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  1. @houseofjob looks like new firmware removed the soft mode as per Marty's new rebuild and test video. Shame, I wanted that soft mode.
  2. I use a 16x in Philly. I would go for it. Takes a Few hundred miles to really master I'd say. Trolley handle is amazing when giving getting orders. Bluetooth for directions. Very agile.
  3. I am also in Philly with a KS16x. Who knew there were so many of us. I'd be down for a ride let's get that Philly ride post going again I'm tired of riding with esk8.
  4. I downgraded as well and am a bit heavier than you. Have the CY tire. So much more fun than 1.07. Power response is amazing. Def better for trail riding. I don't go over 46 kmh so don't worry about cut outs. Looking forward to 1.08 to see if it bridges the gap between 1.05 and 1.07
  5. Great innovation! Add some non gas powered sci fi sounds and I'm sold on premium!
  6. I downgraded my KS16x to 1.05 I like it more than 1.07.
  7. Sorry, CAN downgrade to 1.05 or upgrade to 1.08 on softtuner for IOS.
  8. Yeah this is huge. Don't need a username pass. Can't downgrade to 1.05. Haha someone else do it and see if it works.
  9. Good advice, I found out I have a KS 16X from china the hard way after buying from a local guy brand new. If you find that dealers app, I would be insanely grateful as I can not adjust any of the settings on my wheel.
  10. All speed alarm and tiltback could be changed. Crap I updated darknessbot and can't anymore. Looks like in a recent update he fixed KS serial code issue. Probably what allowed me to adjust the settings before. Any chance you could implement that bug 🤗. I feel like I'm stuck with a brick wheel and had no idea KS changed its policy. I bought it from a guy in Philly....
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