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  1. MobileSuitG and Z from redfoxdude not in library? These are cool!
  2. https://secure.avaaz.org/it/community_petitions/ministero_dei_trasporti_Ravvedimento_decreto_sperimentazione_micromobilita_Monowheel/details/ Thx from italian EUC riders! Regards
  3. Yes, you can turn off the side lights by KS app and maybe with darknessbot (iOS only). I didn't try with EUC world app.
  4. My first EUC was a MCM4 HS 260wh and I still love it (I got a ks16s too) for little trips and urban areas. Light, nimble, fast just enough for the city, no inertia. I'm about 65 kg and I can do about 25-27 km if I don't push the wheel like a mad. Here 21 km and 26% battery left:
  5. I read MCM5 under 650wh are 900W. 1500W is only for 650 and 800wh. Is it right?
  6. Maybe a bit off topic ..... but I bought a KOSPET Optimus Pro, full Android OS (7.1.1) + Lite OS, quad core, 3 gb ram + 32 gb storage, nano SIM 4G LTE, display AMOLED 1,39” 454 x 454 pixel 372 PPI, camera 8mpx, 800mAh etc ... And you can run WheelLog and any other monowheel app You got a smartwatch in your wrist.
  7. VicViPER

    InMotion V8f

    Different ride modes ... pedal hardness/softness from app now.
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