'll have to test more at other levels to put together a little graph...
  11. How do you know if your MTen3 is tubeless or not? I tried to push the tire aside while it was deflated as I installed slime, but it's a really tough bugger to move with just your hands! I suspect mine is, though, since it's brand new, has the lift switch, and the valve appeared to have some adhesive where it enters the rim.
  12. I'm getting 80% beeps at between 21 and 22 mph on my 67V. That's using the freespin method, but I thought those beeps were programmed in as a set speed rather than an actual motor output measurement. I'll have to test tonight.
  13. Bay Bridge is an interstate highway, is it not? Though I've never been to SF, maybe the traffic there keeps the interstates flowing at a navigable 25 or 30 MPH at all times...😅
  14. @AllSySt3msG0, this was touched in earlier by @Pedro Capitão, but since the Garmin watches can only run one app or activity at the same time, would it be possible to add GPS tracking to the WheelLog app as if it's an activity like running or skiing? I'd love to be able to export the .GPX file from a ride, but still see my WheelLog speed on my wrist.
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