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  1. Would the ex.n's controller with a larger heatsink, 6p battery config, and it's own tuned firmware account for more power than the RS?
  2. I have very limited motion in my ankle front to back. Mostly due to CMT. The MSX was uncomfortable and painful to my feet after long rides because if the hard mode. K switched to 16x soft mode and there is zero pain. I am wondering if a Sherman's soft mode would be good for me. I was hoping the ex.n would be powerful enough to have the low effort soft mode the 16x has. I know tire size huge. But really want to find that 18 inch my ankles can handle.
  3. [Split off from the Monster Pro Topic] Have you tried the ex.n? Any thoughts if so. I always enjoy your opinion.
  4. Should there be concern in the bearings in this one? Or as the hollow bore is larger there is more surface area supporting the weight. Maybe the cost was due to better bearings as well.
  5. Hi all, I have a preorder for a Sherman. I am also interested in the EX. How would you describe the Sherman's torque at low speed? Kuji's video described it as fast off the line. But alot of others say it has very little lowspeed acceleration and is easy to overlean at lowspeed until 20mph.
  6. That's what I did, changed preorder to Sherman. Maybe even the gotway Ex for safest torque from 0 to beeps. Really sorry euchristian had to go through a traumatic experience like that. Riding on my 16x has me always thinking of these 84v wheels just giving out at the top end.
  7. I get it but I'd rather wheels have the headroom so that every new rider doesn't have to learn from the same experience.
  8. Nah, this is like the 6th issues where either the board died or it was pushed too hard on this forum. I mean I am sure its a great wheel within it's limits. But finding those limits seems dangerous.
  9. This is turning out to be the next 16x
  10. Ugh. Give them some credit. They have created and developed our hobby. If you still pine for the 18L then you have your own preference that's obvious.
  11. @houseofjob looks like new firmware removed the soft mode as per Marty's new rebuild and test video. Shame, I wanted that soft mode.
  12. I use a 16x in Philly. I would go for it. Takes a Few hundred miles to really master I'd say. Trolley handle is amazing when giving getting orders. Bluetooth for directions. Very agile.
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